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Kathleen ... you CAN take it with you


POSTED: Friday, April 11, 2014 - 9:05pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 5:25pm

Out of all the accounts of Kathleen Sebelius getting fired this was the best .. and it comes from the mail in the UK.

Let the smoke blowing begin.

It's an account of Sebelius stepping down.

One Republican politicians said she was set up to fail, because Obamacare is unpopular and
poorly structured.

The president said she was stepping down because the affordable care act had won ... which is the biggest load of steaming ... I've ever heard.

Poor sebelius.

CNS reports she even lost a page in her outgoing, face-saving speech.

What a mess.

Some dems say she was set to retire after the open enrollment was done.

If you believe that, I have some land on lake Dialville to sell you.

And bring all your money.

Sebilius will be replace by some white house budget staffer no one has heard of, but soon she will be a household name.

The deal is she was the face of this liberal program rammed down the throat of Americans .

By now the libs thought Obamacare would bring sheers, but people are still finding out what a mess it is.

Time to put a new face on an old problem.

That face was Kathleen Sebilius.

At least now maybe she can take her portable insurance with her since she's changing jobs.

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If not for the republican economic policies under george WMD liar bush we would have never had a record number of people unemployeed or needed a RECOVERY in the first place.
If not for the republican in the current congress we would not have a record number of people unemployeed and without any unemployment benefits

And don, Ronald Regan, by creating the greatest economy that recovered in just TWO YEARS, went on to PAY OFF THAT DEBT.

Meanwhile... Obamanoimics limps on with record number of people unemployeed and without any unemployment benefits. SIX YEARS IN A 'RECOVERY' THAT STILL HAS NOT RECOVERED!!!!

Hope for change in 2014. Send the Dems to the bread line.

Ronald regans economic policies never paid anything killed jobs here in Texas

News flash don...

They didn't say that at all.

But once your unemployment benefits run out, well getting a job in this wonderful Obama Economy (the same economy they now say will be fully recovered in TWO YEARS.. 8 years of Obamanomics needed to recover what took Reagan and Bush only 2 years) isn't so easy.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote them Dems out so they can find a job.

Ronald Regan took us from a 980 BILLION $ National debt to a 3.9 TRILLION $ National Debt and Killed the oil companies in Texas too

Read Ryan's budget

Her Ruby Red Slipper pin is a statement from ZOG that she returns to the land of Snoz.

News Flash, Paul Ryan and the republatrards say they do not care how hard or how long you have worked if you get laid off you do not deserve any un-employment because that money needs to go to tax cuts for the top 5%. To H3LL with WORKING MEN & WOMEN.

Bye bye idiot.

He'll just come back tomorrow as Snydergal.

@ Idiot - childishness. You exemplify the spoiled liberal mindset of not getting your way. If you were in government then what punishment would you inflict on your detractors, an IRS audit ?

Wearing her ruby red slipper broach, pinned so that the heels touched, the wicked witch sent a message to America that she just wanted to go home.

One pendant said she was set up to fail and explained how. I think the law itself was setup so to fail and Sebelius was set to the task of making sure it did.

Let me see, if she was told to leave her post last Friday then her nose should be out of there by next Wednesday.

clown...please tell me just how you propose to have your republican/tea-swilling henchmen tell the over 7 million who now have insurance under the Affordable Heathcare Act that, oops!, sorry, you DON'T have insurance anymore, folks. People like neal want to line their coffins with everything, including the last dollar bill they ever made...God forbid anyone in need get any assistance whatsoever. If this is your brand of Christianity, that's just about pitiful!

Pete, when the revolution comes what should be the punishment for those like you, the indoctrinated ignorant, who stupidly supported the enemies of our land selling-out their Countrymen for a free cell phone and a pot of beans?

Obummer just used her for a scape goat like he always does. It was his program, his rules, his ideas, he was in charge of it until things fell apart then it fell upon Sebilius to take the blame. Obummer could not run a lemonade stand much less this country, all you have to do is look around and see the mess we are in. He can't blame that on someone else, its all his doing.

And I heard one account which quoted her as supposedly saying she'd be there until Sept. I've seen a little on this story, they contain mostly speculation as to why she left. Now, I'm sure the WH is lying about her leaving. But barring any real evidence to the contrary, we must take the WH account at face value, about half a penny.

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