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Friday, March 27, 2015 - 11:34am
Neal Barton's POV

Look who wants to be T. Boone Pickens


POSTED: Friday, March 21, 2014 - 6:39pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 8:14am

Barack Obama recently told us he had a phone and a pen and could run the country that way. Evidentially, Vladimir Putin can run Russia that way, too.

Except, he just needs a pen. Today he signed the papers making Crimea a part of Russia. The ruble is now the Crimean currency.

In fact, Crimea is even back on a Russian time zone. Has anyone told Neville Chamberlain John Kerry about this?

Didn't he give the Russians until this past Monday to pull out Crimea? I am sure the sanctions were are laying on Russia has them scared to death.

Some thing else has me scared to death. This week, CNBC's Squawk Box took a look at Putin. Man does he have the world where he wants it.

While the greenies in our country are demanding the weather be the key to out energy, Putin and others know the weather as far as technology does right now, is not enough to turn enough windmills and light up enough energy cells.

While we hand wring and ride our bikes to work Putin-- like a lion --is watching us from the weeds. One reason he wanted Crimea is because of the natural gas there.

We keep trying to get the world to join us in crying about global warming. Russia, China and other leaders are not falling for this.

It's been intimated and I'm starting to agree. He or leaders like them are waiting for us to dwindle down our supple, counting on wind and leprechaun and unicorns and then one day, we'll all need nasty fossil fuel to make things run.

And guess who'll have plenty to sell at his or their price? Yes, you got it.

Why are we intent on giving this great country away?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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News flash.. NBC says 4 out of FIVE signups to Obamacare require subsidies... so.. WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THAT?

Even if you get to the website successfully and signup, 80 percent can't pay the whole amount.

Bankruptcy is coming folks, just like we said it would.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all Democrats out so we can repeal Obamacare and save this nation from bankruptcy.

And yes, really do do it for the children cause they will have to pay it all off if you don't.

News flash.... North Korea opens fire on South Korea and Obama says, "what happened?"

As they say..

There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

And we know Banjo Obama always wonders what happened.

Hope for change in 2014. Let the Democrats ask.. 'what happened.'

And pete, ask yourself this...


See that is what voters have to decide.

And that is why we need a supermajority of Republicans/Tea Party repair the awful things the Democrats have inflicted upon this country.

Don't get too optimistic. It's like the battered wife who's more afraid of what getting away means than the next beating. The voters are more afraid of the opportunity freedom and self reliance offers, they are more afraid of being responsible for themselves, than the damage they know Democrats are inflicting.

My Family and I are, a lot better off than when we had a SUPERMAJORITY OF REPUBLACANTS AND GEORGE (WMD LIAR) BUSH as president.

A statement which can't be proved, like all your comments

Why would I or anyone need to prove anything to a moron like you in the first place?

Just posting facts pete. No utopia. Epic fail is all we see from Obama and Democrats.
From Obamcare to foreign policy to jobs to the national debt to, well you see where we are going.

His 'transparency' is a sham. There is no transparency. Don't believe me?
Ask him or the MSM:
1. what are the sign-up numbers for Obamacare?
2. who gave the stand down order at Benghazi.
3, who sicked the IRS on the Tea Party?
4, who ok'ed Fast & Furious?
5. why he promised we could keep our drs or ins. and lied?

News flash this, deaf...your personal preference for a "new world order" that fits your warped ideal of a utopian state may, God forbid, have a chance in destroying this country, should one of the candidates Adelson "buys" from this past weekend's cattle call get the nod...imagine, your ideal leader is a puppet of an angry, addled old billionaire-many-times-over ("earned" in his Macao gambling casino operations) for change? Damn right...anything but what the GPO/t-swillers have to offer!

More epic Obamafail...

ICE released 68,000 convicted criminal aliens last year...
872,504 ordered removed by immigration authorities have not left...

Hope for change in 2014. Republican/Tea Party SUPERMAJORTY. Vote Dems out.

News flash. Talks with Putin over the Ukraine fail...

Yes Putin is playing that Banjo Obama day and night.

Can't you hear Putin/s banjo playing.

Yes, Putin is playing Banjo Obama. And he is playing two songs at once.

