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Murray the Maverick


POSTED: Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 7:11pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 4:39pm

Do you remember during the government shutdown John McCain was calling Senator Ted Cruz every name in the book.

McCain said "Obamacare" is the law and we need to abide by it.

But now, he's smelling the political hot sulfur and he's tap-dancing like Fred Astaire.

He's thinks he is some maverick leading the charge to repeal "Obamacare."

Did you see the little words across the bottom of the screen? In TV, we call that a super, a superimposed word or Chyron, the name of the company which makes it.

There he is, "Murray the Maverick," wanting to repeal "Obamacare."

But, where was his buddy Chuck Schumer?

This guy is such a fraud and what about the president today?  He is now allowing some of us to keep our policies they made the insurance companies cancel.

Well, that's unconstitutional. You cannot choose which laws to enforce, but he's trying again.

Even one of the architects of the healthcare said if they start to tinker with anything which is set up, the entire thing will melt down.

hey need the money from the young to take care of the old. But, our politicians and whole economic system is not set up that way.

And although the president is trying to play both sides against the middle, he still says he didn't mislead anyone, although he admitted today to saying, "You can keep your insurance..period."

And now, what about the insurance companies? Are they going to the trash dump and digging up all the policies they had to cancel.

Look toward Washington, D.C., you can see the flames of this thing burning from here.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Slowly Americans are beginning to wake-up to the manipulation of their fake two party govt. With media providing the narrative, this nation is agenda driven all in the while ignoring or re-writing the constitution. We don't need a new administration, we need a revolution. And since we have been striped of our rights to effectively fight back against a dishonest gov. and their media, we have found a new strength, our purse. Not just Obamacare, whatever the gov. is selling, I'm not buying.

@Idiot, Forcing by mandate any American to pay for another's healthcare is not moving forward. it's socialism. If you like that idea then, move. And if you're concerned about uninsured Texans then tell us what part of Obamacare covers the illegal who becomes a Texan by walking across the border?

So Sheila Jackson, you are saying that forcing me to pay higher insurance premiums to cover those freeloaders without insurance is socialism?
what part of Obamacare covers the illegal ? None, proof of citizenship is required in the sign up process. Not very smart are you?

Not ObamaCare it requires proof of US Citizenship.

Might ask the Republicans because it was them and ronnie reagan who passed and signed that into law in 1986.

Right, Deaf, because only non-partisan people call call others 'RINO' and call their Republican-ness into question. Your professed impartiality lacks any sort of credibility.

But I was actually talking about you hoping America fails. That's what people like you do; they hope for the US to fail so they can stand back and mouth about how terrible things are. You're too busy pointing out how everybody is doing it wrong to offer any useful suggestions. Let's say we repeal the ACA. OK, what then?


Apparently you think party affiliation trumps all.

My country is fare more important that Democrat .vs. Republican (or libertarian or Tea Party or any particular party.)

Sadly people like you will sell out their country for their party (or their UNION.)

This country was based on union, haven't you read the founding documents?

Wow. All conservatives seem to be good for is mewling about attempts to fix problems while offering no solutions of their own. It disgusts me to see poseurs wrapping themselves in the flag while gleefully cheering for our failure. With friends like you who needs enemies? You'll even turn on your own.

I guess you didn't hear the solution being offered since day 1, keep government out.

Not only is McCain a RINO, so is Chris Christie.

They say they are 'moderates' but we know better.

Hope for change in 2014 (and a few Republicans can be voted out with the Democrats.)

You figured that out all by yourself, how astute.

McCain is a good example of whats wrong with the republican party. They forced seniors to purchase insurance (medicare part b) under Bush and no one said anything. Christie is probably the best bet for Republicans winning in 2016. Maybe Rand Paul. Cruz and Rubio are nice for a photo op but they probably won't be acceptable to the middle. In the mean time we still have 25% of Texans uninsured.

If Christie is winning then, we've already lost. I'm sick of the fake primary selections that produce Romney's and McCain's. Our elections are a sham.

I don't like Christi I just think he has the best chance Shelia. I would prefer Ron Paul but I'll probably have to settle for Rand Paul and Amash. Neither of whom is well loved by the republican party.

Hey Idiot, you forgot to knock on wood. Your time will come and supposedly the years of paying premiums will be used to pay for your care. Insurance may get lucky and pass you onto taxpayers as a result of our last push into socialism. Medicare. The way insurance was supposed to work before they got govt. to cover their liabilities was that they invest your money making a profit. We are a nation of law, we just don't enforce the rule. Learn what actuary tables are then you'll understand.

McCain's a joke. He's a liberal in conservative clothes. I wish the people of AZ would vote him out.
Obama/Carney are out there trying to say Obama didn't say period, that he said if.
And if some reports I've heard are accurate, States would have to re-write insurance regulations in order to re-open canceled policies.

Arizona like Nevada and New Mexico has been infiltrated by Zionist refugees. Beginning with the fall of the Soviet Union and rampant under the Clinton years these immigrants (now their children) are the McCain constituents. Hidden in the tidal wave of immigrants allowed to enter unchecked into this nation, these liberal Zionist support an ethnic controlled economy and will always stand with Israel over the US.

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