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POSTED: Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 7:04pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 11:33am

TYLER TX.-We're making progress.

Now that some of the emotions are simmering down from last friday's shootings, I am hearing some of what I think are good ideas to be considered to try and make sure nothing like that ever happens again.

I think it's good the NRA is coming to the table.

I know some folks are reaching for the remote control right now.

Let me say I am a member of the NRA and they also certified me as an instructor.

I don't want to be  a part of something I think is out of control.

I want them to be a part of the conversation.

I think it's good they have something to say.

Their news conference will be friday.

I do think we have to be careful when we give up any of our freedoms.

We will never get them back.

The hard left sees this school tragedy as a time to launch a "get all the guns agenda."

That will likely never happen, at least not in my lifetime,but I do understand why gun enthusiast wince when gun rights are discussed because those wanting to write laws most likely have never even shot a gun and know little about why people want guns.

I think all schools need to have a one-point entry and exit.

I think an armed person needs to be there.

The countryside is full of great ex-cops and veterans who need the money.

One thing is for certain, gun- free zones have never worked and are laughable.

And it's laughable to ever think a criminal or sociapath with ever care they
are breaking the law by carrying out their misdeeds in a no this or that zone.

They are criminals.

Some people need to look that word up.

But, we need to talk.

But, we need reasonable talk.

That's my point of view whats yours?

you can email me at or facebook me at ketk neal barton.

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The NRA just pointed out the truth. On Dec14th 22 children were stabbed by a man in Hunan, China.
On Dec 25th a man in Hebei province in China ran his car into 13 school children.
The facts are nut jobs find a way to hurt people guns or not. Why has the US media blacked out all coverage of these events? What is the real agenda, news or fearmongering? Maybe it's just gun control.

Snydergal, there is no outbreak of mental illness, that is just an excuse concocted by lawyers. If you and hillary had your way no one would have any rights at all like most third world countries. If you want to give up all your rights because you are scared of your own shadow then that's your choice, but don't expect the rest of us to because it's not going to happen, we will keep our rights and our AR's, AK's, like it or not.

My, my...doesn't seem suz has a come-back from the post below...seems these redneck gun-toting pea-brained poster children for a push on intensive mental health intervention can't argue reasonable no way do those of us who believe in removing assault weapons from the hands of civilians give up any for "bogus" mental health issues, get some help, suz!! Real men would stand up for making the US safer by removing these weapons...guess there aren't too many real men here.

Absolutely pathetic! That those who believe as you do would establish your own country! Your hatred will eat you up like a cancer, but you'll probably go down with your ARs in your hospital bed as you take your last a poster who wrote he would go down with a fight to keep his assault weapons...was that you, suz? Seems I am not the one hysterically afraid (only of you!) clowns with the ARs are soaked in fear...2 weeks = 29 people dead by Bushmaster ARs. BAN ARs!

In Mexico it is illegal to own a gun or ammunition,......look at their situation. The cartels have all the assault weapons they need. they are invading into America as we speak. I just want an equal chance to survive.

testosterone, cammo gear, assault weapons, militias, every civilian man, woman, 18+ armed to the teeth, cops/militia on every street corner, in shops, malls, theaters, hospitals, schools, neighborhoods, morals without addressing the proliferation of assault weapons/high-capacity clips or the need for more comprehensive assistance for the mentally ill in the context of type of weaponry used in mass killings? ARs DO NOT belong in the arsenals of any civilian American!.

How do you have a true national conversation with our media ?

Unfortunatly I think that a visible armed guard would be the first to die. Concealed carry by licensed teachers, coaches, administrators or maintenance people is what it will take to stop this.
The principle at that school has been hailed as a hero for trying to tackle him barehanded and while I salute her courage I'd be happier if she had put a couple of .380's through him instead.

I think the armed guards are an excellent idea. It is sad that we as a country have come to this. Even if one isnt there all the time, one would think twice. This country as a whole has moral and spiritual problems that you dont see in alot of other countries. Sad but true.

I don't quite agree to the comment " This country as a whole has moral and spiritual problems that you dont see in alot of other countries." I see violence in most news reports from other countries, rape, human trafficing, war lords dominating the countries etc.. The problem is world wide.

FREEDOM... Is not living in fear of my fellow man and the harm he can do to me and mine.
Until we are free, then protect our children.
Even Cattle will circle around their calves facing the threat

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