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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm
Neal Barton's POV

Let's change the debate format


POSTED: Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 4:01pm

UPDATED: Sunday, August 18, 2013 - 1:18pm

The very weak Republican National Committee chief, Reince Prebus, and I hope I said he name correctly, because I sure as heck can't spell it, has had a great awakening.

And, it's about time.

You see, it has come to light that CNN and NBC are doing a documentary and series on Hillary Clinton.

What a surprise!

Although NBC says it's the entertainment division, and not news, producing the mini-series, this decision is drawing heat.

Prebus now says with this sort of blatant endorsement of Clinton, it may be time to say “no” to CNN and NBC when they want to host the Republican Primary debates.

Some say sour grapes and I see their point of view.

However, after watching the last round of debates, I agree with him.

Does anyone remember John King from CNN asking crazy questions? Does the candidate prefer "Elvis” or “Johnny Cash,” or other idiotic things like that.

I knew, then, the debates didn't mean anything.

Also, with these debates, the candidates always get off point and go on rants their consultants told them to get on.

There have been rumors the GOP will get conservative talk radio hosts to moderate.

Why not?

That's the base.

And for the democrats?

Let them do the same thing and have their own love-fest.

I think these debates have become more about looks and being cute than the original purpose of informing.

I’d watch Mark Lavin tearing into Chris Christi.

That's my point of view, what’s yours?

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What is going to be a real hoot is seeing smoldering rushbo, crackpot beck, loony Hannity, or any other loud-mouthed anti-American joker conduct any kind of "debate," trying to find the most right-of-right tea whiner in the country to run against Mrs. Clinton. The optimum outcome is a fracturing of the repub party by tea whiners and the votes watered down by the laughable consequences...good luck with that one, and how's that all going to work for you? Say hello to Madame President!

What we're seeing now is candidates getting as much free press as possible. Political campaigns have degenerated into marketing campaigns. Just like product marketing they're selling me something I don't want or need. There is no substance in the debates. The driving force behind politics is money. The 2012 campaigns raised $8 billion, and that buys a lot of political influence. The media chooses who gets air time during the campaign. Democracy looses.

Guess the goal to fracture this country into little shards of laughable gop/tea sipper groups is what neal and all the right-of-right faction wants, right? So much for the UNITED States of America, right? When does the war between the states begin? When do fences go up around states controlled by mean-spirited evangelical/ultra-conservatives? When do the poor get shoved to the side in favor of mega-corporations and deep-pocketed elite campaign donors? Sounds like it's happening now, folks.

Anyone who didn't wake-up to our fake democracy after the last election is catatonic. Out ethnic controlled media demonstrated how far it was prepared to go to prevent a free election when it blacked-out the only true conservative with an impeccable record of honesty, RonPaul. Instead we were hammered with crooked lobbyist candidates or offshore bank account candidates, not that we would truly support them, but we would accept the already decided outcome with less animosity. It's all a sham.

Yep, Sheila champions a guy who said, when asked during a nationally televised debate last year if someone without insurance should be left to die, that if a person did not buy insurance, they'd made a personal choice and had to live (but more to the point, had to die) because of their decision. Great job, Sheila. Bringing up a jerk who would probably let an errant relative of his die for not taking the opportunity to buy insurance. How does this paul opinion sit with you, Sheila?

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