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Monday, September 1, 2014 - 2:27pm
Neal Barton's POV

Let's change things around


POSTED: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 - 6:51pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 2:52pm

I've never spoken with so many people who didn't watch the State of the Union, Tuesday night.

I used to watch it like a football game, but, I chose not to. I chose not to watch because I already knew what was going to be discussed, and so did many of you. I think the State of the Union and the political conventions are simply not needed anymore. Everything the president really wanted to hit on was already leaked. We knew it last week.

Every president throws in some "sugar plums" which get standing ovations from his people and "harrumphs" from the other side.

I really think the reason why the speech continues and the reason we still have political conventions is because of the media. They love it. It's like a playoff game for them. But, really, who needs political conventions?

Back when I was a child, there was still some last minute maneuvering for things at the last minute. But, nowadays, the conventions are just coronations.

Once again, it's for the media so they can pettifog and feel important. Folks don't even start thinking about the presidential election until Labor Day. The republicans, the last time around, screwed the pooch by having what seemed like 200 candidates and 20 debates. They just painted a target on themselves.

Why did they do it, to please the media. And while we're at it, what would you think about playing the Super Bowl on a Saturday? No one would have to call in sick on Sunday and you'd get more time to clean the cheese dip off your couch.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Well idiot just seems to cut-n-paste his stuff that has no relation to the topic. I guess he thinks he helps the democrats that way.

Say dave,

Are you saying you would 'tolerate it' from democrats?

Hope and change in 2014. Time to put alot of Dems out to pasture.

My problem with all the politicians in Washington and the media that reports on them is the lack of honesty. In business I generally weed out all the liars working for me. It's a trait I simply can't afford to tolerate. I won't tolerate it from my Republicans Senators or Rep. either. I'll vote against them.

I'm tired of watching propaganda being passed off as news. I'm tired of made up numbers. I'm tired of being lied to by my elected representatives. And I'm tired of being treated like a serf.

You're right Dave. Bill Clinton was responsible for the latest big change in our "not so free" press when he dismantled the authority of the FCC which had previously enforced "Market Share" and "Equal Time" rules. Now, five media outlets (all Jewish) control the media. Every major newspaper, magazine, television network, Hollywood production, radio broadcast is under the control of this single ethnic group. It is no coincidence that this same group controls our economy.

Idiot, let me see if I understand; you are pretending this is your private forum and that people find your OFF TOPIC posts interesting or, you have no life and bore us all with that fact.

Why watch, its just the same old lies on a different day. Its not like he is actually going to do anything useful, same old sinking this country to new lows each week, nothing new.

Anyway it was a snore. The only time there was worthwhile info was on the soldier who got a medal for his bravery. Both sides of the isle stood up and gave applause. But cynical me, I bet Obama did that just to get such a reaction since he knows 2/3 of the country hates him.

Anyway, hope and change in 2014. We really need to get a super majority of Republicans and Tea Party to fix this mess Obama and Co. have given us in the last five years.

State of the Union? You mean there was a State of the Union yesterday? Who knew!

It's kind of hard to keep hearing Obama say Obamacare needs fixing and then in the next breath says it's doing great. And in his 100th pivot tells us he is gonna focus on the economy for a year and is raring to go with his mythical pen.

One amazing thing is he didn't criticize Republicans this time. Amazing! He always says to not criticize each other and then two sentences later blames Republicans for he failures.

Our nation, ruled in secret, no longer offers a message that American citizens can identify and support. Foreign to the citizen is the agenda espoused where; illegal immigration must be corrected when the laws preventing same are ignored, getting rich is a bad thing that only occurs by stepping on the neck of another, but secret loans and bailouts to "favored banks" are OK, the sky is falling and this nations coal is off limits .Laws passed by loophole, like the ACA. Why watch, it makes me cry.

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