One in the Middle East, and the other in the Ukraine.

Taking old Banjo O. to the cleaners.

Hope for change in 2014. Time for a Super Majority of Republicans and Tea Party in Congress cause while the world plays Banjo, the U.S. can't afford that same old song.

AIPAC, American Israeli Political Action Committee is the lobbyist group which bribes Congress by financing their re-elections. American taxpayers send 6 billion annually to Israel in foreign aid and Israel gives it back to selected pick of Congressmen in a legal bribery-money laundering scheme. To question is to be an anti- Semite, but all Americans know the score as we try to navigate in an economy that has abandoned the Free Enterprise system of Capitalism. It's about monopoly building.

A Russian made RPG with a OGV7 round loaded in it can take down a Blackhawk helicopter. For the price of a laptop computer (about $700). But it is no match for a Stinger or a LAW.

Idiot, I don't see it that way, but if that fits your pistol then shoot from the hip. Perhaps an in-depth look at why this nation is no longer respected in the world's eye, a look around at your fellow countrymen, a disgust for the issues of divide which bombard the American citizen daily, and apathy towards a government which fails to live-up to it's constitution or even provide a sovereign nation with borders would help both you and Deaf see that we are not undivided with liberty for all.

CS Lewis wrote:“The greatest evil is not done now . in those sordid ‘dens of crime’ that Dickens loved to paint. It is…not even done in concentration camps and labor camps. In those we see its final result, but it is conceived and ordered; moved, seconded, carried and minuted in clear, carpeted, warmed, and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voice.” End the financial dictatorship of our nation.

News flash.. "Maryland will abandon its glitch-ridden ObamaCare website and replace the health exchange using technology from Connecticut's marketplace."

Slowly, ever so slowly, Obamacare crumbles. It's a train wreck that will cost trillions of dollars. (but not one cent of Obama's.)

Meanwhile House Democratic whip Steny Hoyer admits many will lose their coverage and the White House admits a fifth of Obamacare ‘enrollees’ won’t buy insurance.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all Democrats out.

Hahahahahaha.... idiot, you are so gullible. Almost as gullible as Obama!

Hope for change in 2014. A supermajority of Republicans in BOTH HOUSES.

Since Obama was in Saudi Arabia on Friday, I doubt this story.

So if I'm out of town visiting foreign dignitaries who calls whom, wormhead ? If it was as this propaganda piece suggests then, Putin calls Obama and interrupts him while his bowing and kissing the sheikhs camel or the more likely, the Sheikh tells Obama to call Putin and make a deal. Remember, it is not dire to the Saudi's to weaken the US dollar which is what the US needs to prevent a second wave of Job loss as the Euro has to fall in value to purchase Russian natural gas. It's a trade WE seek

You are ignorant of the true geo-political situation. Most Americans are abreast of the events which shape this nation and are in disgust with a meddlesome government that bullies the world in order to preserve a currency that has no strength other than our blood and military might.

News flash.. Obama pleads with Putin to move his army off of the Ukraine border.

Yes, Putin has 100,000+ men, basically 2 1/2 corp, which is a field army, sitting there and poor old Obama is about to wet his pants.

Just as Obamacare is a trainwreck that is still crashing, so is Obama's 'smart' foreign policy.

Weakness does not persuade. Hollow words do not carry weight, and talk is cheap.

Hope for change in 2014. A super majority is needed to stop Obama and Obamacare. Vote Republican.

Shows you who congress really answers to; not the wishes of the American citizen, but the needs of the Financial Dictators. One billion dollars would have bailed-out a lot of socialist failures here in the states.

Snyderpal ,

The Tea Party is part of the Republican party. And they don't like the 'business as usual'. That is why we need control of Congress to flip. For 2 years we had a Democrat super majority and you see what a catastrophe that was. The pendulum needs to swing back around and correct the awful monstrosity Obamacare is.

And then after 2 years, split the houses again to keep EVERYONE from screwup more.

But right now we to ditch Obamacare badly, and the only way is a SUPER MAJORITY.

