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More blow back to come


POSTED: Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 6:02pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 3:57pm

We are from the government and we are here to help, or in other words, not help:

"We're here now to tell you how to live, what to eat and now deem what insurance you have to have. Never mind many of you were happy with what you had."-The Government

The blow back from the crummy website has been immense. And there will be more blow back once the website finally works and folks see the raw deal they are getting.

Who is this president or band of bureaucrats to decide if your plan is "up to snuff?" Did they not expect anyone to raise heck about this?

The lapdog national media finally came awake after a five-year nap. I think soon they will go back to sleep.

Yes, it was NBC, which actually practiced journalism, and said after the president went all over the place for years saying you can keep your doctor and insurance, the Department of Health and Human Services re-wrote the law.

The president still went out and said there were no changes.

Now, their new strategy is to blame all the chaos on the evil insurance companies. But, it was the administration who changed the rules forcing them to do that.

Sebelious said yesterday, "If there was a $5 change, your policy changed."

And now, since the government is involved with almost 50 percent of the insurance companies, they are trying to intimidate the insurance folks and get them to shut up.

I think we are just now at the front steps of a furious electorate.

We have not even knocked on the door, yet.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The State of Texas just announced it's plans for providing health care to the 24% of Texans that have no coverage. Wait until they all drop dead.

Really hot off the press.

Sebelious interviewed on Fox, she says she HAD to turn on the website Oct 1. But then the Fox host shows her the Obamacare law that says SHE has the authority to say when the signup starts.

Yes there was no Oct. deadline except the one Sebelious made.

Now you see how clueless Obama and Co. are?

Hope for change in 2014. Six Democrat senators who voted for Obamacare are up for reelection.

What's the difference between Obamacare and Prohibtion ? More people supported Prohibition.

Prohibition was passed and signed into law by a republican congress and a republican president.

Republicans have always had policies that tried to tell people what to do on social issues, they think it is the governments job to be in everyones personal lives. The republicans Prohibition also hurt our economy too and had a part in creating the republicans Great Depression of the 20s and 30s.

You're not keeping up with the news Neal. It has now come to light that the website was changed to a phishing site, requiring financial disclosures before allowing access, weeks before rollout. Extremely low website participation caused this media charade of computer glitches. It is no accident that low enrollment coincides with 12 million insurance termination notices mailed-out last week. Media never reports the news, it covers govt.'s backside.

Hot off the press. SIX people sign up for Obamacare... first day! And now most of the ones who have signed up are MEDICAID (as in free) people.

And Obamacare website is DOWN for 'big fix'.

Expect 50 percent of the people forced off their health care policies. With higher premiums and no money to pay them you are looking at the next depression (we are still in a recession now, as anyone who knows the job market.)

Yes more lay offs and bankruptcies. And that's a fact.

Hope for change in 2014.

People didn't want 'quality' policies that cost $$$ MORE. They wanted to keep THEIR POLICIES.

But Obama LIED and told everyone time and time again,"you can keep your policy and doctor, PERIOD."

Now many people who cannot afford a 50 to 100 percent increase in cost will have to find someway to ether get the money or just not enroll and pay the penalty (and alot of them won't.)

That will bankrupt Obamacare.

50 to 100 percent increase in cost ??????????

LMFAO....deaf where did you get those figures from.......LOL

CBS, NBC, CNN. It's been in the news and not just FOX. But apparently you only pay attention to leftist blogs and this station.

I have seen only so called conservative so called news outlets clame 100% increase in premiums but those are only CLAIMS and have no FACTUAL BASES OR PROOF of what they are claiming.


Texas? ACA site is down. Only SIX people have actually applied and made it through (according to the White House.)

Federal Government has ADMITTED that over 50 percent of the people will be CANCELED by their insurance because the federal rules force the insurance companies to drop that insurance policy. This FORCES over 50 percent of the people to purchase HIGHER COST policies.

Obama LIED when he said you could keep your policy and doctor. Lied 100 percent.

