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Is she shooting straight with us?


POSTED: Monday, February 10, 2014 - 5:36pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 1:26pm

Wendy Davis is the queen of the left-wing in Texas.

She captured their hearts when she filibustered in Austin at the last legislative session about abortion. She, who wore pink tennis shoes and made the left swoon, has run into some political trouble as of late. This time from something she said last week.

Now, Ms. Davis was once on the Fort-Worth City Council and she made it no secret she tried to get gun shows out of the city. She also said she wanted to do away with the dreaded gun show "loophole" so many on the left fain about. She came right out and said if she was elected governor, she'd pass any gun-tightening legislation that crossed her desk into law.

Well, last week, she said something that has lead her loved ones to scratch their heads and wonder where in the world this came from.

She said she's supports the open-open carry gun law in Texas.

You know, open-carry, that means you could walk down the streets of Tyler or Fort-Worth with a big iron on your hip with no concealment. You'd just walk into Starbucks with your Glock on your leg.

Now, this is the most incongruous things she could have done. This does not align itself with her crowd. I am sure the low-information voters would probably think she was talking about open-carry, mistaking it for open-container. I guess.

Some on her side say, "She's just trying to win." But, the second amendment guys like me keep up with politicians and have a long memory. I am sure if she did win, she'd be like the president was on abortion and probably evolve to what she really is and go after gun lovers.

This doesn't make sense, it's very strange she would try this.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Oh wow, the most interesting thing about this post are the comments. This part of East Texas will always be a backwater as long as the politics are dominated by people who think that only "Anglo Christian" values are valid. The idea the she might be Jewish (though I don't know or care if she is) is relevant is also astonishing. Tyler and envlrons (look it up Sheila) will never progress and be prosperous with thinking like that.

The Fed. Res has never allowed a Christian to chair the most influential economic institution in the Western world though without Anglo Christians there would be no Western economy. Affirmative Action laws deny Anglo's jobs and education solely by race. If you were an Anglo-Christian Eastman, these issues would be important to you. Also, homosexuality is not a Christian value and is important to the preservation of the family in the eyes of Christians. We will not go the way of S. Africa.

Ops there goes another rubbr tree...

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Convicted On Corruption Charges.

And what do you not see on this headline? He was a Democrat.

More to come as the mid-term elections close in.

too bad your dad did not find a knot hole in a rubber tree when he made you deaf dumb and blind paul smith. The world would have saved a lot of welfare money if he had. Did you get your government check this month?

Too bad you don't know who your father is Don. If was anything like you then he was one crude stupid SOB.

Uh oh...

Republican wins San Diego mayor special election.

Obama Turnout Machine Crashes in San Diego—Loses Mayor’s Race by Nine Points.

In California no less.

There is hope for change in 2014!

Bye bye Dems.

If the message were truly about diversity then why are Anglo Christians shut-out from an economy they built? If the message is about equality then why are Anglo's denied solely by their race? The Fed. Res has never allowed a Christian to chair the most influential economic institution in the Western world though without Anglo Christians there would be no Western economy. Affirmative Action laws deny Anglo's jobs and education solely by race. Name-calling me a bigot doesn't change these things.

Look Lincoln lover, I've read your posts and you haven't the capacity for thought; you parrot media indoctrination propaganda and never associate what is happening to this nation and who is behind the change. S. Africa was once a thriving wealthy nation, but like this nation they were destroyed from within by the same ethnic group that destroys US, using the same tactics. Compare S. Africa then and now, and know that protecting your land means more than holding a rifle.

"That's my point of view, what's yours?"
My point of view is that KETK doesn't "shoot straight". Opposing view points are routinely deleted on this "opinion" column.
I think calling this debate, journalism, or news is just as deceptive as Ms. Davis's comments.

If I don't support Obama, I'm a racist. If I don't support Davis then I'm an anti-Semite. If my husband doesn't support Davis then, he's gender bias. In her made for media pink shoed filibuster, Davis runs for office on subliminal messages of divide, not leadership. Second amendment rights mean as much to Davis as the Bible she swears her oath of office on. It's not about Texas, it's about capturing the worlds 14th largest economy, transforming Texas into the Lone Star of David state.

She has a big problem with telling the truth, she has already proven that, she will say anything to win then flip on it in a heartbeat. To many people in office like her now, no wonder you can't even go to the store and buy groceries without wondering what is wrong with it, people like her make it possible for even our food to be contaminated much less our country in ruins because of their greed.

Is she gonna be like Ann Richards walking around carrying a shotgun talking about gun control?

She speaks with forked tongue.

Next she will become an anti-abortionist Catholic.

You're not allowed to vote in state elections until the mud dries on your U-Haul Yankee Idiot.

Guess that U-Haul of yours is stuck in the mud like your brain...OH, wait ,that brown stuff you are in SJ is not mud at all.

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