There are none so blind as those who will not see. Obamacare is here forever and should you buy-in to the thought of it's repeal then you're a royal sucker. You see Deaf, it's a tax needed to "Sop-up" excess liquidity, that stuff the Fed injects into quantitative easing. No R or D will end this tax disguised as healthcare. Passed by loophole, the hypocrisy of your R's and D's should reveal to the dumbest idiot that these guys don't work for us. Your vote decides nothing. Can't you see?

News flash... Putin has 100,000 men on Ukraine border posed to invade.

Meanwhile Obama fiddles around trying to have photo ops with the Pope and just talks.

Seeing Obama is a failure is not anti-American, nor pro-Russian. It's seeing we have elected a pitiful person that is not respected around the world due to his own failures. Failures other nations see as opportunities to take from others.

Hope for change in 2014. America needs a Republican super-majority in both houses to ditch Obamacare.

Of course y'all saw this :
American reporter for Jerusalem Post denied Saudi visa to cover Obama, White House objects. Obama goes to Saudi's to request an oil output increase to devalue Russian oil exports, a move that will also hurt Texas' economy, what will the International Bankers (who are Jewish) give the Saudi's in return, and what does this headline suggest about whatever trade is made?
Remember the Saudis have joined Israel to build a pipeline across Syria if we win that war.

Townidiot, Jews and Arabs are longtime enemies, Palestine is an Arab nation. Read below about the pipeline they will not build to Europe across Syria. (2) Tell John McCain we're not a war with Syria. This nation engages in war through mercenary troops, meaning we fund the Syrian Rebels. (3) Some intl. bankers are Jewish; now that's funny, which one isn't? That is the meaning of Putin's statement about "American exceptionalism" as published in the Globe and later indemnified to as "The chosen".

The Saudis have definitely been negotiating the use of their airbases by Israel (numerous news stories). Search, Bing , Israel using Saudi bases and you'll get 56,800,000 hits. The purpose is for bombing Iran. Saudis and Israel cooperating is a good example of strange bedfellows. Haven't read the pipeline story.

Wrong again Townidiot, the Saudis enjoin Israel to build a pipeline across Syria to sell nat. gas to Europe. Two years ago a large nat. gas discovery was made off the coast of Palestine which Israel wants to sell to Europe. The Saudi's have casing-head gas to sell which they currently flare. Syria refuses to let the pipeline cross their land and compete with Russia's Gasprom. Hence the US and France have funded Alqueda Rebels to cause a civil war in Syria. Iran is about selling oil for gold.

And one more....

DEMOCRAT California State Sen. Leland Yee indicted on firearms trafficking, money laundering, murder-for-hire, drug distribution, trafficking in contraband cigarettes, and honest services fraud. Yes weapons charges, traffic in firearms, and it looks like he was getting them from Russia!

So many Democrat mayors are in jail they might have to build one just for them! Now it's state government officials.

Hope for change in 2014. Real change folks!!

Another news flash...

Reid blames need for ObamaCare extension on people 'not educated' about Internet. Yea they are so dumb they voted for Obama TWICE.

Obamacare will fail folks.. only question is will it take your savings with it.

Hope for big change in 2014. Now it's only a question of if there will be a Republican super majority in both chambers of congress.

News flash... All the Republicans in the senate AND several Democrats voted to block Obama appointee.

Yes they can vote in a block. They already have.

Hope for change in 2014. Senate here we come.

Another News Flash... Obama extends deadline again.... Obamacare is so far behind in enrollments the Dems are afraid to give details. So much fo Kathleen Sebelius's promise not extending the Obamacare enrollment deadline past March 31.

Hope and change in 2014. We need a totally Republican congress to reign in Obama and his cohorts.

Yeah right, that's all we need, a Republican controlled congress to show us all again how there is no difference when an "R" sits in a "D" chair. By now Deaf, even you have to see that these guys are following a prescribed agenda dictated to the American citizen.How else can you explain the hypocrisy, or is that the way your associates behave; "say one thing, do another"? While you watch a red and blue theater, your entire economic situation is decided by unelected Federal Reserve.

From Neils Op-ed; "We keep trying to get the world to join us in crying about global warming. Russia, China and other leaders are not falling for this", well of course not, Global warming/Climate change is a New World Order/Globalist concept for international taxation among our financial dictators, not theirs.

