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IRS arrogance out of hand


POSTED: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 2:35pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 6:35pm

IRS to the American people:

“Drop dead."

Can you imagine, especially of your own business and being told by the IRS, you're going to be audited and when time came for your face-to-face, you didn't have your paperwork done?

That's what the arrogant Internal Revenue Service has done to the American people.

The House committee is having hearings on Capitol Hill to see who was telling the IRS to target Conservative groups for tax-exempt.

Status told the IRS to produce certain documents they wanted to see and talk about.

Not only was the IRS late, so far, they are not complying.

If you've watched any of these hearings, it's my opinion, these IRS people are all drunk on power and you can tell they've had years of heavy wine, not reporting to anyone and having an almost” God-like” status in Washington D.C.

Yesterday, including here in East Texas, local Tea Parties and other Tea Parties across the nation protested in front of local IRS offices.

That's their right.

Well, I’ll show you video right now from St. Louis yesterday.

The IRS responded to the peaceful protest, a peaceful protest in which Tea Party members carried signs and sang “God Bless America.”

For that you needed armed DHS agents out there to, I guess intimidate the crowd?

When was the last time the Tea Party became violent.

Even better, when was the last time the IRS was square with us?

From what I'm seeing in news reports and on Capitol Hill, it’s been a while.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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In the A.D.D. world of government we are not supposed to remember Joe Stack, the guy who single-handed attacked the IRS in Austin Texas by crashing his plane into their office. We are supposed to forget that the IRS admitted keeping a P.T.D. (potential dangerous taxpayer) file, and we weren't told how they constructed such a list. Read Joe Stacks suicide note:

The IRS was ORDERED to do this from higher up. The 'arrogance' is from on top. Now who above the IRS would be arrogant and hmmm, narcissist? Does the person's last name start with 'O'? Same for Benghazi and the FBI phone scandal. Now how higher up would all that be? Maybe where the 'BUCK SHOULD STOP'.

When was the last time the DHS was square with us? Did the DHS bring all those bullets?

What makes them any different then any other bureaucracy. Do what they want and unanswerable to anyone, especially the American people. No, this one is not on only Obama, Bush, or Clinton. It's not on the left or right. It's on everyone, we the people included.

For two years I have visited this site with my posts of a government gone awry. I have pointed-out the gestapo-like behavior of Homeland Security, the Fascist behavior of our gov't.,defined by Webster's dictionary being the merger of corporation and state. I have many times exposed media lies, as in the Benghazi case,or with Ron Paul's campaign. I've told you the truth of why this nation is in a constant state of war. Yet with all of this, there are those Hitler youth types blind to it all. Why?

The reason why the IRS protestors are a collection of over 60 seniors, they are of a group old enough to know the history of this nation, not of the indoctrinated masses. They were the same group to protest Obamacare in Town-halls across America. They are the surviving children of the those who as a nation went to war to fight fascism.THEY alone are standing-up against the take-over of our gov't. now underway. It's time ALL Americans get involved.

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