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POSTED: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 5:46pm

UPDATED: Saturday, March 8, 2014 - 1:34pm

We've been so busy I've almost let this one get by me. The nannification of the country continues--- this time in the state of Idaho.

The Washington Times reports parents at one Idaho high school were told if they don't quit cheering for their child basketball players, they'd be sent to the penalty box for a minute.

"They think the only way they can encourage their kids is verbally," said Justin Brown, the recreation coordinator for Post Falls, in The Coeur d'Alene Press.

Mr. Brown said some basketball events are touted as "Silent Cheer Day," where parents are allowed to hold up signs to support their children on the court, but are banned from yelling. If they're caught, they get a red penalty card, which sends them to a designated spot in the gym for a full minute, Fox News reported.


Cheering can lead to negativity, said Mr. Brown to the newspaper. But parents and game watchers are puzzled by the policy.

"Nobody had ever heard of this before," said Lorna Allen, a grandmother who attended one of the games, to Fox News. "I'm going to get thrown out right off the bat."

Meanwhile, one of the referees who was tasked with watching the fans said he gave out 15 red cards during the test run of the first "Silent Cheer Day" game.

It's time for this country to shake off whatever this P.C. business is and put the big-boy pants back on.

Winning is great, but you learn from losing and the cat-calls that sometimes go along with it.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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There is a flip side to that coin. I've coached t-ball at the YMCA. Some parents get a little overbearing. There were several times when the opposing team would have to default for lack of players. We would accept the default and offer to loan them a player from our team so the game could go on. Newsflash little kids just want to play! No one gets scouted for the majors in t-ball. Good sportsman ship is the main goal of organized sports. It's important to win and loose well.

Why have the games at all? After all, aren't cheering parents really inciting a riot, they're not really rooting for their kids but demeaning the opposing team? Isn't the outcome of the game unfair and demeaning to the losing team?

I want to see them try this tactic with Vladimir Putin. Time out Putin. He would laugh them to scorn. He's shaking in his boots now at the wussy Americans.

All they have to do is VOTE OUT THE SCHOOL BOARD.

Vote'em out and send them the message, "mess with the parents and you will get your walking papers."

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