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POSTED: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 4:08pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 2:05pm

The president wants more wi-fi at public schools.

How are they going to pay for it? Well, you can just call your pals at the FCC and have them tack on a $5 fee to all cell phones.

Voila! Problem solved.

The only problem is, that's illegal and unconstitutional.

Congress has to "okay" that.

But, this president is ruling by fiat.

You say leave him alone, that's what a president can do.

Okay, here's a scenario.

Say the next president is a conservative, notice I didn't say Republican, but a conservatives. There is a difference now-a-days. Let's say he or she likes guns and they want kids to be introduced to guns earlier.

They just say, but fiat, all hunting licenses will have a $5 surcharge on them. That extra money will be peeled off to the NRA, because the fictionist president likes guns and knows the NRA has gun classes for kids and that would promote safety.

See what I mean?

You just can't go and declare law or enforce some part of the law like in "Obamacare."

This is a very dangerous road to go down and there's no word on if this will fly.

That's my point of view, whats yours?

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Mr. Smith, you seem to be a hit-and-run who doesn't have the guts to respond to rational correction of your warped have a pattern on ketk that proves, beyond a doubt, that you have only one brain cell that fires on hate of nearly everything and, when you've vented your spleen on any given subject, you fade away...must seem quite frustrating having anyone come back on you with the truth...can't deal with it, can you.

Soft tyranny, my foot! You would advocate anarchy, overthrow of the US government by force...great American, are you, Mr. Smith? Tyrannical bully is more like it. And like it or not, the health/insurance plan is THE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT, you dolt! For heaven's sake, call it what it is, and find out how it will BENEFIT ALL Americans who are under-insured or who have no insurance at all...but you don't care about those folks, do don't care about anyone but yourself...right?

How do you feel about the distinct possibility that anyone living in a city that has 50,000 or more residents may have to foot the bill for road maintenance/building within city limits because road funds have mysteriously vanished from state funds? Don't worry about the federal government, Mr. concerned in advance for having local taxes rise substantially should the state fop this obligation back on local taxpayers...start complaining in your glorious Texas before branching out.

It is also called 'soft Tyranny'. Where the government enforces only parts of law and only on those they don't like. You see that with Obamacare and the 'wavers' to all the UNIONS and supporters of Obama (that is $$$ donors) and the IRS suppression of the Tea Party via tax laws, and the NSA spying on peoples emails.

The country under Obama is more and more becoming another Russia. Maybe Obama is just a little Pudin but without any real manliness.

Tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax and they spend spend spend...

Can't they see we need to live within our means?

THE TEA PARTY IS STILL HERE, NSA,IRS,DOJ spying not withstanding.

We are Taxed Enough Already!

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