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POSTED: Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 5:50pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 18, 2012 - 5:45pm

Excuse my comfy appearance.

I'm working on a project today and was supposed to be off - air, but could not let this go.

President Obama has been bashing Mitt Romney's superPAC ads, calling them lies and malicious.

When now, the president's group got caught with the biggest whopper of them all.

For the last year, team Obama has been trotting out this union guy to use in their ads.

The first was about Romney having no heart and closing down Joe Soptic's plant. The second one just came out this week, accusing Romney of murdering his Soptic's wife because Bain shut down the plant and his wife didn't have insurance for her illness.

Well, this ad and all the team Obama whoppers about it have been called out by CNN.

CNN reports this.

Here is a chronological rundown of what happened: In 2001, Joe Soptic loses his job when Bain closes the plant. He was offered a buyout.

Funny, that was not reported.

His wife still has insurance, though, from her employer, Savers Thrift Store.

A year later, Romney formerly leaves Bain, and it's that year, 2002 or perhaps 2003, Soptic tells CNN that his wife leaves her job because of an injury. That's when she became uninsured without fallback insurance from her husband. A few years later, in 2006, she goes to the hospital, is diagnosed with cancer, and dies just days later.

Romney is as far away from this as the north and south pole.

And the kicker to it all--- Obama's deputy campaign manager says she knows nothing about Joe Soptic, the laid off worker in the SuperPAC ad.

Well, a little reporting shows she introduced him on a weekly democratic strategy call and briefed the audience what Soptic was going to talk about.

Election law violation?

I'll guess we'll turn that over to the Department of Justice....wait....

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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If it was not so sad, I would laugh at some of the former comments. I am amazed at those who after over 3 years of one lie following another out this White House still believe the propaganda Obama's crew puts forth. Yes to some extent there is a collective effort from the two parties to snowball the public. I think there is evidence this could be changed. I point to the efforts of Bachmann going after Hilary's aid, the re-election of Scott Walker and the nomination for Senate of Tommy Thompson.

Just a comment...the tag line of this post, "I Think", infers that the poster actually does think...thinking might suggest that the thinker views all sides of an issue and discerns the actual truth of the issue, but Mr. Barton does not entertain the possibility of the factual truth other than his ultra-conservative right-of-right teavangelical repub rhetoric...but he's got a big enough audience in Tyler who have the same problem. (The ad is representative of many results of willard's deals.)

Both sides stretch the truth. Question is why doesn't KETK report on the Mitt Romney LIES? Lies like Mitt Romney says Barack Obama’s plan for welfare reform: "They just send you your check." The truth, In fact, it says the new policy is "designed to improve employment outcomes for needy families."
Mitt Romney is a liar.

From what I've read on both sides are guilty of false claims against the other, though Obama's list is longer. Politifacts is just the opposite. I wonder just how unbias they truely are.

Both sides ? Oh, you mean the pretend parties that make-up our pretend democracy. Anyone not dialed-in enough to know that our national elections are a sham, that media and government are one, that you and I are just pawns to a lie, that Neil is just another stupid idiot making a living from promoting a media crapola, is wasting their time.

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