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POSTED: Friday, March 21, 2014 - 5:39pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 7:14am

Barack Obama recently told us he had a phone and a pen and could run the country that way. Evidentially, Vladimir Putin can run Russia that way, too.

Except, he just needs a pen. Today he signed the papers making Crimea a part of Russia. The ruble is now the Crimean currency.

In fact, Crimea is even back on a Russian time zone. Has anyone told Neville Chamberlain John Kerry about this?

Didn't he give the Russians until this past Monday to pull out Crimea? I am sure the sanctions were are laying on Russia has them scared to death.

Some thing else has me scared to death. This week, CNBC's Squawk Box took a look at Putin. Man does he have the world where he wants it.

While the greenies in our country are demanding the weather be the key to out energy, Putin and others know the weather as far as technology does right now, is not enough to turn enough windmills and light up enough energy cells.

While we hand wring and ride our bikes to work Putin-- like a lion --is watching us from the weeds. One reason he wanted Crimea is because of the natural gas there.

We keep trying to get the world to join us in crying about global warming. Russia, China and other leaders are not falling for this.

It's been intimated and I'm starting to agree. He or leaders like them are waiting for us to dwindle down our supple, counting on wind and leprechaun and unicorns and then one day, we'll all need nasty fossil fuel to make things run.

And guess who'll have plenty to sell at his or their price? Yes, you got it.

Why are we intent on giving this great country away?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I'm worried about Texas. Remember it was Ronald Reagan in 1986 that broke Russia and in doing so, he also crashed Texas's economy. By way of a deal with the Saudi's, Reagan flooded the market with oil dropping the price to $11.00/bbl. NOW, the financial dictatorship of America is in dire need to cast severe economic hardship on Russia, more than the reach of sanctions. This week an emergency meeting of G7 is planned. Also, It was reported that Airforce 1 landed in Tarrant county ...

... could it be that Bush is flying to Saudi Arabia while Obama is in the Netherlands? Is Texas due to get the shaft like in 1986? I heard John McCain say, "Russia is nothing more than a gas station". OK, but Texas is this nations' gas station. We became the Russians once before, will we be Russians again?

Hey pal - a/o 3/21/14 Pickens is listed on EXCO Board of Directors
It's "git" as is git lost
Pres Obama left for Europe today to meet with leaders of the free world to discuss isolation of & imposition of more sanctions on Russia
The IMF is finalizing funds & NATO discusses sending military aid to Ukraine
Ms Obama & girls are in China meeting with China's President & First Lady
China aligns w/US against Russian Crimea incursion as illegal
USA remains strong w/Obama's leadership
Congress on break

Couldn't find the word "git" in dictionary, Obama meets with "group of seven" to discuss further sanctions and manufacturing now that Russia holds their energy future and, will meet with Saudi's and Vatican at the end of this week. China will make the play that makes the dollar strong so as to get a better repayment on our debt, which then makes the Euro cheaper and pushes Russian gas price higher, as well as, kills US exports to Europe. Obama is busy running the errands of the financial elite

idiot.. what do you do, issue press releases for Banjo and his staff?

I mean that is a boilerplate propaganda press release you put out with that 'continues his strong leadership' shtick.

Hope for change in 2014. Send Banjo on a vacation for his last 2 years and let Congress, a conservative one, get the job done right. We sure don't need ANOTHER 2 years of this 'leadership'.

you put out the negative crap
I put out the positive crap
the truth is somewhere in the middle
It ticks you off that you can have the only say with your GOPper T-party rhetoric
You're like a broken record
Plus not much of it has any truth to it
You're like chicken little & the sky's fall'n
It ain't happening like you say & it won't
No one gives a hoot either way

What is this shtick stuff ? Are you using it as a mockery of the people who present the news, or do you use it in your Yiddish/English vocabulary? Thanks for teaching me "boilerplate" , my first impression was that it was a mistake, but after looking it up, I was informed.

President Obama continues his strong leadership against domestic/foreign criminals.
He continues to "git it done" while the "do nothing congress" sits on its thumbs.
While they're out yukking it up President Obama put his Phone & Pen to work.
Because of his unwavering commitment to the American people we now have a new US Marshall here in Tyler.
Many other important Federal Justice Dept positions remain unfilled.
Our Federal courts need judges appointed. Obama is doing it.
God Bless America.

The term is, "get 'er done" idiot, being of the effeminate. I read a poll that revealed the president's approval rating was 42% nationally. It is said that he holds a 33% base level of support because of race. My math tells me that there are 9% who support him where race is not the deciding factor. Which tribe are you idiot?

He holds somewhere around 40% to 42% base because he's Democrat. Which means he'd have to be pretty bad to go below his current rating. If Stalin ran as a Democrat, he'd garner nearly the same vote. The only way Obozo will drop below 40% would be to turn TEA party.

I'm out of the loop Jp, what is so unpopular with the Taxed Enough Already concept?

For the record it was not a slam against the TEA party. The slam was against those on the left who will stand behind an elected official no matter how bad they are just because they carry a D behind their name. Things they demonize and criminalize in non D people they defend at all costs and sometimes hero-ize in their people. Example: NOW criminalizes nearly every man as a sexual predator while all but deifying the sexual predator in the WH.

Townidiot - T. Boone Pickens is a Texas oilman.

pal- Thanks for letting me know who T Boone Pickens is.
I've read articles about him for 2+ decades.
Since you know so much about him, I'm sure you know he's moving out of his oil holdings & into natural gas.
Your rant about not wanting CNG vehicles must have you PO'd at him because he's pushing CNG at state & federal levels.
He's talking to pols about getting laws passed more favorable to gas.
He wants vehicles converted to CNG.
You think it's OK for him to make $ Billions & no one else?

