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It's more than guns and hate


POSTED: Monday, August 6, 2012 - 10:25pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 13, 2012 - 10:41am

Another crazy person has gone mad killing innocent people.

Many I have spoken with since the incident happened Sunday in Wisconsin are asking why?

And I hope people are really starting to worry about their surroundings.

Of course, lawmakers 15 minutes after the shootings happened were already talking to the 24-hour news channels, which are always clambering for content about proposing more severe hate crimes legislation.

That's not going to save more lives.

Isn't every murder a hate crime?

What are we going to start charging people with? A hate crime, a really bad hate crime or a really really bad hate crime.

This whole deal just like the Colorado shootings are not about how many guns or hate.

It's about people who are disturbed.

Are we really doing enough to watch out for people who are on the verge of snapping.

I know in some cases it's hard to tell, but someone is going to have to answer to what happened in Colorado.

Come to find out, that guy was giving clues left and right, but no one ever thought this guy could kill someone.

The guy who shot up the temple this weekend was not your average guy.

He had a troubled past.

And don't get me wrong. We all have have bad days.

We just can't call the law every time someone we know is displaying strange behavior.

But we need to start to doing something soon to recognize and do something to people whom we think are mentally ill and can hurt people.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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This IDIOT in Wisconsin thought these people were Muslims, that is why he did what he did. He had the same attitude and hate inside of him as many of the T-Party members that claim to be Christians that I know here in East Texas. Hate for those who dfo not see the world the same as they do or look like they do. HYPOCRITES

How do you stop this. You can't arrest someone for what another thinks they might do. More gun laws won't help. Many have broken existing laws and if they can't get a gun, they'll use something else. Unless we're a trained professional, it isn't reasonable to expect people to pick up on the signs. And if we do we're back to the first statement, we can't arrest someone for what we think they might do.

When the government removed God and Christianity from the USA, the USA is doomed.

Wooooster, you sure don't know much about being a Christian or Christianity. Stop being a stupid hypocrite and study the Holy Bible and start attending a Christian church with a preacher that teaches from the Holy Bible and NOT SOME SO CALLED CHRISTIAN SOCIAL CLUB CHURCH THAT IS FULL OF HYPOCRITES LIKE YOU.

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