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New York Times...war on women?


POSTED: Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 7:35pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 1:39pm

This is another one of those stories I had to read about three times to make sure I had it correct.

Even if you only casually follow the news, you know the New York Times is the house organ for liberalism. I've had friends of mine on the network news level whom will tell you the first thing they do each morning is read the New York Times, and many of their pitches for stories for that day came from it.

The Times is never slow to attack conservatism and some would say leads the way in moving the country forward-- their words, not mine.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Let me digress.

The New York Times is Barak Obama's champion. They didn't seem to get too annoyed when it finally was reported that women who work for the president were paid a lot lower than their male counterparts.

When pressed on the issue, White House spokesman Jay Carney basically said, we're trying to do better and it could be worse. That was the main gist.

Imagine my laughter when late Wednesday afternoon, it was revealed the first-ever woman managing editor, Jill Abramson, at the old gray lady, the beloved moniker for the newspaper, had suddenly been fired.


Sources say she had the nerve to ask her bosses why her male predecessors was making a lot more money than she did. Irritated, they sacked her.

Fired her.

More liberal hypocrisy at it's finest. You cannot make this stuff up.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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It is deplorable that anyone would pass along foul and derogatory language said by others..deaf, you are spewing out garbage others have said because it makes you feel SO good...would suppose that, since you are aware of the "f" and "n" words, they are also a part of your everyday vocabulary. No hope for Texas if the majority thinks/speaks/writes as you do..would probably faint if you ever posted a good word about something other than anarchy/guns/politics..won't hold my breath on that one!

Keep saying that to yourself don till the election.

Meanwhile, News flash. White House outs their own CIA station chief in Afghanistan as Obama tries to imitate Bush. That is just how stupid they really are.

IRS won't let companies send their employees to Obamacare exchanges. Seems the IRS knows Obamacare is bankrupt already and is desperately trying to delay it till after the elections.

Change in 2014 is coming. Polls show the dems are in deep deep you-know-what. And they will be voted out.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all the GOTP out of Office and stop the HATE and FEAR

there are people in both parties that have said the n word but there is only one party that attempts to supress people of color and that is the GOTP.

Nother news flash don!

New Jersey Democrat councilwoman who was running for mayor said, “This is terrible. This is terrible. This is gonna be a f—— n—– town,”.

Hey, even LBJ, yea DEMOCRAT Prez Lyndon Johnson was caught using the "N" word. You can hear it on Youtube where it's published.

Geeze don, I never knew so many democrats were so racist.

Hey don..

News flash. Michigan Democrat Clerk Gloria Platko referred to a colleague as "an arrogant n---er".

Didn't know that don? Never heard of it, right don? Happened in April 22, 2013. in Michigan. But being a democrat, that makes it ok, right don?

But don.. a U.S. Senator trumps a police commissioner any day.

Byrd actually burned crosses on peoples lawns.

what 100 years ago deaf? take a look at orin hatch-republican senator

WOLFEBORO, N.H. (AP) — A police commissioner in a predominantly white New Hampshire town says he won't apologize for calling President Barack Obama the N-word, the commissioner said he is a proud Republican and that all Republicans feel the same as he does.

GOTP? hahaha.. don, you know who Robert Byrd was? Democrat KKK 'Exalted Cyclops'. He lead the DEMOCRAT filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Democrats spent many a year opposing blacks having any advancement.

Tea Party? Go look at photos of Tea Party meetings. Some of them are black. No racist there.

It's the Democrats efforts to keep blacks 'on the plantation' that is racist. Democrats don't offer them jobs, just welfare 'they will make them all beggars cause they are easier to please.'

Are you speaking of all those minimum wage jobs that still leaves them qualifying for all of the welfare programs?

snyderpal, you're two hours past the time you needed to take your meds... what does your last post below have to do with the subject we're "discussing" here? You and all the other anti- everything folks are still working two cards shy of a full deck... just sayin'. Don't bother replying, anyone... read MY last post for the truth instead of Neal's lie about the NYT situation.

According to Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of the NYT, compensation was NOT an issue in the change of management... the issue concerned the movement into the digital age as opposed to print news. As is (ho-hum) usual, Neal peddles his "take" on news, giving his sexist viewpoint, before telling the whole truth... and what's so laughable is that the men who consistently read and believe Neal haven't brains enough between them to do the research and find out the truth! Dummies!!

If you want to stop the wars abroad then, stop our govt. at home.

If you want to stop hatred of non white people in America stop the GOTP and vote them all out of office

And what was the law Rick is supposed to have broke?

He threatened to veto funding for lesbian Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg’s office if she didn’t resign following a drunken driving arrest.

Oh, the horrors!!!

I believe they're investigating to see if Perry illegally withheld 7.4 million in funding from the Travis County DA's office. You are correct regarding his motive Deaf. It was because she refused to resign after a DWI arrest. I'm not sure where her sexual orientation enters into it other than in your own mind.

I still haven't read anything about the Perry case here. That's the point I was making about KETK's obvious bias in news reporting. 5 years worth of Obamacare. Zero on Perry.

Today's silence on Rick Perry's grand jury subpoena seems like conservative media bias to me. Perry asked to enter through the back door to avoid the press. He doesn't have to worry about Neal showing up to ask him any questions though does he? A governor facing indictment for ethics charges doesn't seem to rate as news on KETK. But Obamacare gets a five year run. Isn't that a little biased?

Dave, Rick wears conservatism like you wear a sports jersey. When the eyes are not on him he's big gov. graft and lies all over. Media is the voice of govt., and the defender of corruption.

What's wrong w/Nell's logic is he always wants to pin a label on someone/thing.
Liberals do this & conservatives do that. Wrong!
He inserts Obama in every POV negating his objectivity.
It seems in the case of Money liberals/conservatives think alike.
"I want mine for me."
White collar criminals in corporate America are a Greedy bunch of mostly white male chauvinists & will act accordingly.
Corporate America has done more damage to this country than any political office holder other than Nixon.

I'll tell you something else wrong with Neil; he's all about conservatism, the Constitution, and anti-big government until someone for real like Ron Paul comes along then, he follows the company directive and ignores the candidate most principled in these values. He furthers the narratives of fake elections and pacifies you with a steady drumbeat of deadlock issues. He sells you lies and feeds you meaningless crap.. I can;t stand anyone in the media . They are truly this nation's greatest enemy

It's all 'do what I say, not do what I do' among liberals.

And there are plenty of examples of that!

You're supposed to judge progressives by their intentions, not by their results. that's why this looks bad. How dare you hold these people to the same standard as those of us in the real world.

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