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Nice try, Naomi


POSTED: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 6:56pm

UPDATED: Monday, February 4, 2013 - 4:40pm

The way our state and the country looks right now at taxes, Government spending really came to a head this week in Texas.

Everyone is so busy right now with the gun grab or immigration proposals, many missed
a basic example of what is wrong with the way many politicians see things.

Governor Perry this week announces Texas, once again was in the black.

We took in more money than was budgeted for.

So now, he's doing something very controversial in the mean time in this feed me, clothe me, take care of me politics.

He brought up the idea of amending the Texas Constitution to give taxpayers back
some of their hard-earned money.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

So many cities and states right now in the dumper.

They went broke mainly paying for social programs.

We have our problems, but wow.

We've really accomplished something here in Texas.

We're doing so well right now, Governor Perry is always being bashed by the media, which is mainly left-wing, because I don't think they don't like the fact we have a good story to tell.

The county is swimming in red ink but they don't seem to worry about that or think
something is awry.

But, back to our story.

We're in the black.

What to do with the surplus?

Enter Democratic State Rep. Naomi Gonzales of El Paso.

She immediately takes a shot at Perry and says, she doesn't know what parallel
universe he's living in.

She says "How are we going to spend that money?"

Do you see the difference in approach?

That's your money, not hers to spend.

Let's give it back or save it.

Nice try, Naomi.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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It's not a choice between California and Texas. But the people who scream the loudest about "term limits" seem happy to let Gov. Perry stay in office forever.

Let's see....Texas Rick or Moon Beam?
I don't think I'll be moving to California any time soon.

Texas remains America’s undisputed capital of carbon dioxide, a title the industry-heavy state has held since the federal government begin keeping track more than two decades ago.
Rick Perry is probably proud of this stat. We're #1. Eliminate the EPA so we can really screw everything up, and make our drinking water shimmer with a rainbow sheen, and our skies equal the likes of giants like Hong Kong.

Do you think that Perry has a mirror in every room of his residence. He demonstrated how stupid he was and is, during his feeble White House attempt.
Why do people keep voting for this narcisistic buffoon?

Texas Constitution requires our Texas Republican to fully fund public education, prisions and the Health Department which have not been fully funded for the past 14 years.
The Texas Constitution does not support fully funding the Enterprise Fund for Businesses, a Formula 1 Race Track, Toll Roads operated by foreign nations to make a profit off of the tax payers who paid to build the toll roads.....etc...etc.

How about we put it towards the public schools?

I'm surprised Gov. Perry didn't suggest just giving it to his cronies.

Thanks, Neal, for continuing to be one of the lone voices of sensible conservatism and reason in an otherwise crazy world. Folks in East Texas, along with many others in our great state are fighting to maintain a moral compass and sense of decency, despite a constant barrage of insanity from Washington and immorality from Hollyweird. Your "POV" is a great help to us all.

Maybe you should focus on exactly how Perry would accomplish that task. Your graphic for this article includes the image of an IRS Form 1040. That's a federal form, not a state form, so your graphic isn't applicable. For Texans who are not business owners subject to the franchise tax, the only STATE tax we pay is a sales tax. How exactly would a sales tax be equitably refunded? Perry should focus on replenishing the rainy day fund that he proposes to use to fund infrastructure.

I'm with Perry. Give the people back their money. Taxpayers are the most overlooked people in this country and they get precious little for their work. Impeach Obama.

Katie - I like your spirit but your words are foolish and mis-used.
To impeach Obama, you would have to go against the democratic will of the people. Perhaps you are a communist,or a nutcase. Maybe both.I think you could be a racist as well.For what reason would you impeach the man who, in large part, has been reviving job opportunities since he came to office.
FYI...The majority of the national debt comes from Bush tax cuts and 2 wars that he, ill advisedly launched. Check facts in future.

You will not get a dime back, he (Perry) was talking to a Business Group. Texas needs to fully fund every agency that the Texas Constitution requires to be fully funded which will bring down the local property taxes for everyone, NOT JUST BUSINESSES.

"How are we going to spend that money?"



After all, Naomi, it's our money not yours!

that is the problem with you Democrats, you all think it's your money to spend.

What make you think its your money to spend Deaf DUMB & Blind? Democrats pay taxes too.

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