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Neal Barton's POV

Lazy government revisited

Monday, September 26, 2011 - 5:42pm

This is an update about the POV I brought you last week.

It was about the federal government always hounding us for more money. And as they say in the NFL, after further review, they found out the feds have paid more than $600 million the last 5 years to dead people!

$600 million to dead people!

Now that this story has grown legs and has piqued people interest, or like me has made them downright mad, you'll be relieved to know the government- that same entity that made this error- is now forming a government tasks force to get to the bottom of it.

One of the big-wig feds said "I'm going to stay personally engaged on this,""We're not going to rest until every dollar is resolved,"

Sure, you will.

$601 million down the hole and these guys are going to find it.

This is the same government that lost all those rifles in "Operation Fast and Furious."

The Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry said Friday that the agency has already adopted 10 of the inspector general's 14 recommendations for stopping the improper payments. "Though we have implemented many positive reforms, I remain deeply committed to keeping this a top priority."

A show of hands please of if you think they will get one dime of this back.

Like that song from the 70s, too much, too little, too late.

That's my POV, what's yours?

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