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No plan for ISIS?


POSTED: Friday, August 29, 2014 - 8:49pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 15, 2014 - 5:49pm

I'm still stunned and amazed yesterday when the president actually said at a news conference that he doesn't have a plan to deal with ISIS.

To paraphrase the late southern comic, Lewis Grizzard, " I don't think I woulda told that."

Can you imagine FDR during World War II saying, "this Normandy thing is getting in the way of my fundraising and these battle plans are tedious."

The world right now is spinning off its axis worse than I've even seen in my lifetime.

We say we are worried about Ebola, but the doors to our borders are as open as the service truck entrance to Jerry-world.

We have illegals riding in planes we fly in who reportedly have not had shots to shut down any disease. So, we have a loopy president of Mexico lecturing us to be more like Mexico? Isn't Mexico the place everyone is trying to get out of?

The Mexican president's poll numbers are negative 60 percent and he's running around telling us how to run a country.

Numbers out this week say 30 percent of Mexicans would move to the U.S. if they could. How are we going to handle that?

Our president has no battle plans, but doesn't have plans to attend George Clooney's wedding in Italy. We'll pay for that.

And speaking of Hollywood, they're crying because attendance is at its worst point in more than 20 years.

Here's why: They can't write anything new. It seems they only have computer graphics which blow up sound which is too loud.

It seems no one in La-La Land can write anything original anymore. They can only do re-makes. That's easy.

Which brings me to my original point: We're being threatened like we probably have not been threatened since WW2 and we have no plan?

That's my point of view, what's yours>?

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And that is just the facts pete. And you will note, former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden on Sunday said he predicts there could be nearly 5,000 U.S. personnel on the ground overseas by the end of the year to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

But 5000 'advisors' won't cut it, just as they didn't in Vietnam.

We nickeled-and-dimed it in Vietnam just as Obama will in Iraq.

And that is what is coming.


News flash! Obama says Arab states offer to do air strikes. When asked which ones he said he could not say, kind of like saying to the wife you have money in the bank but can't tell you how much.

Course he's lying. Arab counties know he has no guts and will cut and run. They'll make deals with ISIS. He tried to get Iran to help, they laughed at him.

It's not me who has his head in the sand. Arab leaders live under the sword. They will make deals with the ISIS for Obama is not trusted.

Deaf, you old goat... get your head out of the sand and get current with the latest news... a concerted effort to take it to ISIS is fast approaching, with a coalition of countries who will come along with the US to put an and to this perverted group of murderers... but positive news doesn't even register with militant goons who wouldn't go and fight this scum, but who would want others to take (deafs') place on the front line. Coward... and you shout for war but won't lead the charge.

don.. you are so full of it. Sticking words in people's mouths don't make it true.

Sadly we will have to fight in the Middle East again to undo the stupidly Obama did. And tonight we can watch Obama try to defend what he has done and is going to do.

Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote Obama out so we need to vote Democrats out to undo what Obama stupidly as done.

Well deaf, mr. scared to even go down to the Texas Mexico border, why don't you go over there and fight alongside of the Arabs yourself being you are so quick to want REAL Americans on the ground?
H3ll deaf you even support the very party that is attempting to end military pensions to save military contracts. You even support the party that has advocated for the reduction in veteran benefits and the closing of VA hospitals. You are NO American

News Flash: They say Obama is gonna have a war that he warns will last THREE YEARS (his estimate.)

But folks, he says no GIs on the ground will be used. He'll use the Arabs. Yes, he'll convince the Arabs (the same ones that lost to Israel every time they fought them) to do the ground stuff while we do the drone stuff (and notice the drone stuff didn't stop ISIS or anyone else.)

So I guess he is gonna fight the ISIS to his last Kurd or Egyptian or Syrian or whatever.

Sure. Lots of luck.

He don.. NOW Obama says he will 'unveil' his plan to defeat ISIS THIS WEDNESDAY.

So you see, he really did not have a 'strategy' to do one thing when he got up on TV!

What a putz! What a idiot.

don, if they HAD plans, if Obama HAD any plans, he would have said, "We have plans but cannot discuss them here." But no don, he basically said, "Duh, we don't have a strategy".

See don, he had no teleprompter. Normally they would have him read a script but now days he ad libs and that gets him into trouble.

We need to turn things around don, and that is why the Senate needs to go Republican, and go big time Republican. Now I'm not a Republican but, the the alternative is more Obama screwups.

deaf do you really believe that our military has no contingency plan on ISIL or any other potential act of aggression by any nation or extreamist group in the world or here at home? If you believe that then you are more ignorant than I thought. and if you think the President should be telling us what his or the military plans are then you are just down right stupid. As a citizen (if you are one) you do not have a right to know any of the military plans prior to their action.

don... Obama didn't say, 'We have plans but we can't talk about them."

He said, "we have no strategy". Like duh... we have no idea what to do.

Hope for change in 2014. Gonna send lots of Dems packing, and Wendy Davis doesn't have a, hahaha, leg to stand on (unlike Abbott.) Flip the Senate and if need be, impeach Obama and replace him with Biden. Even Buffoon Biden is better than Obama nowdays.

