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If pumpkins were outlawed....


POSTED: Monday, November 26, 2012 - 6:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 10:47am

A Sacramento TV station reported this news this past weekend...

Dateline: STOCKTON, California,  A woman was recovering Friday after being hit in a drive-by "gourding" Thursday night.
Stockton Police Department reports indicated the 51-year-old woman was walking in the area of N. Wilson Way and E. Roosevelt Street around 10:02 p.m. when an unknown number of people drove by in a white four-door Sedan and hurled a pumpkin at her, hitting the woman in the center of her chest.

Emergency responders were called to the scene and transported the woman to a nearby hospital, where she was listed in stable condition.

Now this is not funny.

This woman was obviously hurt.

But why? So senseless. Why? Why did this need to happen?

People are so irresponsible.

This could have happened to a child.

We have to do something to stop this gourding right now.

Some people say they have the right to own pumpkins, they say it's their right.

But, I say "at what cost?"

Yeah, these yahoos go out on weekend and throw pumpkins at targets.

They splatter everywhere.

But how long will it be until another person is hit with a pumpkin?

Think of the children.

I know I'll meet opposition with my quest.

there will be signs and bumper stickers which say "if you outlaw pumpkins...only outlaws will have pumpkins."

And, that hit from the 1960s, "they'll get my gourd when they pull my cold dead finger off the stem."

It doesn't matter what they think or what it says about pumpkin rights.

I have the moral high ground and i care more than others.

That means i am right.

That means the main stream media will make a hero out of me.

That means i will be seen as an intellectual.

I hope I made my point.

That's really not my point of view but you get it.

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No, Neal...the main steam media would point out that government isn't needed to correct or control the failure of parents or religious leaders to teach children NOT to purposely harm others - with bullets or pumpkins.

Bad adult behavior comes from failure of parents and religious leaders in teaching right from wrong. Only right wing Evangelicals want government intervention to create civil laws and punishment to cover their failures of Christian teachings.

An over-simplified analogy conceived by a dolt to address a serious question. I don't know what they pay this guy, but any amount is too much.

But did you get the point? Did you catch the sarcasm?

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