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Friday, March 27, 2015 - 11:34am
Neal Barton's POV

Is voting five times wrong?


POSTED: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - 7:54pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 11:38am

A viewer asked me to comment on this. I can comment all I want, but it won't change the fact the the U.S. government has no problem with voter fraud-- as long as it's for their side.

I've long said, right here, you have to show identification to fly on a plane, and you know the list, but there are still those who think you just should be able to walk up to the polls and just vote.

A story broke this week of an Ohio woman who has been a poll worker since 1988. Her name is Meloweese Richardson.

Come to find out, in the last election, she voted multiple time, but she said she did nothing wrong. She voted for President Obama absentee, but then thought she voted so late, she better vote in person. She says nothing is wrong with that.

Then, her granddaughter voted twice. Once by grandma filling out an absentee ballot, and the granddaughter voting at the poll.

Same defense, they see nothing wrong with that.

A TV station reports three other absentee ballots, all from the woman's address, filled out in similar handwriting, were received by the election board the same day her absentee ballot was received. According to multiple voters, one of the ballots belonged to her brother, who, she said, stays at her house "from time-to-time." Another belonged to Markus Barron, who according to Richardson, lives at her home.

Richardson admitted voting for Montez Richardson, claiming she had power-of-attorney to do so and believed that all of the votes she made were legal.

She is a poll worker and she knows the rules. We'll see what the county persecutor will do. I bet nothing.

Let's see what Eric holder will do.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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When the Government can pick and chose which "Law" they wish to enforce, it's no longer "Law".
The Law enforcers have turned their back on the Law and become the Lawless.
This is what the 2nd Amendment is all about. Which is why the 2nd Amendment is under attack.
Trust in our government is on the wane.

You are correct Neal, you have to show identification to fly on a plane, but flying on a plane is not a right of any citizen that is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution but the RIGHT OF EVERY CITIZEN TO VOTE IS. Charles is correct, there have been hundreds of cases where electronic voting machines have assigned votes cast to candidates that were not voted for. This is the true voter fraud & most of these cases have been in Rep dominate districts. Wonder why that is?

Suz, are you stupid or what? There is no such law in any state that requires any citizen to have a government issued ID to be a citizen....NOT EVEN IN TEXAS.!! If you think there is such a law please post a link ti the government code that states it is against the law in all states to go out in public without ID or you will be arrested. Nobody can vote 5 times if the elections officer (county clerk in Texas) is following current elections laws to begin with even with no ID being required.

I take it she didn't vote for Mit.

About right and yes I know the list, but here is one that beats that, as far as I know it is against the law in all states to go out in public without ID or you will be arrested. Now what is the problem with showing ID to vote, if you do not have ID you are either under 16, wanted for something or illegal. Answer me this, why when something is illegal do you either get arrested or a ticket, but when you are in this country illegally the law is not enforced and the government makes sure it is not

This is called cheating and it is wrong. She knew what she was doing, but right did not enter the picture at all. There is no right way to do a wrong thing. Shame on her for the example that she sets for her family, city, state and nation. As for Eric Holder. He has no trouble with lying either.

Remember when the Democrats during Al Gores election bid kept saying, "let ever chad count'.? And months of lawsuits trying to find ways to 'decide' the voter's intent? Well it's let every RIGHTFUL VOTE COUNT.

Everyone has a right to vote, but to vote more that once dilutes everyone else's vote. Kind of like counterfeiting. It skews the rightful tally of the vote and makes a fraud of the whole procedure.

So when someone brags how they voted five times it's a flat CRIME.

I don't understand the problem, each time they voted on the electronic voting machine, it assigned the vote by a predetermined ratio already programmed into the machine. Everytime you tell a voter fraud story Neal, I feel like some guy getting hustled by a con man with the old shell game. The slight of hand isn't with the voter, it's the government. Even the kids have caught-on to what is happening in this nation, you media people need to come-up with a new lie.

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