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POSTED: Friday, April 29, 2011 - 5:50pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 2, 2011 - 12:40pm

Back in 2008, when fuel prices were high, then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi placed blame.

She said this is what happens when you have two oil men in the White House.

Well, it's a few years later and it looks like the high gas prices summer we had a few years back will be nothing compared to what were are looking at now.

When candidate Obama was trying for the presidency, he said he could fix the high price of fuel. If you have not noticed, Ms. Pelosi has been very quiet on the issue of high gas prices now. And now President Obama doesn't appear to have an answer.

From what I read from news all over the world, right now we have plenty of oil. The refineries are a little short right now because they are exporting oil to OTHER nations and making a profit.

But enough with that.

Why are prices so high and what can we do about it? Both sides of the isle pass the buck. If we can send a man to the moon, we can figure this out.

We need to really know what's causing the prices of fuel to be this high when there is so much available in the world and on U.S. territory.

Shame on any politician who tries to demagogue this. It's to the point now folks we need to find the problem.

Fix the problem, not politicize it.

Even Republican Paul Ryan says it may be time to pull the oil companies subsidies. But, this will not happen until we stop the political dog and pony show and think like American's.

We need to ask more from politicians who are just trolling for a sound bite for TV and re-election.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Liberals still do NOT get it. Big BIZ and Big Oil companies do NOT pay taxes. They are NOT tax payers but TAX COLLECTORS, who just raise their prices to cover the tax increases which get passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices to enable more Progressive Government control of our lives. The Oil percentage depletion allowance subsidy Libs complain about and call a subsidy was Never given to the Big oil companies, but the small wild cat entrepreneurs who they would turn into entremanure

Okay, if you want to reduce the price at the pumps here is a simple way to do it.
Exxon is the single largest gasoline seller in the U.S. and for that reason alone all other suppliers have to be competitive with them on prices.
So, if a large number (let's say 10 million) of drivers would avoid Exxon gasoline for the rest of May the drop in sales would certainly be noticed by Exxon executives. They would then almost certainly reduce prices to lure those customers back. Then the domino principle

obama is systematically destroying our economy so that the number of govt-dependents will be enough to keep him and the democRATS in office!!! He is George Soros' lackey and is proceeding right on course as long as the people in this country allow! When, and IF in time, the people see through the evil being perpetrated against the country by the 'RATS & obama; we will have beneficial change!!!!!

We need to send our Navy Seals to pay George Soros a visit, the personfication of who our real enemy is.

Obama and the democrats take advantage of the overall ignorance of a stupid America. The president seizes on public sentiment to propose new taxes on the "Big OIl Companies Making Record Profits". Anybody with intelligence knows the profits are not record, the price is not dictated by "Big Oil", and taxing oil companies does more harm than good. The Federal Reserve, in an effort to restore jobs to Americans, has devalued our dollar making all products, including oil more expensive.

The supply of Obama economic brain power is low, so the demand to punish the Oil Companies is on the rise! This is the Progressive Socialist law of supply and demand. Only in the brain-dead socialist Muslim educated mind can you drive 90 Oil Rigs from the Gulf which are near the refineries, then keep Anwar Alaskan Desert closed to protect the Caribou, who were designed to be steaks for human consumption, thereby driving a stake through the heart of our Gas prices, can this Be Called Leadership?

We elect politician to congress that don't have the countries interest at heart...We keep them in office
even after they have failed the American citizens..Americans have to wake up, I remember when
Americans loved this great country. We now have Americans that have every intention to destroy our
country. I have lived in this great county for eighty six years, never have I remembered the turmoil we
now face. The great depression we did not have sure turmoil.

supply and demand.... you cant mess with the basic laws of economics... produce more gasoline, the prices fall. Reduce the demand for gasoline, the prices fall. Any solution that has one of those two things at its foundation will be successful.

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