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Saturday, December 27, 2014 - 9:53pm
Neal Barton's POV

Immigration madness


POSTED: Monday, July 14, 2014 - 5:57pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 9:11am

If the immigration situation was not so terrifying, it would be funny. Every time immigration is discussed, it is always cheered for by liberals, many of whom live up north and have no idea what a mess it is.

The border states-- Texas, New Mexico , Arizona and California --have born the brunt of this for years. People sneaking in the country and killing your livestock, destroying your property. Goodness knows bringing whatever in with them from disease to terrorism.

But look who's ox is getting gored. The governor of Nebraska is livid because a plane-load of illegals were dumped off there with no names. Look at Massachusetts. This hotbed of liberalism now has become illegal international airport with planes flying in there. The Sheriff's Association is livid.

They are also flying them into Illinois with no names and no information all. U.S. congressmen cannot even get in to see what is going on. If they do, they can't ask questions or take pictures. The American media, we should call them stenographers, reports nothing.

Can you imagine if after Katrina, George W. Bush decreed: You cannot go to the Superdome in New Orleans or Astrodome in Houston and ask inforomation from people in there? There would have been a public hanging.

I am hoping for a busload to be dropped off at Martha's Vineyard. We will see how the beautiful people like it. Or maybe Nancy Pelosi can house about 60 at her rich husband's vineyard?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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So don... are you saying Obama is to blame for all of what is happening? Iraq, Benghazi, Afghanistan, IRS scandal, Fast&Furious scandal, DOJ scandal, illegal alien border mess, Obamacare fiasco, economic decline in the US, etc...???

I'll trade you Bush's blame if you will be honest and blame Obama for what is happening.

Seems like the VAST majority of America is blaming Obama to.

It doesn't matter who all voted for it deaf, george WMD LIAR bush was the president and he owns the blame. Is't that what you say about President Obama

Oh, and don, who all voted for that act? Any guesses? Who controlled the senate? House?

I'll give you a hint.... the Speaker of the House was Pelsoi (Democrat), and the Senate Majority Leader was named Reid (Democrat.)

It Passed Senate Dec 10, 2008, It was by Unanimous Consent so no record of individual votes was made. It Passed House Dec 10, 2008. It was without objection so no record of individual votes was made.

Might want to blame Pelosi and Reid to! Nah.. Democrats can do no harm, right?

don.. are you talking about the "William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008"? One subsection is about "Subtitle B--Assistance for Trafficking Victims". It also gives authority to allow them to stay IF THE AUTHORITIES DECIDE DO.

All Obama has to do is say "NO", and the INS just follows Obama's orders. This is under the section: SEC. 205. EXPANSION OF AUTHORITY TO PERMIT CONTINUED PRESENCE IN THE UNITED STATES.

So it's OBAMA's FAULT.

News flash: DELL to lay off 2,500 employees in North Texas and another 16,500 statewide
Republican economics at it's best (or worse.)

FIVE MONTHS folks, just FIVE MONTHS till we can unemploy Republicans / T-Partiers. Vote 'em out!

News flash: MICROSOFT to lay off 18,000...

Obamanomics at it's best (or worse.)

FIVE MONTHS folks, just FIVE MONTHS till we can unemploy Democrats. Voe 'em out!

deaf, President Obama doesn't run Microsoft

"NO JOBS for Illegals= NO Illegals.".

idiot..... so are these children that are flooding the borders of Texas and other states coming for jobs?

Duh... right idiot? That's about all you can say on the subject?

No they are coming because george WMD LIAR bush signed a law that said they could come here as children

WoW deaf , guess what the fastest growing religion is in America. The Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, stated this: Do you know what the fastest growing religion in America is? It isn’t Christianity. According to the latest U.S. Religion Census that was just released and the fastest growing religion in America is Islam.
Why is that, because of people like deaf who claim to be Christians but would not know how to act like a Christian if they had too.

Why is Christianity NOT the fastes growing religion in America? Because non Christians look at the GOP and people like deaf, syndapal, katie and jptm with all of their hate and say " If that is what a Christian is then I do not want to be any part of that"!!!!

Well dave that's cause Obama wants Gulags like Putin has.

Might explain all those billions of rounds of ammo to the feds keep buying to.

hey idiot, "Enforce the laws on the books".

I agree. There is a law against crossing into this country and the INS/Border Patrol/ICE, and other federal agencies, UNDER OBAMA, are supposed to ENFORCE THAT LAW.

But Obama chooses to NOT ENFORCE IT. He can call in the National Guard ANY DAY but he refuses to.


So it's his problem, and his responsibly, and his failure.

Hope for change in 2014. VOTE DEMS OUT!

I wonder why the GOP & bush did not secure the border and end illegal immigration during the 6 years they controlled congress and the white house?
I wonder why the republicans gave illegal immigrants amnesty?
I wonder why t-party rick perry put the dream act into law in Texas?
I wonder why t-party rick perry said he would veto legislation that mandated E-Verify?
I wonder why greg abbott has not gone after Tx. businesses for employing illegal immigrants?

I wonder why george WMD LIAR bush did not enforce the law, H3ll Obama has deported more illegals in the last 5 1/2 years than any republican president has in the last 40 years.


There has been widespread speculation about who was intended to be housed in FEMA detention centers being built all over the country. Conspiracy theorist speculated that the camps were designed to house US citizens. They warned of impending martial law. Could it be possible that this administration has planned and executed the current "crisis"? Has the Obama administration decided to shove amnesty down our throats the same way he has with the ACA? Cornyn and the Canadian are awfully quiet.

Best explanation I've heard yet Dave. Now all we have to do is figure-out for what purpose; cheap labor, or cannon fodder.

I really think there is an Bilderberg globalist agenda to create a North American Union Shelia. By putting a humanitarian face on issue (they're just poor kids seeking freedom) this element is laying the ground work for amnesty reform. If the countries these kids come from are so horrible (and they are!) why are they our allies? Why do we keep sending them foreign aid? Why do we have a NAFTA agreement with them?

If you go to the corner of Spring St. and South Sycamore St. tomorrow morning Town you'll find a group of illegals standing on the corner looking for day labor. The going rate is $10 an hour. They don't work for less. Try to break free from that minimum wage delusion man. No one keeps a minimum wage job, not even illegals.

So who is to blame?

Well who controls the INS, Border Patrol, ICE, Immigration, FBI, etc??? Why Obama! Who also controls the army and can send the National Guard to the border? Why, Obama!

He has funds to shift to caring for the tends of thousands of kids coming across, funds to shift to EPA and HHS problems, but for some reason he says he has no funds to protect the border.

But he want's a blank check from congress on this, yet his tract record is so pitiful.

Vote Dems out and stop Obama.

Nothing much they can say Neil. Now I understand the illegal children's point of view. Most are trying to escape gangs in their countries and they may turn out to be the best of citizens.

But... they have now found Korans and prayer blankets out there again where illegals cross. That's Muslims. Possible terrorist. This is far more serous than families sending their kids to escape the narco-gangs. We have a true national security problem. And a huge tax of our financial to house so many.

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