News flash... G8 will only exclude Putin from their meeting.

Putin and Russia are still part of the G8.

Didn't talk long indeed.

Russian troops posed to invade other providences of the Ukraine to 'protect' Russian speaking citizens.

And Putin met the Pope back in 2013....

Hope for change in 2014. Looks like the Republicans will take the Senate and keep the House.

"He will likely take Pope Francis' good counsel in addressing important world-wide issues". - What an idiotic comment that says nothing. He goes to the Vatican hoping to re-build a 1980's coalition against Russia wherein the Catholic church organized "Solidarity" marches against the then Communist state. It is the means short of war that our financial dictators will go to control the Western World economy.

News flash... Nate Silver predicts the Dems will lose the Senate.

Nate Silver, a darling of the Democrat left, now says they will lose the Senate to the Republicans.

Let's hope so cause we seriously need change in 2014!

Wrong again Townidiot, "git" is not a colloquialism, it is a dialect. Where did you learn grammar; from Inez Hogan ?

Back to the original point; Get 'er done, or Stupid person it done. You took the long way around the barn to prove my argument.

Townidiot, I don't agree with your call on Deaf. He's been a regular at this site for years and though he is limited in thought it is only because he has been misinformed (indoctrinated) by a relentless media. He's a Conservative who enjoys his right to own a gun and as his avatar suggest he remembers his glory days when he lived a more exciting life. Like many he is distracted by the theater of political parties which provides a facade of democracy for the ruling financial dictators, the chosen


Obama won't get the G8 to do anything concrete.

They, like Putin, have zero respect for him and know he would leave them just as high and dry as he did our Ambassador in Benghazi,and with the same results.

Reagan, on the other hand, would never have had Putin try that stunt on him.

Hope for change in 2014. A Republican super majority is a-commin!

Actually Deaf, the Russians did pull such a "stunt" on Reagan. You maybe forgot about the Sandinista's, Nicaragua, the invasion of Granada, and Reagan's secret backing of the Contra's which pre-empted his "all-out" economic war on Russia, the "evil empire" in his words.

You're looking at our government all wrong. The real power is in the financial dictatorship, those unelected elite who shape our lives by controlling our wealth. In the US it's the Central Bank (Fed Res), in Europe it's the ECB. These are the real powers that be, those by whom our government is controlled. Think of the Fed Res as a giant gear which turns a smaller gear called the US gov. We are learning now that no clutch exists between the US gov. gear and the ECB gear. A Monroe clutch ?

The groups name is bilderberg Synderpal. They meet annually. Kenneth Clark, British MP, answered questions about his attendance at last years meeting in front of Parliament. It's one of the subjects blacked out by most of the US press. But the European press will give some brief coverage of the event each year. The meetings are held each year in June.

I'm aware of the Bilderberg Group and, yes that is one of the public persona's to that inner sanctum of the international financial elitists that dictate to our government. Other identities are the; Federal Reserve, ECB, IMF, EU, Council of Foreign Relations. Look how quick our Congress acted to give 18 billion dollars in aid to the Ukraine. Of course it's our money they spend, and our jobs they ruin, and our children they kill to support a worthless dollar.

Synder I'm surprised they didn't delete both of our posts, when we mentioned Bilderberg. I've had two dozen other posts on the subject deleted here. The way that subject is blacked out of us media coverage shows the kind of power the group wields. The founders were square and level fellows. The god of the lodge is the light bearer. Promising hidden knowledge just as he did in the garden. There's always been a hidden hand pulling the strings.

"Are you using it as a mockery of the people who present the news.."

No.. I use it as a mockery of idiot.

Can't you tell?

News flash.. No Justice Department Charges Against Ohio Woman Who Voted Six Times for Obama.

Melowese Richardson admitted on camera that she committed multiple federal felonies by voting six times for President Obama’s reelection. 410 days later and still Obama's justice dept. has done nothing.

Why? Cause that is how he got elected!

Just like the Black Panthers with clubs at Pennsylvania voting polls, it's Democrat thug nation.

Hope and change in 2014. A big Republican congress is the goal.

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