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Monday, March 2, 2015 - 9:31pm
Neal Barton's POV

NLRB, butt out!


POSTED: Friday, May 13, 2011 - 5:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 - 9:53am

One news story not getting a lot of play in the media right now is what's going on with the Boeing company in Washington state.

Boeing has built airplanes since there were airplanes. Back in the 90s, the corporate office left Seattle for Chicago. Now, the part that makes planes want to move to South Carolina.

The reason why: it's a right to work state. Boeing won't have to use union labor.

I lived in the Seattle-area in the mid to late 90s. Boeing is huge and employs a lot of people. But the strikes there are like clock work. You can set your watch, about every three years the machinist union and other unions affiliated with Boeing go on strike.

Unions are perfectly legal and there are a lot of great folks in the northwest that belong to them. But it's no longer the go-go 1990s when I lived there and the bubble hadn't burst.

Boeing has a lot of competition now and money is tight. So, they are a private company and they decided to move the whole operation to South Carolina.

But, enter the National Labor Relations Board. The NRLB for the time being has shut down the move. They say its unfair to move the business to another state where Boeing can make more money.

Critics say it's President Obama paying off labor unions. The NLRB says good union workers in Seattle with lose jobs. But how can the government legally tell Boeing, or a guy who makes hats, he cannot move where they can make more money.

If Boeing's move gets blocked, that opens the door for the government taking a look at other businesses and telling them what they can do.

If you own your own business, you better be paying attention to this.

The government has no business telling anyone in business union or non-union where they can operate.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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How about these for facts? Boeing is an American company employing Americans. Boeing wants to expand its business and employ more Americans. Boeing wants to spread out its empire from coast to coast and open a factory in South Carolina. The NLRB run by liberals under Obama's executive branch is fighting the company's right to open another factory in a right to work state where unions might not have control. American jobs may be lost because unions cannot control this business.

How much obama will it take for people to see him for what he is; just another would-be dictator. Can you say Mugabe?
Bet there will still be lots of white-guilt, educated-but-ignorant liberals that vote for him. They will probably do so up until the day they are put to work in the gulag.

What a bunch of Obamanite Hypocrisy. Not a squawk out of Him when Boeing relocates its headquarters from Washington state to Chicago 3 years ago, the Blue State Home of the Community organ grinder, but just try to relocate to a South Carolina Red state and it must be stopped at all costs, including obviating the Constitutional Rights of a company to do business in any state of the Union it chooses. Just one more National Labor Boards Incestuous Relation with Obama Unions.

It's pathetic that the US has even come to the point where a Union would feel empowered to the point of dictating where a company can set-up shop. Before the Unions ruined the steel business in America and created the now famous "Rust Belt", companies were married to the region by geography. Coal from the Appalachians combined with iorn from Mich. could be moved by barge to create steel cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Obama focused on jobs? Yes, his and his Union mobster"s jobs.

If companies do not want to support this nation with paying their fair share of the taxes, the same rate that their employees pay and a fair wage & benefits based on the cost of living in America then kick them out of the U.S. & do not allow their products to be sold in our markets. Then we will see just where their profit margins are, I bet it would be close to zero.

Our Government should not enter into trade agreements with other nations that do not have laws against child slave labor, sweat shops, & for work place safety. They should not enter into trade agreements with nations that will not allow American made products on their markets such as Korea. American workers can not compete against kids in India that make 42 cents a day. Is that the pay level americans should be at?

NLRB enforces labor laws and protects workers. f corporations do not want to follow the law then shut them down. Just like when Wal-Mart was fined for requiring their employees to clock out and return to work for 2 more hours off of the clock or be fired.
What working class citizen would ever support reducing the wages of American workers to keep profits at record levels for corporations? The problem is greed & unfair trade agreements.

Having lived in Detroit and watched the UAW work its majic, I have little doubt that unions care little about those they "represent" and dispise the companies that employ their members. Unions are nothing more than legalized extortion rackets that pays the DNC to protect them, recently passing a law that reduces the steps to unionization from six or seven down to one making it easier to unionize a work place against the workers' will.

Government's doing a good job of forcing jobs overseas. Keep it up and the unions will force all of our jobs overseas. But I guess they'd rather have them in China than South Carolina.

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