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Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 4:06pm
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Let's protect them


POSTED: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 5:23pm

UPDATED: Saturday, September 21, 2013 - 3:26pm

Mass shootings in America, what to do? Put up more gun-free zones?

You notice all those shootings are always at gun free zones where the horrible people know, at least for awhile, they'll have the upper hand.

Many liberals played the gun card too soon after the shooting this week and have since retreated.

No, there was not an AR 15 used. That ruined a lot of the arguments there.

Now, they are saying concealed carriers never stopped a shooting rampage. Yes, they have, just last year, in an Oregon mall.

A guy with a gun stopped a mass shooting. The bad guy killed himself once he saw the good guy had a gun pointed at his head.

Let’s go to the “way- back machine.” In the mid-60’s when crazy man Charles Whitman was taking out innocent people from the UT Tower in Austin.

Back then, Texas college boys, who had their rifles in their dorm rooms, shot back at Whitman pinning him down to suppress some of his fire until the cops got there and killed him.

After all the terror we've had the last few years why is a military base vulnerable? We know what happened at Fort Hood and we know what happened this week at the Navy Yard.

The Clinton Administration made military bases gun-free zones in the 90’s, and that turned out to be a bad deal, as far as I am concerned.

What about this idea? From now on, let service personnel pack. Before you gasp in disapproval, these folks are trained to kill. All civilians can still be unarmed. But, if security is an issue, let our brave men and women defend themselves.

There will be other attacks on bases. I think we'll all be amazed how the brave will drain out the gutless cowards once they see the barrel of a 40-caliber Glock or a 1911 .45 caliber.

I'm not a tough guy trying to talk trash; I just want civilians and our folks in uniform to be able to defend themselves. First, from the people who want to kill them and second from the “do-gooders” who, through good intentions, are leaving us wide open.

That’s my point of view, what’s yours?

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Statistics show that every second bullet fired by a policeman kills an unarmed citizen.

T-Idiots do not care about FACTS or Statistics.

Back before Vietnam the military had arms in the barracks. But once the fraggings happened in Vietnam (and the war became unpopular) the military started locking up the guns and ammo.

And the military, becoming more of a jobs corp. than a defense institution, started worrying about their carriers if a mistake like a accidental discharge and they banned guns from being carried by the Sgts. Thus the bases become 'gun free zones'.

And Congress released all the mentally ill.

Obvious results.

In September 1994 when the Law went into effect declaring all government buildings were now alcohol, tobacco, drug, and gun free zones, as a teacher I stated that this simply would not work as criminals do not read nor obey signs. I said at the time that this would simply make all our public soft targets for terrorists. I wonder if these really stupid politicans whom we elect and for whom they work. They should consider that fact.

In Texas that would have been a republican controlled state government with a village idiot named george w bush as governor.

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