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POSTED: Friday, August 15, 2014 - 6:04pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 11:36am

The name of the officer who shoot the teen in Missouri name was announced Friday. I'm still not sure why.

Something else reported, the teen was made out by some locals and agitators to be a sweet guy, but he was caught on surveillance tape right before he was shot dead.

On that tape, he was in a store stealing a box of cigars. When approached by the clerk, the teen roughed up the clerk. This throws a wrench into the story some are trying to sell.

We still need to know if the shooting was justified, but it does fly in the face of the story being sold that the teen threw up his hands and the cop shoots in cold blood.

The cop's story is the young man fought with the police officer and was trying to get the officers gun. If that is the case, that police officer has the right to fight for his life by whatever means necessary.

If you are a police office and this happens to you, you have no idea if the person is trying to take you down or others.You don't know.

As I said yesterday, there is always more to the story that those who jet in and start running their mouths tell you. Now, there are calls to demilitarize the police departments.

Maybe I'm naive, but I want officers to have bigger and badder guns than the bad guys. You challenge i getting the right people to be officers and have that much firepower.

Rent the motion picture Heat. It's inspired by the north Hollywood bank robberry in 1997 in which police and the FBI were outgunned by thugs with better weaponry than .38 special or 9 mil.

A similar incident happened with Fred during a shootout in Florida years ago. Two former military guys who took on the feds outgunned peace officers.

All the politicians right now need to shut their pie hole.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Even if they had deaf what is the difference in a Soros donating to a foundation to push their political agenda and the koch brothers donating to a foundation to push their political agenda? It does not change the FACT that a republican prosecutor took evidence that he gathered to a republican dominated GJ and they found that Perry needed to be charged with 2 felonies. So if perry has nothing to hide lets go to trial

Well deaf I searched the Mother jones web page and found nothing that Soros funds the Piper Fund (Proteus Foundation) or the Texans for Public Justice. I also went to the Ft. Worth Star and Investmentwatch and that is a BLOG post and found no proof of what you claim. A BLOG post you really believe that someones opinion in a BLOG is actual FACT? I also researched the IRS 990 form filed by Proteus Foundation & found that they have not received any funds form soros or the Open Society F

George Soros's Open Society Foundations, according to Mother Jones lists, 12 have received money from Soros.
Piper Fund (Proteus Foundation) $10,710,000 <---
Center for American Progress $7,300,000
People for the America Way $4,200,000
... etc..

And Piper, among others, donated to Texans for Public Justice.

Ft. Worth Star and Investmentwatch has lots about it.
It's an easy google don.

There are about 4 Piper foundations deaf, and none of them according to the 990 forms that they have filed show any funds from Soros. Post a link to any proof that you have.

The Piper Foundation is Soros don.

He funds it.

Wrong again deaf,Soros? LOL
Total income to the Public Justice Foundation in 2013: $194,949.
Grants to Texans for Public Justice 20013: $210,000.*
Funding is provided by individual contributors and foundation grants. PJFT does not accept government or corporate grants.Foundation support was provided by:The Piper Foundation, The Open Society Foundations, The Sunlight Foundation,The Winkler Foundation, Good Jobs First & Contributions from individual Texas donors.Copies of IRS Forms 990 are pos

The food is great at Garcia's in Matamoros and at Arturo's in Progresso deaf but you will not be able to get into Arturo's with thos T-Shirts that you wear because it is a classy place. Arturo's is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

Why don't you go down there yourself deaf , you don't have to believe me but I bet that you are too scared to go not man enough. You are all hot air and no do.

Hey don.. did you go all along the border?

10 miles, 100?

I bet you didn't even get near it.

News flash: Texans for Public Justice, the ones pushing the Rick Perry case.. are FUNDED BY convicted felon George Soros.

Yes the Nazi colaborator who became a billionare super liberal is the one behind the attack on Gov. Perry.


Deaf Perry really has stepped in it now. He should have simply vetoed funding for the unit without giving an explanation until AFTER the veto. Then he could have given his reason as Rosemary Lehman has been convicted of a misdemeanor so I withdrew funding. No one could have done anything.

Instead he coerced a special prosecutor to resign, and used funding as a means of coercion and that is illegal. A Perry appointee chose the republican judge that led the investigation. He did commit a felony

excessive force is never justified.

I went down to the US / Mexico border this last weekend and did not see one National Guard troop on the job nor were any of the DPS check stations that we the Texas Tax Payers paid for open. Why isn't our criminal governor and chief LEO Atty. Gen. greg abutt doing their jobs and making sure the DPS are stationed at these check points?

this has turned into trayvon martin all over again.maybe it's just me but did anyone else notice that the family had a lawyer speaking for them the day after the shooting? that just screams innocent doesn't it. and we really need to thank the brainiac that released the officers name for just adding fuel to the flame as they say.

The Officers' job is to be a public servent not a judge , jury & executioner. He is paid with the publics $ & the public has a right to know who he is like it or not. Police these days do not see themselves as servents just as I observed an elderly lady on 155 S. a few weeks ago with a flat tire and a DPS officer sat in his car several 100 yards away watching her attempt to change her tire without any attempt to serve her and keep her safe even by pulling behind her & turning his lights on.

I understand the people of Ferguson being angry and demanding justice. But the rioting, looting and property damage done by the rioters is not the way. They claim they want justice, but they have harmed innocent shop owners. They are only justifying the racism the racists have toward them.

I agree jp

Everyone understands that simply putting your hands on a cop can get you an assault charge. Pushing or striking a cop WILL get you an assault charge. Reaching for a cops gun can and probably will get you shot.

The real problem here is a media that goes off half cocked and creates rumors simply to get the scoop. Conspiracy theorist then take this network footage and create insane probabilities based on lies and rumors. The FCC should start revoking licenses!

I bet the youth thought the cop was gonna arrest him for the robbery and that is why he fought him.

And today, thugs when to the store where the robbery took place and looted it. Trying to keep them shut up so they won't bring any more bad stuff up that explains why the kid fought the cop.

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