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Let's have a real gun debate

Let's have a real gun debate

POSTED: Friday, February 8, 2013 - 7:45pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 - 11:16am

The gun debate goes on.

Even though Joe Biden was caught on camera this week saying  tighter guns laws he and his party are pushing for won't make
that much of a difference.

He and others keep pushing for stricter gun laws. This just has to be because they just want control.

Out of all the FBI background checks that catches bad people who want to buy guns, only 44% are prosecuted.

We don't use the laws we have now, and the way to fix it is more laws?

Now there is talk of having a list of every gun out there. Never gonna happen. There are 200 million guns in the country right now. Cheap guns blow up. Good guns will last for 400 years. Folks will just hide them.

Lists are for one thing-- taking something back.

God bless those poor children who were killed and hurt in the Connecticut school shooting, 20 of them.

We keep hearing about that. Here's a stat for you.

Chicago, The president's home town. Chicago, where Rham Emmanuel is mayor. The guy who is trying to put the squeeze on banks to not loan gun makers any more money. The guy who is in charge of a tight gun control city, in the tightest gun control state.

Did you know 260 school children have been killed in Chicago in 3 Years? Where Are the Tears for Them?

Do these children in Chicago matter less than the children in the northeast?

We always hear it's about the children. What about the Chicago children?

We can have a debate about guns laws. Let's just come up with some real solutions, not a bunch of cockamamie laws which only just hurt good people.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I will own a gun no matter for the safe keeping of my family no matter what the goverment says as far as im concerned they can kiss my lilly white a** and i don't care

Rattatooey, Kate is right, you need to open your eyes and take a look at the world around you. This country is being taken over, quicker than you think. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns, and the same thing applies to your rights, which your so called politicians are working on taking away as you read this, and have been for a while. Old Turkey hit the nail on the head, its the same principal as a lock, it keeps the honest people honest, but it will not stop a crook for a minute

...nothing scares a crazed gunman more than an unarmed people...

It is these problems that need to be addressed.

Guns have little bearing. Criminal gangs can always get guns yet to take them away from the rest of the population merely makes the good people serfs who are forced to submit to whomever has guns, police or criminals (not unlike New York City now or Mexico in a broader sense.)

Fortunately for us we do have the 2nd Amendment. It is NOT ABOUT DUCK HUNTING. It is for the populace to defend itself from tyranny, government or criminal tyranny.

So many divorces leading to broken homes where kids walk the street and are susceptible to joining gangs. The illegal drug trade, has breaded hard core gangs that use violence to further their ends. The very gangs these lost youths join.

Add to that grinding poverty in most of these cities. Notice one of the safest big cities, El Paso, is floating in guns and is in prosperous Texas yet 'gun free zone' Chicago is death city with over 500 murders a year and in Illinois, high tax and broke.

Charles what in the world are you saying? What 'extenuating circumstances'? Please explain.

Katie, while I also want alot of explanations about Benghazi (even though Panetta pretty much said Obama was to busy with his campaign to bother, Hillary was AWOL, and Biden firmly enguaged making gaffs) still we need to stay on the subject at hand.

We must ask ourselves why so many mentally insane people are allowed to walk the streets, and why so many youths join gangs. These are the real problems.

You know perfectly well what I'm saying; that Neil purposely misrepresents the effectiveness of gun control laws when he cited Chicago as an example knowing that blacks commit murder at a rate of seven times that of whites. This statistic has remained unchanged for over two decades and is posted in the Dept. of Justice criminal statistics section. Had he used a predominately white town in Illinois the effectiveness of strict gun control could be determined.

What Law can we pass that the bad guy's and wacko's will obey?

Making Murder against the law has not stopped people from murdering others either Old Buzzard, so I guess we could do away with that law too.

Dunce-don, if murder were legal, I'd hate to be you !

Charles, I would have more money than China-Mart...OH, I mean Wal-Mart.

Once again Neal reaches into his Fox News bag of tricks to parrot the irrational argument of tighter gun control and the Chicago example. On the surface this argument works, but when the extenuating circumstances are examined we see the truth. Ingratiated with the freedoms of civilized society, the ungovernable Chicago element transforms the city into Zululand whereby laws are for Caucasians and civil disobedience is payback. With an average IQ of 78, Zululand is a dangerous place to live.

I want a debate alright. I want to know Obama's background. I want to know why his minions around him continue to lie for him. I want to know why Benghazi happened and some straight answers instead of double talk. I want Obama impeached and tried for treason against our country. And as for Hillary. The only power she ever got was from her husband and now she rides around on Obama's coat tails. It is stunning to see what Americans will vote for. Their country is being taken over.

Katie, Americans didn't vote for this, our elections are a sham. Media will tell you that it is all those something for nothings that have transformed our nation by the vote, but we all know, few of them do vote. Between the electronic voting machine, a dishonest media, and Party rigging, this nation's future is predetermined. Voting, congressional arguing, Supreme court decissions, and media spiel, is all a ruse to fool the ignorant. What democracy would mandate a purchase and call it a tax ?

WOW KATIE - for someone who contributes to public discussion, you appear to have a serious case of massive prejudice. You just made a statement that you should reflect upon.
....I want Obama impeached and tried for treason... You forget that he was democratically elected by the people of the USA. Perhaps you want to change that, and just let the people who agree with you to vote. What a catastrophe that would be. I notice in your final sentence that you refer to the USA as being taken over.

Rataphooey, you aren't capable of understanding Katie because it serves you not to. Go abuse your entitlements and let true Americans speak their minds.

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