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POSTED: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 7:08pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 1:36pm

When Dwight Eisenhower was supreme commander during WW2 for Europe, he once again displayed brilliance.

After the concentration camps were discovered, he ordered nearby townspeople to not only help with disposing of the bodies and made sure people walked though the places of death, look and say these images were true.

He ordered film be taken of the carnage. He knew one day others would come along and claim the holocaust, the extermination was a hoax.

Well, it's happening.

The Blaze reports, with Howerton as the writer, the Rialto School District in California is under fire over a stunning 8th grade assignment that asked students to write an argumentative essay about the Holocaust and "whether or not you believe this was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth."

Excuse me?

The San Bernardino Sun first reported on the 18-page assignment that gives students three sources to use to write their essays. One of the sources reportedly alleges the gassings in concentration camps were a "hoax" and there is no evidence Jews actually died in gas chambers.

Well, at first, no big deal until the media finally picked up the story and now it's exploding. Now the common core folks are going to revise the assignment.

In a statement issued Monday, the school district said Interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam would meet with administrators to make sure references to the Holocaust "not occurring" are taken out of current assignments and not included in future assignments.

Critical thinking skills are one thing, but to even place a doubt about this morbid event in children's minds is unconscionable.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Was the source for the Holocaust denial Fox News ? They seem to be into every wild conspiracy theory you can imagine!! This WAS a bad assignment. You can teach critical thinking with a dozen other issues! How about one more current, Global Warming? Lots of debate there to sift through. Holocaust is a pretty sensitive issue, just like slavery ! DUMB on someone's part.

"How strangely the Tools of a Tyrant to pervert the plain meaning of words." In this instance it is the rewriting of history and they count on parent's distraction.

My father-in-law spoke many times of his experiences during WW II. He helped free the Jews at Buchenwald. The holocaust did happen. To bad our fighting men and women in WW II could not help the innocent unborn in America. More innocent lives have been lost through abortion than were ever lost in the holocaust or wars.

Holocaust denial is a crime in Canada, England, Germany, and Spain. Sounds like Neal wants the thought police in America too. I suspected him as a fascist. But no one talks about the 20 million prisoners Hitler killed. 14 million don't even get honorable mention. And compared to Stalin's 30 million , or Mao's 60 million victims, Hitler was a rookie. 6 million dead get top billing over 104 million other religious and political deaths. History should be taught in schools, not bigotry.

I don't know where these people get the idea that the holocaust didn't happen. Apparently from the same place that holds that Hitler didn't start WWII, that Auschwitz was a Jewish resort until the end of the war, and that Christ was blond haired, blue-eyed of European decent.
That being said, I actually think even though it should be reserved for a higher grade level it is a good assignment. It would teach research, debate, critical thinking skills and arm them w/ the truth about the holocaust.

Holocaust denial shouldn't surprise you too much. There's a large demographic in the US that still thinks waterboarding isn't torture. Most US citizens don't know or won't accept that the last 2 administrations have engaged in human rights violations. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, and their legal counsel have all been convicted of war crimes in absentia, by a Malaysian court. A lot of people are in denial about the facts. Wheres the outrage over current human rights abuses by our government?

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