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POSTED: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 1:52pm

Bill Gertz writes President Barack Obama will sharply cut ships, aircraft, and troops as part of a major reduction of U.S. military forces that will face even steeper downsizing in 2016.

The defense cuts would reduce U.S. ground forces to their lowest level since World War II at a time when world threats are increasing.

I like what Dick Cheney told the Daily Caller, "they act as though it is like highway spending and you can turn it on and off. The fact of the matter is he is having a huge impact on the ability of future presidents to deal with future crisis that are bound to arise."

If you notice, there is always money for the presidents pet projects.

There is always money for green energy.

there is always money for more food stamps and more weeks of unemployment.

But we look at the military as if it's an accordion we can play in and out when we need it.

Governor Rick Perry was incenses of the President's tone when he told governors he was going to cut the National Guard.

To paraphrase, Mr. Perry said the President just basically said, 'you guys wanted cuts, here are the cuts.'

Although most of the real military increases the last 15 years was with the regular Army.

Some governors also felt slighted because the President knows governors control the National Guard.

There are other ways to cut across the board.

But when it gets down to it, the President will not cut social programs but is more than happy to cut money and benefits from what keeps this country safe.

That's my point view, what's yours?

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And BTW...

Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, etc... now see the USA's promises and alliances are just pieces of paper. Under Obama American won't do squat for any allies.

You are seeing the difference between an KGB boss and a 'community organizer.

You have better PRAY for some change in 2014 folks. Pray and VOTE.

Now with Russia invading another country...

Don't you see the dangers of a weak military?

Obama is a pitiful specimen of a president. Now he makes Jimmy Carter look like a statesman. Now we even miss HIM.

What happened to the NSA? Heck they spy on us but apparently they can't even predict Putin.

Hope for BIG change in 2014.

cut contracts to private corporations who do laundry, food service, manufacture uniforms and security. Who ever came up with the idea of contracting out the security of a military base either here or in any other part of the world is a fool when we trasin men and women in the military to secure our nation. They should be able to secure all American interest any where in the world.

It's because you're irrelevant that you are allowed to make a comment here. Grow a brain.


Are you saying it isn't Bush's fault?

Pete accurately describes the constitutional process, but incompletely addressed the historical fact that Congress never rejects a Pentagon appropriation no matter what party is in control, and Dave rocks-out on Raytheon while Brown & Root gets Kenyan Kool-Aid but no shovels.

I like Eisenhower's farewell address. He says "for the price of one battleship we can build a modern high school" , "for the price of one aircraft carrier we can build a modern hospital". Lets build Americas infrastructure for a change. Bechtel and Brown & Root cant get no bid contracts on highway contracts. That's the real reason Neal and his neo con man buddies are squawking so loud.

Dave, by now you know how the game is played under our financial dictatorship. I never knew you were a fan of the Stones; I "can't get no" satisfaction either, but I try.

Vulgar comment

ROFL = what a 15 yr.old adds to their comment.

One big problem for the POTUS detractors is their belief that the President does all the stuff they love to hate by himself...hate to tell you misguided trolls, but Congress and the Senate hold sway over budgets, programs, allocations, cuts, "pork" projects, the economy, etc. You just might take a moment to find out exactly who makes all the determinations that you hate so much...look carefully at the repub/teatrolls in Congress, first.

You make a good point Pete. The brainwashed masses never stop to ask who holds the purse strings. I propose anti plagiarism legislation for all bills passed. Much of the legislation passed wasn't written by a Congress member. Some of it was written entirely by special interest or lobbyist, and passed without even being read. Like the Patriot Act, and TARP bailout were. Force the author of the legislation to attach his name to it. If we did this, most of the garbage legislation would stop.

I have no real objection to a military cut. Like every gov't agency, there is fraud and waste. My objections to the policy is in the way they want to do it and that every other agency including SS, food stamps, AFDC or TANF which ever it's listed, EPA etc. are not being cut but rather expanded. So cutting the military will have no measurable effect but to weaken our position overseas and our enemies. Odumer thinks holding out an olive branch to our enemies will create peace. He's an idiot.

If T. Roosevelt would have had Gertz in his time the saying would have been, "March loudly and carry the biggest stick".Gertz makes a living selling fear,mostly aimed at China, but in lieu of the US spending 7 times what China spends on their military,that fear is unfounded. As in Syria, the Ukraine, N. Africa, Venezuela and Columbia our true military expenditure is not reported in any budget, ie it is unreported what we pay the Syrian Rebels. The cuts will not effect our subversive activities.

Nell, they can't. Why?

Cause Democrats have found there are more votes in the welfare crowd than in the military.

See it's like Rome. They throw bread crumbs at the poor to keep them voting for them.

Notice Obama extended welfare permanently (Clinton, in one of his few good turns, made it limited.)

So they find buying off the welfare crowd, especially in this jobless recovery, to be the only way to keep them voting democrat.

Hope for change in 2014. Unemploy the democrats for a chang.

you are so stupid it is funny nb

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