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Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 11:22am
Neal Barton's POV

More VA mess

More VA mess

POSTED: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 7:37pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 1, 2014 - 5:15pm

Another VA scandal today . one is hustling to fix this. It's been a mess for as long as I remember.

Secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel, today finally wants to look into it.

What's so hard?

Give our vets what they deserve.
Many government employees work those jobs for the excellent benefits which go along with them.

Our service folks work the ultimate government jobs.

Jobs..we all need one and when we are through we keep them on a string for more than 100 days to see a doctor.

I heard politicians Duncan Hunter and John McCain say this...and it's a good idea..

Print three different colored plastic cards.

Those who are having a few problems get the white cards. Those who need more care get red card. Those who are really in bad shape get a blue one.

Go to the VA.

If they start tap dancing you ought to be able to walk in into any private hospital in the country and show one of those cards and you go to the front of the line.

The general they put in charge of the VA is there for political most political appointees.

He may have risen to the point of general but, like most politicians, he couldn't run a lemonade stand.

It's time to appoint people who can run something, to actually run something.

It's obvious for most of my lifetime political hacks have run the VA system.

It's been all about appearance and not service.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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I never liked the Bushes or their policies. I voted for the lesser of two evils in my mind. I can't vote Liberiterian although I agree with some of their views. The democruts are way out too liberal for me to consider. The last good candidate they ran for president in my mind was John Kennedy and I was too young to vote for him. In my mind the only real President in my lifetime has been Regan. Many time I have selected the lesser of two evils. Point is I do vote every time.

Town Idiot,
Once again you earn your name. While anyone would agree that Congress is full of a bunch of do nothing politicians, you forget that your president along with the presidents from LBJ to the present day have ignored the VA hospitals as well as the other needs of our vets. Having said that and I'm blaming Obdumass because he is your president(not mine, I didn't vote for him and neither did one member of our family but he is the POUS and therefore it is his administration and responsib

anyone calling themselves a texas cowboy in the 21st c has a lot of growing up to do.
I don't deal with immature racists with underdeveloped brains.
I recommend you stop addressing me because your ignored.
I've dealt with your type before and you have no morals, ethics, or honor.
you're right at home here with the likes of Nell who is cut from the same cloth.
I put my 2 cents in and laugh at all the crazy responses.
you try to put labels on everyone but you are dead wrong.
I laugh at that too!

So hope for change in 2014. Vote all REPUBLICANS out. Do it for OUR VETS!

Report: Problems Still Plague Illinois VA Hospital

A 2008 investigation found that at least nine patients died because of surgical mistakes and poor post-surgical care at the VA hospital in Marion, which is in southern Illinois. That report made recommendations to improve conditions at the facility.

Who was President in 2008???

Stenholm Sees Hope for Lubbock Area Veterans Hospital
Lubbock, TX, Avalanche-Journal ^ | 08-24-04 | Chandler, Cory
Big Spring's VA hospital, currently faced with the budgetary ax.

Republicans and Bush cutting benefits for veterans in 2004 while they had total control of both houses of congress and the oval office

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center neglect scandal resulted from a series of allegations of unsatisfactory conditions, treatment of patients, and management at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington, D.C. culminating in two articles published by The Washington Post in February 2007. Several cases of patient neglect and shoddy living conditions were reported as early as 2004.

By The Associated Press

May 5, 2002

Kansas City, Mo. — As part of a nearly $10 million cleanup effort, workers are painting and scrubbing the Veterans Hospital where maggots once infested the noses of two comatose patients....

Tell us deaf what george WMD LIAR bush did for our Vets and Service men and women besides getting more than 4000 killed based on lies and thousands wounded and crippled based on lies? Tell us deaf what george h w bush or the first Trillion $ spending reagan did for vets?

If I am correct, Harry Truman, Democratic President from 1945 - 1952 had a sign on his desk, "The Buck Stops Here." Barack Odumass is the POTUS. He is considered in most circles to be the leader of the free world. Are you going to stand there and tell me that none of the problems or scandals from Bengazzi to the VA and everything in between is not his fault. It is his administration and he is in charge. Therefore, a person of reasonable intelligence would assume he is at fault.

We all know the buck never stopped with any republatard president don't we tcc? george wmd liar bush was never man enough to tell the truth or accept responsibility for his failure including the scandals from the 63 Americans killed in embassy attacks around the world or the VA and everything in between was not his fault. It was his administration and he was in charge. Therefore, a person of reasonable intelligence would assume he was at fault then and still at fault for not fixing the VA then

VA provides basic health care. Have you heard of lasix eye surgery for cataracts? Va doesn't do that. Have you heard of using ballons and stints for heart attack patients? VA doesn't do that. A vet is far better off with private insurance or medicaid. Simply because you get the latest and best treatment. Things VA doesn't do. If you have a service related injury you get pretty good care. If you don't have a service related injury you get a lower level of access.


The Republicans control the house so they, by rules, do get more people on the committees. Pelosi did the same thing back when the Democrats controlled the house four years ago. Duh...

And you are just blaming Congress. Who was president for those six years idiot? Duh... And he still is president (and says he is not 'weak'.) Duh...

Hope for change in 2014. Look to see both houses Republican and more Tea Party members in office and maybe we will have some REAL CHANGE.


If you love the way the VA handles patients, then you will LOVE the way Obamacare will do the same thimg.

Go look at the 'universal health care' in UK or Canada. Deteriorating hospitals, massive lack of doctors, long waiting lines.

That is the face of OBAMACARE.

Hope for change in 2014. Look to see both houses Republican and more Tea Party members in office.

6 years of Do Nothing Kongress & we get crisis after crisis!
Here's a link to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs.
14 Repubs
11 Dems
Dems are outvoted.
4 subcommittees
Subcommittee on Oversight & Investigations
VA Inspector General
Kongress isn't doing it's job.
It's the "good ol' boy" system run amock until the lid blows off.
Why isn't Kongress taking action BEFORE a problem arises?
Vets have served our country & deserve decent care.
ketk should investigate.

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