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Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 4:06pm
Neal Barton's POV

It's not just guns!


POSTED: Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 6:15pm

UPDATED: Sunday, March 24, 2013 - 2:06pm

If you live in New York state, you soon may not me able to bring your grandchildren to the gun show.

A political paper in New York state reports a new bill, just introduced to the assembly, would not allow children younger than 12 to
enter a gun show in New York state.

The politician who introduced the bill comes from that trackless and hunter's paradise known as Manhattan. Her name is Linda Rosenthal.

She says, "Children should be learning to read and write, not to shoot a firearm. Today in New York State, however, a child of any age can gain unfettered access to gun shows. We as a society have placed reasonable restrictions on the ages at which children may watch violent films."

Capitol Confidential writes, "Clearly, Rosenthal does not have premium cable or play video games that involve hyper-real gunplay; however, there are no age limits on gun shows. My bill will change that."

She is delusional.

Anyone see what the latest was with that Adam Lanza creep who killed all those little kids in Connecticut? He had the entire thing planned out like a video game. The reason he killed himself in the end was he'd get more points for doing it himself than letting someone else kill him.

Are all games bad? No.

But, funny, every time something like this happens no one looks at the gaming industry and entertainment industry which are joined at the hip. Those people give too much campaign money to Democratic politicians.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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People haul their children to a gun show because that's where they want to go. They don't bother to ask the kids or find a babysitter. They treat their kids like luggage.

It does absolutely no good to try to counter triangle head's rants, but here it goes...worship of guns, and addiction to violent video games and pornography readily available on the net, DO, in fact, alter the brain's ability to discern reality from fantasy...barton, give your own children unfettered access to the darker side of the internet...allow them to watch and participate in whatever warfare or porn they want to view...then see how sane and rational they are after a year or two.

Now you assume the role of psychologist when all who know you here have read your anti-white hate talk. Are you explaining your ethnic brain; the low IQ mind of persuasion and jungle dance, the can't compete without government affirmative action to deny whites, or do you just wish to explain why blacks are seven times more likely to comit murder than whites?

Not to mention the Jews, Chuck. You left out the Jews in your rant. I'm sure that's oversight you will
soon rectify.

"Children should be learning to read and write, not to shoot a firearm."

I think she means they should learn about sex in kindergartener but not guns, right? That's the way liberals think in their la-la land they live in.

"Learning to read and write"... oh bullocks lady. You just want to brainwash kids. Tell them 'alternator lifestyles' are good and underage sex is just a 'choice' but oh my... see a gun at a gun show? Horrors!

When will the American people rise up and take this country that they have given their sons and daughters to, fought the wars etc and tell the people in Washington D. C. that we pay the bills, and without our money they have nothing. The politicians need to be taught who the boss is.

If you haven't the courage to fight back against a government gone wrong then, let those who do know you support them...all the way to the courthouse. That's how you can help take this nation back.

This is a state matter, not a federal matter. Do you understand the difference?

Your POV on any issue that involves children holds no merit being you do not have a clue as to what it is like to raise a have no children NEAL. If those who live in New York agree with her and this laws is passed then it is the result of their democratic process...something that you are against. As for "Those people give too much campaign money to Democratic politicians", I can guarantee you that Democratic politicians in other states do not agree with this law especialy in TX.

People like this journalist only respect popular sovereignty when it achieves their desired result. Otherwise, they act like the elites they accuse the liberals of being.

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