According to PBS Newshour (darn liberals!) the week of June 12th there were 49 beheadings in Mexico. All the major news outlets in the US must have missed that. Beheadings 5000 miles away are more important than the ones right next door. That's because US arms dealers want perpetual war, and Iran and Syria are in the cross hairs. US business has an acceptable puppet in power in Mexico so narco terrorism on our border is less important than Syria.

Now shut up! The gloves are off, the POTUS has said this a.m. that ISIS is, in effect, dead meat after killing another American in such a barbaric and hideous manner... give him time to plan, with military strategists, how to go about exterminating this cancer out of existence. All of you need to back off... none of you are in the Oval Office, none of you have the brains to lead the free world, and none of you ET hicks could find your way out of the area, let alone plan an all-out attack.

Pete, he's a lying sackof #*&*! I just cited 3 articles that all say Obama does have a plan. He planned on training "moderate" rebels and he got it done. Now the rebels trained with our tax dollars are killing Christians. The media in the US is just like Pravda, it's psy-ops man . This is all propaganda. The boogey man is our government not some camel jokey in Syria.

News flash: 11 commercial jetliners missing after Islamist takeover of Tripoli airport...

Way to go Put-put Obama. Distabilized Libya and now gave the terrorist a bunch of suicide kamikaze planes.

Election is just a few months. Vote all the Democrats out so we can put a lid on this idiot for a president.

YUP President Obama needs to lay his plans on ISIL out on the table for all to see. Any fool knows that The US has a military contingency plan on ISIL. But President Obama is not so stupid to tell our enemy what his plan is like the Republatards want him to do and any fool knows that the element of surprise is the best weapon any military force has on their side.

News Flash !!! deaf nor neal can tell us the names of any Republatard president that has ever turned down his salary like a Democrat President has or that has ever been elected to the Oval Office for more than (2) terms like a Democrat President hasbecause the People of America knew he was the Greatest President in the history of our Nation.

Hot Off the Press
"Russian Bank Hires Former Senators Trent Lott, John Breaux To Lobby Against U.S. Sanctions"
They have sold out to the enemy for GREED!
They betray their country for millions of Russian rubles.
ME first America last is their motto.
Let's be honest here folks.
Some relentlessly attack Pres Obama no matter what he does/says.
No one can possibly be wrong as often as these folks claim.
It's statistically impossible yet they persist.
These are the low lifes attacking him.
US Strong!

News flash: Second Journalist beheaded by ISIS.

Meanwhile Obama on the golf links is thinking of a 'strategy'.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all Democrats out so we can get this government to function. If Obama keeps just playing golf, let's kick him out. Even Biden is better than what we have now.

News flash. The parents of SEAL Team Six soldier killed in action call for Obama’s resignation!

And folks, I am beginning to SERIOUSLY think Slow Joe Biden might actually be a better president than put-put Obama who leads from the back 9.

Hey don, what group of Republicans tried to stop the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

No, wait, that was Dixie Democrats. In fact they tried to filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

And don, they passed a term limits to stop 3-4 term presidents cause they saw how destructive it was with Roosevelt. His 'New Deal' prolonged the depression for 10 years, not unlike Obama's presidency now. It took a World War to bring us out.. maybe that is Obama's 'strategy', if he has one.

But deaf republicans have trie to repeal the 22nd amendment and the dixiecrats changed to the republican party after LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law and have been running the GOP till now.

Another worthwhile plan... bomb the hell out of known ISIS locations... no boots on the ground, just some sky jockeys with good eyesight in Stealth bombers who can do the trick quickly...

Okay, here's the plan... all the hawks in Washington who are gung-ho for the POTUS to give the go-ahead for boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria need to suit up, get their AK whatever, and be front and center leading the troops into the hell ISIS has created... yep... put their camouflage clothes on (no designer duds for these new war leaders!), take the transport flight, and take it to the enemy... right? Right into the hornets nest. Diplomacy? Nah...

Hey neal , what republican president has ever been elected to the Oval Office for more than (2) terms like a Democrat President has?

Hey neal , what republican president has ever turned down his salary like a Democrat President has?

Face it folks, Biden would be a better president than Obama now. Vote all democrats out so maybe, if need be, we can IMPEACH Obama and throw him to. Better a Buffoon like Biden than a weak kneeded lazy golfer.

CNN, 5/27/2014. Obama ok's training "moderate" rebels in Syria.

Washington Post, 6/26/2014. Obama asks for $500 million to expand CIA training of rebels.

Washington Post. 9/18/2014. Title: The terrorist fighting us now? We just finished training them.

How about telling the truth about who trained and armed ISIS? Giving aid and comfort to the enemy during a time of war is treason. An impeachable offense that carries the death penalty.

News flash: Obama says media to blame for sense 'world falling apart'...

Yes Obama in his zoot suit tells the world he has no strategy for defeating ISIS, Putin tells him to not mess with him about his invasion of the Ukraine, and Obama can't decide if Assad in Syria is a friend or enemy or what.

But no, it's the medias fault, not Obama's for letting things go to pot for FIVE YEARS.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all Democrats out so we can turn things around.

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