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NFL owners; This has got to stop!


POSTED: Thursday, June 27, 2013 - 3:37pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 30, 2013 - 9:44am

The Aaron Hernandez murder arrest has brought this to a head.

Now, we hear this, former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is being investigated in connection with a double murder in Boston's South End in July 2012.

The National Football League is out of control.

And just to add a cherry on top of the cake, meat-headed Josh Brent of the Dallas Cowboys fails a second drug test.

I can't believe he is still on the team.

I love NFL games and as a kid, I was addicted to the league, especially the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Oilers.

But what has happened?

Here is what has happened.

Too much money.

Too much time on their hands and too much of an entitlement mentality.

In the old days of the NFL these guys had to go and scratch out a living in the off season.

You didn't hear too much about their peccadillos.

I also know from working in the Dallas media, some of our “heroes”, as sportswriter Blackie Sherrod used to call them, had their sins covered up by Tex Schram and others.

But, they were pikers compared to today's shenanigans.

But, like it or not, these guys are looked up to by children.

But, they also have a responsibility to the public, just like we all do.

I found this bit of information today, from a San Diego newspaper:

Since January 1, 2013, there have been 37 separate arrest incidents involving current or former NFL players, including one player arrested three times and two individuals arrested twice.

When are the owners, especially the one down the road, going to finally step up and say that enough is enough?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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this is not just in's in all the sports...these players think we owe them...we pay them...and regardless of which sport it is...they all think they are above and beyond any rules...i want to throw up everytime i hear of an athelete that does wrong...and yet they want thier money with a small slap on the wrist...throw the book at them and throw the key away...!!!!!

I remember meeting Lee Roy Jordan and Bob Lily when I was a kid growing up in Dallas. Back then image was everything and Tex Schramm didn't tolerate anyone getting arrested and dragging the Cowboys name into it. When Rafael Septien plead guilty to indecency with a ten year old girl, the Cowboys dropped him like a bad habit. I quit watching the Cowboys after Jones fired Jimmy Johnson. I enjoy college football now. But I do miss the real Dallas Cowboys.

Neal, you have lost your mind. "peccadillos" are defined as small offenses or sins. Pray tell us what you think would qualify for "serious" or "big" sin?
Maybe the idiot who just murdered someone is seen by you to have some "peccadillos".

Money is their god, so why should they stop?

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