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More senate gymnastics on immigration bill

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POSTED: Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 4:54pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 11:25am

There was more political gymnastics today when it come to the Senate immigration bill.

John Cornyn's 90 percent "Retention at the Border" amendment got shot down.

Democrats want to try and have 90 percent capture while Conservatives want a firm 90 percent capture before they vote for anything else.

The slippery one, Marco Rubio, has now decided to team with Cornyn and says he will vote against the bill.

I called John Cornyn's office on Wednesday and asked if he was was going to vote for the bill.

I was told no.

Today, I called and asked was Cornyn going to vote against the bill and they told me, "It looks that way."

It looks that way? They don't know?

In fairness, they finally sent this:

"Sen. Cornyn is re-filing his amendments into separate amendments in an attempt to improve the bill. He has previously said if his amendments are not accepted, he will not vote for the bill."

House Speaker John Boehner says he won't bring the bill forth unless he has the votes to pass it.

Tyler representative, Louie Gohmert, basically said on Wednesday, he still thinks Boehner could pull a stunt to get it through the House.

To me, Ted Cruz is the only one making sense when he said this Wednesday:

"In 1986 the federal government made a promise to the American people. The federal government said we will grant amnesty to some three-million people here illegally. In exchange, we will secure the borders. We will stop illegal immigration, we will fix the problem. The American people accepted that offer. What happened in 1986 was the amnesty happened, three million people received it, and yet the border security never did."

It's like when Reagan agreed for all those tax cuts back then.

The Democrats got their increases, he never got the cuts.

This bill is not very well thought out.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Has our government put to the side the word ILLEGAL when it comes to immigrants? Recently there was a newscast stating illegal immigrants getting DUI's and being put back on the street without a mention of deportation. Much worse, unless they get 3 DUI's they are still eligible for the "easy" pass to become a citizen! They do not pay taxes and get free health care! I think I would like to become an ILLEGAL!! Our government has totally lost perspective of common sense!

They can get 3 DWI's and still become a citizen and the third conviction is a felony.

In that time when the Black Plague raged across Europe there was no need to explain why a persons house was burned, all knew it was to prevent the spread of the disease, an enemy unseen, and thusly, the overall good of the community. As this nation abandons it's constitution, eliminates it's borders, adherers to no budget, provokes war throughout the world, is there anyone of us who knows why ? What is this unseen enemy that attacks our land, where do we begin the fires to save our nation ?

The US is obviously not capable of enforcing the immigration laws currently on the books. They simply haven't allocated the resources needed. There is no indication that the current congress is even going try to solve the situation. It's all comic opera to divert your attention from fiscal cliff 2 coming in September.
The Texas delegation doesn't care that 64% of their constituents oppose amnesty. They are going to continue the flow of cheap labor at our expense.

Where is any jobs legislation or legislation to eliminate the NSA or the patriot act from this moron.


The answer is obvious.

A) Just like most other countries, including Mexico, make it a CRIME to cross the border without proper papers. Yes Mexico gives a one year sentence to illegals. Ok, give illegals a 1 year sentence to a chain gang cleaning up county and state roads.

B) Give Coyotes, who are human traffickers, TEN YEARS of hard labor.

C) Build the boarder fence!

Do all three and watch the illegal flow drop (and crime rate go down.)

Simple, no?

And you are crying now about paying taxes so tell me, are you willing to pay more taxes to keep these people locked up? Just because you can't see them on the streets does not eliminate the cost of putting them in prison.

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