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POSTED: Monday, February 25, 2013 - 10:03pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 4:47pm


It's sequestration week.

We got our marching orders like the rest of the media did this morning.

The white house sending out a list of all the things in your that which will dry up and blow away unless the president gets his way on Friday.

I say let all this play our.

Sequestration was a financial game of chicken the president came up with two years ago.

Now, he's blaming it on the republicans.

Last week we got the preliminary reports which stated the Tyler and Longview airport would be crippled.

We called the public information office for the city of Tyler and she told us that was far from the case.

Even if their air traffic control towers are closed it could be handled from other places.

Here is what this is all about.

Some of you are in business and you should really get this.

The federal government  has a budget of 3.5 trillion dollars.

The cuts..and they are not even cuts..they are reduction in the rate of spending
are being cut.

This amounts to about 2.5% of the federal budget going away.


what business can't move some money around and work with that?

It's nothing.

35%  of the federal budget is discretionary

That can readjust that too.

If you were in business you'd have to.


This is the sacred cow, the federal government.

It projects, runs over, makes a mess, burps on itself and just needs more money.

All those police officers and firemen you see this week that the president will be using as props
behind him...most are paid with local money.

We can do better than this.

That's my point of view what's yours?

you can email me at or Facebook me at ketk Neal Barton.

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If you haven't the courage to fight back against a government gone awry then let it be known that you support those that will.

I'd feel better about all this if Big Bird and Oscar were standing behind Obama instead of the first responders. It would sure make more sense to me.

Obama said we need a balanced approach. of spending cuts and tax increases. He got his tax increases, but as of yet no spending cuts. Now to balance the budget they say we need another tax increase with spending cuts. Anyone believe we'll get any spending cuts with the yet another tax increase. A runner can run faster carrying extra weight, if he's not running fast enough, just add more weight, it'll make him run faster. Such is the view of our federal economists.

"....We got our marching orders like the rest of the media did this morning." - Just like you got your marching orders to black-out Ron Pauls campaign ? I wonder what socialist media hack in Washington decides what we hear and what we DON"T hear. Neal makes a Freaudian slip.

I'm all for the Sequester! 100 percent for it!

Obama is now even using, on the White House website, federal departments that have gone out of business YEARS ago, saying they would be hurt. Cut the budget!!

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