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Mr. President, leave the schools alone


POSTED: Friday, August 23, 2013 - 5:44pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 2:12pm

I like it when President Obama goes on vacation because he's playing golf with the beautiful people and not trying to get into my business.

Now, he has a new idea.

He wants to get the Feds into the nation's college system more than they already are.

CNS News reports, when the president was in New York, Thursday, campaigning or whatever he was doing, he dropped this little sugar plum:

"Speaking at the University of Buffalo, the president unveiled an ambitious new plan for the federal government to create a national rating system That system will define what a good college is."

You get that? The president wants to define what a good college is.

This rating system would financially reward or punish colleges depending on how they rank in the government's system.

Well. who runs the government? Bureaucrats and many of whom lean left.

He said he intends to have the rating system in placed by the fall of 2015 and intends to work with Congress to enact legislation linking federal aid to colleges to the rating system. As outlined by Obama, this rating system would look at essentially materialistic and financial characteristics of a college as opposed to intellectual and moral ones.

It's all about government control.

Just like healthcare.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Well Obama also want's law school to be a 2 year junior collage.. what a crock from this 'Constitutional Scholar' of a president.

Government rating for collages? All the government should do is protect the borders and keep order. Collages have existed long before our government just as factories and banks. Alot of our government 'services' cost far more than if privately ran (look at the USPS for an example, or heck the IRS and it's 'Obamacare' delays.)

We don't need a new government rating.

I'm back in college at 50. School has changed since I last attended in 1998. The biggest problems I see are a lack of work ethic in younger students and a flawed definition of ethics by some professors.
Basing ethics on the prevailing views of the society I live in is flawed. Many people in the US believe water boarding isn't torture. Following this view would make me guilty of war crimes in an international court. Following Gods directions makes better sense.

Your opinions are obviously conservative GOP; if not Tea Party. My comment? Yeah, like the schools are doing fine with the status quo! NOT! Those that are for, and I'll be generous here, small government seem to forget that a country cannot function without government programs and regulations. I'm a senior citizen who is attending college again for another degree and I can tell you the status quo is NOT working.

It's not conservative ideals failing our schools and universities. It's the liberal ideals of social promotion, lack of discipline, political correctness that is strangling our educational systems. Just like socialism, not capitalism, is strangling our economic system. True, the status quo is not working. But the status quo is liberalism. American exceptionalism is born of limited gov't. It's been since FDR and LBJ and unlimited gov't has the U.S. began to fail.

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