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Neal Barton's POV

If it's so good, why aren't they on it?


POSTED: Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 6:24pm

UPDATED: Sunday, July 15, 2012 - 3:27pm

A new report came out this week that said 83% of doctors in America have thought about leaving their profession.

The reason: Obamacare.

83% is a lot.

All my left-wing friends--- yes, I have some--- see this as a ministry. I'm kidding.

Say it was published in The Daily Caller, a conservative website. Always attacking the message.

But, the study was done by the Doctor Patient Medical Association. The DPMA, a non-partisan association of doctors and patients, surveyed a random selection of 699 doctors nationwide. The survey found that the majority have thought about bailing out of their careers over the legislation, which was upheld last month by the Supreme Court.

I mean, if I were a doctor, I would. Medicaid keeps getting stingier.

If I were sick, I would want to be treated by the best there was. Chances are they may be the most expensive.

Today's docs are afraid they will be overrun by all that will now just waltz in for healthcare.

Even if doctors do not quit their jobs over the ruling, America will face a shortage of at least 90,000 doctors by 2020. The new health care law increases demand for physicians by expanding insurance coverage. This change will exacerbate the current shortage as more Americans live past 65.

Let me asK you this.

If Obamacare is so damn good, why won't Obama and his family and congress be on the same same lousy plans we'll be on.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Your response from Washington will be "Let them eat cake."

If everyone in the U.S. thinks they are going to get the best quality care with all of the latest technology, then I have some ocean front property I would like to sell them.

Neal has allowed himself to be duped by a phoney poll by a partisan organization that did not use commonly accepted professional standards when conducting its so-called poll. A competent journalist would have investigated not just gone on air with something that supported his preconceived and ill informed opinions.

I don't think the previous post addressed the topic. Even now the legislators are on a different health plan. They should be on Medicare as part of their benefits package. The same reasoning holds they should be on Social Security not an independent retirement system.
Most of those countries that have socialized medicine are suffering huge budget issues. So how affordable is it really. Read the law to see what is in it.

Well your point of view has no real facts to support it. Why don't you talk to residents of countries that are fortunante enough to have universal healthcare? I was in Germany last summer talking to a teacher who moved there from Dallas six years ago and just laughs at how ignorant we still here in the U.S. are. She has no problem getting to see a doctor and says the healthcare is of the best quality there. And her payroll taxes are only slightly more than they were here!

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