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Monday, March 2, 2015 - 9:31pm
Neal Barton's POV

Let the military fix it


POSTED: Friday, May 30, 2014 - 6:19pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 2:13pm

The head of the VA, Shinseki, has resigned. Ok, now what?

Everyone knew this was coming, but now act three starts. We went from there is a problem, get Shinseki to getting rid of Shinseki. I am so afraid now the foot will be taken off the pedal on this investigation.

As a member of the press, I can tell you the press gets bored easily, and I hope this doesn't happen.  I can almost hear the Sunday talking heads say "the president has the VA secretary's resignation and now we will get to the bottom of this."

Will we? Just like the president said we'd get to the bottom of Benghazi and the IRS scandal. How's that working out?

Deflect and deny, then "that's old news." Meanwhile, how do we fix this mess?

Today, I had a friend of mine who used to be in the Marine Corps hit me with this idea. How about letting the military handle the veteran's hospital?

If there is any example of efficiency, it's the military. I'd feel better about that than some hack getting done a political favor.

No matter what side of the isle you are on, this VA deal has to be fixed. Now, the press is starting to jump on a story like gun control again.

A kid, who was a wreck and was treated since he was eight-years-old, murders people and as always, instead of treating the root cause, mental illness, we treat the symptoms, firearms. That's a story the national media likes. That's a story they never get bored with.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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News flash. Taliban trained Al Qaeda terrorist for years and still do in Pakistan.

And they still do terrorist attacks against us OUTSIDE the US.

Hope for change in 2014. Let's vote democrats out and stop Obama's betrayal of the US.

Only an idiot and Don would support the Talaban and what they stand for and believe in. Oh Hanoi Jane. You have a couple of boyfriend wanna-bes here on this blog. Why don't two arab loving idiots take Hanoi Jan and go live with these sorry pieces of shit. By the way take odumbass and Biden with you. No one in the USA will miss any of you. Ha Ha Ha, Don, Towne Idiot, and Hanoi Jane. Now there is three of a kind for sure.

All, I can say is you liberal odumass loving Don and Towne Idiot are again showing your true colors. This punk is a deserter, a muslum loving punk at that, along with his muslum supporting family. He should be shot as a traitor. I believe that is what the military does to soldiers who not only desert but give aid and comfort to the enemy as well. He and his family should fit right in with Hanoi Jane Fonda and you two liberals think he is a hero. Hero for doing what???????

If anyone is a punk it is you and he is more of a hero than you or deaf will ever be. In FACT, if you HATE AMERICA and its Constitution so much then you should pack your bags and leave tcc.


The Taliban has not committed a terrorist act against Americans on American soil.

Is that the American soil from when we upheld the constitution or the New World Order American soil of today?

News flash terrorist traded:
Abdul Haq Wasiq - served as the Taliban deputy minister of intelligence,
Norullah Noori - senior Taliban military commander.
Mohammad Fazi - Taliban’s former deputy defense minister.
Khairullah Khairkhwa - former governor of the Herat province and has close ties with Usama bin Laden.
Mohammad Nabi Omari - senior Taliban leader with multiple leadership roles in terror-related groups.

They will now be used to recruit new terrorist, all for a deserter.


They could have been tried in military court and shot to. No need to risk more terrorist attacks by those terrorist OR by the terrorist organizations that will now kidnap Americans to spring the others in Gitmo.

But to do 'anything' for a deserter is to endanger everyone else and that is very wrong.

Wrong message is sent to countries like Iran, North Korea, Libya (where Obama's 'smart diplomacy' has us now evacuating people.)

America will pay for Obama's mistakes.

More on that news flash. GI that was released WAS A DESERTER!

Yes he left his post and went AWOL in time of war.

And for that we gave up FIVE hardened terrorist who no doubt will come back to kill more.

That is Obama 'leadership'.

Hope for change in 2014. Let's vote democrats out and get in some real leadership.

The GI's that released that info all violated a non disclosure agreement. They aren't at liberty to discuss the matter. It's the same kind of contract vets that served in Panama and El Salvador signed. Not only is your info inaccurate it's out right propaganda.They say that winters at Fort Leavenworth will make you think the wind is blowing from 4 directions at once.

Military? But who is the head of the military? Who is commander in chief?

Why Obama! Same one who oversees all the administration, including the VA!

Well deaf is the voice of yet another so called conservative who hates the fact that an American Soldier was brought home no matter the the cost. deaf is also too ignorant to understand that the 5 terrorists can now be killed in action and could not be killed while they were detained. We will more than likely hear in the future that these 5 terrorists were killed by a drone...something else republicans are against. Thanks President Obama for bringing him home & for killing Osama.

News flash:

Obama trades 5 hardened terrorist for captured GI without notifying congress (and breaking the law by not notifying them.) Then, predictitabley, the terrorist rejoice and say they will kidnap more Americans so as to get all the Getimo detainees freed.

Obama is so desperate to up his polls he risks Americans all around the world.

Hot off ketk website
VA Audit Led to Shinseki's resignation
"The problems gained prominence after CNN began reporting problems at VA facilities in November."
Seems like the "press", of which you claim to be a part, did some solid investigative reporting.
Often Nell has been asked to do some- nothing happens.
Well, y'all screwed up the SNAP report.
So, it's best to stay out of investigative reporting & stick with what you do best.
Whatever it is.
No Tyler or Smith County political scandals?

Yep...let's let a military take charge of the VA mess...the same military (ALL services!) that notoriously sweeps sexual abuse under the rug...what a great idea to have these folks decide how to work the VA system...but neal doesn't care about the track records of the various services and their handling of the critical, chronic and disgraceful dishonor of those who trust those in charge to do the right thing...should they be charged with caring for wounded vets?.

Don't let the military handle it. Hire a team of retired master sergeants to do it. Give them all complete control. The right to hire, fire, kick butts and take names. Give these men a little face time with the people responsible. I predict that such a group would strike fear in the heart of every incompetent bureaucrat in the VA. And have this problem solved once and for all. Obama talked about hiring vets recently. Time to put up or shut up!

Just give Seinseki immunity from prosecution and find out who ordered the slowcoding of the Vets.

For I assure you, someone systematically ordered them to kill them by delaying treatment.

It goes higher than the head of the VA.

Well, you zig zagged thru another one kid.
Is Nell your mentor?
gun control, mental illness (Repubs don't believe in that), benghazi, "the president", ADHD press, ad nauseum, (take your meds)
20 yrs ago the VA looked at closing down and transferring vets to civilian hospitals.
With the military downsizing that will eventually happen.
FYI the military is NOT the answer.
Walter Reed Army Medical Center had a 2007 death/neglect scandal & closed in 2011!
Approx 100,000 deaths/yr in private hospitals

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