Geez, was that a rant ? Or was my comment about liking muscle cars a rant? And, Boone doesn't divest out of oil and, he recently resigned from EXCO's board of directors, EXCO is a natural gas exploration company. You need to catch-up before you start telling people what you think you know. Oh and Obama sux's !

News flash... A second Ukrainian providence now wants to succeed from the Ukraine and join Russia.

And Putin will send masked troops as 'Ukrainian citizens' to take over military bases there, just as he did in the Crimea.

Banjo O. will again tell the nation he as cut off Putin's Nexflex account in retaliation meanwhile announcing more military cuts.

You can guess the message that would send not only Putin but every other country.

Hope for change in 2014. We need a Republican super majority.

Daf- it appears your Super Man Putin is folding - HA
Breaking News:
Russia Accepts Ukraine Monitors as West Warns on Troops
The six-month monitoring mission is meant to cool tensions in the worst standoff between Russia and the West since the end of the Cold War. As Russian President Putin completed the annexation of Crimea, the two sides exchanged sanctions, raising concern about escalation. U.S. President Barack Obama will meet allies during a European visit starting tomorrow.
USA Strong!

Snyderpal - Ukraine & others gained independence when USSR imploded.
Daf- take your anti-conspiracy theory meds.
dave1963- coal burning plants are converting to natural gas.
CNG is being installed in trucks. Tyler Trash just converted a few w/more on the way.
USA & NATO countries are surrounding Russia w/an Anti-Missle System.
Putin can't stop it.
He's trying to take back countries for a buffer.
USA & EU sanctions hurt the Russian stock market & banks.
Crimea is not worth 1 American life.
USA #1

Like, who didn't already know that, Idiot ? Did that make you feel like a bigshot to act like you were telling me something?

Dave, it's Europe that needs Russia's gas, Germany #1 with $109 bl. annually. We don't buy from Saudi's anymore.I read this comment in the NYT. Brooks tells us that "Foreign Policy is made by elites. That's what elites do." This is probably true, but one has to wonder why we as a free people are willing to give up our sons, and daughters to the Imperial Fantasies of folks who have determined that they know better, when without us they are nothing if not irrelevant.

We have caps on CNG exports synderpal. We couldn't sell CNG in Europe if we wanted to. Our energy policy on natural gas is completely screwed up. And your right Putin controls the gas supply to Eastern Europe.

Our energy policy just like our foreign policy must first be approved by the financial dictatorship which we and the Europeans are the foisted subjects.

We can tell the Saudi's and Putin to get lost.

We've been lied to about peak oil production for decades. The intelligent thing for the US to do is convert to compressed natural gas. Many US homes already have gas lines, all you'd have to do is install a pump to fill your car. It would cut emissions for the global warming crowd. Provide jobs converting existing cars or building CNG models. And create jobs for people installing the infrastructure. We have about 200 years worth of natural gas here at home. We can tell the Saudi's and Putin to g

Dave, I prefer a 7.0 liter V8 bored and stroked w/supercharger. I would prefer to burn nitro-methane. The last thing I want is government to pass a law (of any kind) promoting nat.gas. We both know that our fascist big brother will change any law to eventually put me on roller-skates and him in a tank. Besides, Nancy Peloci and her husband are heavily invested in "Clean Energy" nat. gas stations, and who want's those elitist to prosper?

There are now questions as to wither Obama's feeble response to the takeover of the Crimea was not a quid pro quo. A trade with Putin for getting Obama out of the red line mess he made in Syria.

You remember when Obama gave a 'red line' that Assad was not to cross and then Assad crossed it? Putin saved Obama's bacon that day. So is this quid pro quo?

And Obama whispering to Putin (in a microphone he thought was off) about having more 'flexibility after election?

Hope for change in 2014.

I like that you're adding things up, just don't agree with your math. The American citizen saved Obama's bacon when we in mass protest would not allow the US invasion of Syria. Now, after staging a coup on the Ukraine and sending that gov. into Russian exile. The new gov. in Kiev just signed a gas contract with the EU that had been a "no deal" under the previous leadership. Russia's has promised no more sweetheart deals to Ukraine.

Russia is an energy giant that the US will never surpass, but for now we hold our own due to new technologies allowing for production in unconventional reservoirs. Our MO is to make discoveries in foreign lands, buy their oil then, at a later time, loot their banks while spreading democracy. Iran, Iraq, Libya, and soon Venezuela will attest to this fact. W. Europe unable to trade for Ukrainian gas, overthrew the gov. with our blessing. WE will get ours one day.

Gen. Smedley Butler wrote about being the strong arm man for the bankers and wealthy industrialists back in the 1930's. He's qouted as saying "I could teach Al Capone a thing or two. He controls Chicago but conquered entire nations for American interests."

Dave, Henry Ford called them the "International Jews".

I agree with you Neal 100%. Come to think of it John Kerry is JUST like Neville Chamberlain. Russia and China are rolling in the aisles with laughter at our stupidity. We are educated beyond our intelligence.

Agree 100%
According to Nell the following is true:
Putin is a giant among men.
Russia is the world's greatest nation.
Putin has his pulse on the world economy
Russia is politically stronger than the entire free world combined.
Putin can rule the world if he so desires.
Russia is biding it's time before it takes over - Crimea is only the beginning
Putin is a genius
Everyone else is stupid.
Nell is giving us a wake-up call
Nell will say "I told you so"
Nell should move to Russia & kiss Putin's as

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