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More on the amnesty..uhh..immigration bill


POSTED: Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 5:06pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 12:42pm

Looks like public support for the “Gang of 8” amnesty, uhh, the immigration bill is starting to lose support.

That means Harry Reed, in the U.S. Senate, has sped up the process of trying to hammer it through before people actually know what's in it.

One thing not in it is closing the borders.

You have Marco Rubio, the new Senate stooge, who is walking around telling Conservative talk, the bill secures border and then comes immigration.

But, he told something different to a Spanish speaking audience.

Border fences after immigration.

And John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

What can you say about them?

Well, I could say something, but my mother is watching and the FCC would shut down the TV station.

All the Washington insiders are saying is that if the Republicans don't fall in line and vote for this bill, they will never win the White House again.

Funny, most of the empathy coming from Democrats.

Do they care if the Republicans ever win again?

The amnesty bill weighs 24 pounds.

We're almost being told we have to pass it so we can read it.

Let me make this clear.

I am not opposed to legal immigration.

Some of the biggest contributors to our country came from distant lands.

But, they came wanting to be Americans to have the American dream,

They came willing to assimilate, not to hop on “Obamacare” the minute the ink is dry.

Barbara Boxer wants to take money away from border security to spend it on immigration health care.

Remember, the word you hear on TV is 11-million immigrants.

In reality, after they invite their relatives, it's 30-million.

That’s a tenth of the population.

Before we start any immigration bill, the first thing which needs to be done is fix the border.

Then, debate can start.

That's my point of view, what’s yours?

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What both parties are going to do is pass an amnesty bill. The motivation for passing a bill that 80% of America does not want passed is simple. The corporations that donate to candidates in Texas want cheap labor. Obama care has an exemption for non citizens. If you hire a legal alien you don't have to provide them health care, if you hire an American citizen you do.
We need to do what Mexico has done make illegal entry a felony punishable by up to 2 years in prison. Quid pro quo!

Deport those here and place large fines on those who hire them. Hiding your illegals is the same as hiding a terriost. treat them as terriost against america. If they wish to come to america we have legal ways to do it and that is our law. They are breakling the law so they have no respect for our country. If the country needs help I klnow of over a million people who will help if not more.

But border security will never happen because some of the "smartest" people in office are IDIOTS !

Amen to that!!!!!!

Why we sure can't let all them undocumented Democrats be thrown out, right?

I mean the IRS tried so hard to help Obama be re-elected and here is a chance to get lots of more votes with all these illegals! Just turn them from undocumented Democrats to honest folk!

It appears as if both sides are trying to use this bill to chase Mexican votes. GOP' are trying to look Mexican friendly, Dem's want to use it to paint GOP's as anti-Mexican. Difference though, the GOP will want them to move up the economic scale, while DEMs will want the to join the permanent poverty class so they can threaten to take away benefits if they don't vote Democrat.

...and without the illegals sending their dollars back to Mexico this nation would be consumed in double digit inflation.- that's why Obuckwheats infrastructure stimulus never worked, the paychecks all went to illegals and were sent to Mexico via Western Union...

Wow, and my comments get flagged for removal for pointing out errors in syntax and spelling of the reporters, yet they allow racist, bigoted comments like this on the KETK website? Wow.

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