Hope for change in 2014.

LOL.....You say 6 SJ said 2 who is lying deaf?

People without insurance do not have to sign uo till March, guess you are mad because they didn't sign up when you thought they should. The website IS NOT Obamacare or the ACA deaf, all it is , is an insurance shopping center. People can shop till March

stupidity at its finest

24% of Texans have no insurance. Rick perry and Texas republicans refused to accept funds for expanded medicaid. When I visited the ACA site it said I qualified for medicaid but because my state refused to expand medicaid I was out of luck. The federal funds would have paid for coverage for people like myself until 2016. Republicans blocked my insurance coverage, not Obama. Why haven't you heard the truth from any of these talking heads? There are 6 million Texans in the same boat I am.

Obamacare passed with ONLY DEMOCRAT SUPPORT (with a few libertarians and a Rinon or two.)

This is a pure Democrat progressive scheme and should be treated as such. Only way to reverse it is to take the Senate away from the Democrats and RINOs.Then pass a repeal and if vetoed impeach Obama (with both houses in Republican and Tea Party hands it can be done.)

Remember folks, Nixon left cause he faced impeachment and Clinton was impeached but the Dems would not vote. It can be done.

Yes, yes of course Mr. Deaf, and any blind man can see what must happen to change the direction this govt., the trouble is, it never happens. WE are led in conversation by govt.'s media, denied a voice in self determination. RINO's (like McCain, Graham, and many other gerrymandered placed schmucks) are financed by AIPAC from tax dollars Americans send to Israel in foreign aid. Nothing short of bribery, AIPAC lobbyist buy key legislation directing the agenda of corporate fascism now occurring.

Clinton was NOT impeached if the Dems would not vote. One chamber of Congress can not impeach anyone no matter what party it you should have been a Doctor you are so smart.

Yes, Clinton was impeached. Look at it this way, The House is the grand Jury, Impeachment is the indictment handed down by the grand jury, and the Senate is the trial jury. Clinton, and Andrew Johnson, were indicted, impeached, by the House, but the Senate did not convict. With Clinton the vote was down party lines, with few exceptions on each side. With Johnson only one vote kept im from being removed from office.

So the he was not impeached he was charged but not convicted

Impeachment means he was charged with a crime, it doesn't mean he was convicted.

I think that it is just another slap in the face for the citizens of this country by this administration and I am beginning to think that America is asleep as well. What has happened to the people of this once great country, they have lost their voice and forgotten what it means to be an American, they would rather be told what to do and when to do it rather than make that decision for themselves, like convicts in prison striped of their rights, except Americans are doing it voluntarily. Sheep.


So now you see Obama regulations force insures to drop coverage case their insurance polices don't meet the 'requirements'. Over 5 million dropped so far (but they KNEW in 2010 50 percent would be dropped!) All the while Obama lied and healthcare policies died!

Next few years expect them to up the requirements and more insurance companies drop millions.

Now Obama has a 'shop if you are dropped' shtick.

Pity we can't do the same for him in the next election.

Hope for change in 2014!

Obama regulations are not forcing any insurer to drop coverage any coverage. The insurers could have added the coverage without dropping any policy and the Insurers decided to drop those policies.

How many people would have been kicked off of their policies due to pre-exisiting conditions

With all the video outtakes of Obama saying we can keep our insurance, Jay Carney is trying to convince the media he never said it.
And it seems more like cookie cutter coverage. Ten standards that must be met like maternity coverage for seniors, bachelors and women who've had hysterectomies, prostate coverage for women just for two examples. I've learned through experience the "one size fits all" fits nearly nothing or no one

You had no right to keep your insurance prior to ObamaCare, insurance companies and employers have always dropped policy holders even if the policy holder did not like it and as for keeping your doctor, DO Y'ALL REALLY BELIEVE THAT OBAMA WAS GOING TO FORCE YOUR DOCTOR NOT TO RETIRE IF HE OR SHE WANTED TO?

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