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Mexico being Mexico


POSTED: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 5:46pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 7:19pm

The drama continues in south Texas.

Falcon Lake, which used to be a mecca for bass fisherman, is now becoming the scene of an international incident.

A couple from Colorado was jet skiing on that lake- not a smart thing to do. But, then again they were newcomers to the area and may not have known just how dangerous it is.

A while back 5 bass fishermen were approached by a boat with "game wardin" painted on it...warden spelled "w-a-r-d-i-n". They ran away and should have.

Mexico is now being Mexico.

After the woman's husband was allegedly shot my Mexican pirates, there is no trace of the jet ski or the man's body. Mexico says they don't have the money to search. We said we do. But they still won't let us.

Now governor Rick Perry is calling for a tough respond from the U.S.. Which probably means with this group in power, no response.

President of Mexico Felipe Calderon is happy scolding the U.S. in the House chamber because he doesn't like our Arizona law is sitting on his hands and not doing anything. He scolds us, but his country right now is a mess and he can't get it done. But he does find the time to come here and throw himself right in the middle of an American political fight.

Neither Mexico or America can turn their head to this border violence. Something has to be done.

While politicians worry about offending a voting block, innocent Mexicans and Americans are getting killed, or living a life of fear. And living in fear of your life isn't like living at all.

Maybe we can install solar panels for the border patrol. That may get the current administration involved.

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Please, please secede! It would be so good for the country to lose texas... you can maintain your own roads, educate your children, I'm sure it will work out great! And if the drug cartels decide that makes texas a prime target for accession, hey you guys have guns, right? You don't need no stinkin military to protect you-- i think that is a SUPER idea... secede now! woohoo!

Why would we need a military when the Texas National Gaurd is the 4th largest army in the world?
And what state are you from that you think your taxes are disproportionate enough to repair our highways or fund our education system?
Pull your head out of your butt!
If we ever do secede the first thing we'd do is apply for membership in OPEC and who do you think is going to piss that organization off? Not the Obama administration.

One Riot,,,,One Ranger,,,,Texas Ranger

We have over 50% of the military industrial complex, half the space Centers and more Oil than we need, self sufficient in food production,,,,,the men are still men and the sheep are not nervous here. Enjoy that cold winter up there,,,maybe you can burn cow pies to heat your homes, while you and your Liberal Progressive President can fend off the Muslim radicals by slinging mud at them, which is the main weapon in your arsenal.

Texas is involved in her first international skirmish of the 21st century. Maybe the 2nd should be secession. If you can't enumerate the basic rights & privileges afforded to us by the USA, maybe it's time to just do it all ourselves. The third international skirmish would be Texas winning a war against Mexico...oh, we already did that, didn't we.

Right on the money Charles! This could be Texas' first international skirmish of the 21st century. The second could be our secession from the USA. If we can't enumerate any advantages to being in the USA union, why bother?

Never let a crisis go to waste, Certainly the Obamanites can create some new scheme to raise our taxes to fix the border. It's all they have in their empty bag of governing. When in doubt,,,TAX TAX TAX. Why not try something less costly, like employing our already on the payroll armed services to the border to do what they do best, shoot down the invading barbarian vandals.

Washington DC is more concerned about suing Texas for carbon taxes then providing border security. Of what value are state rights if secession is not an option?

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