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No sir, no way


POSTED: Monday, September 13, 2010 - 5:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 2:10pm

The weekend is over and the remembrances of 9/11 are complete.

I'm glad the preacher with the congregation of 50 didn't burn the Koran.

I heard some whack jobs did.

The only one I saw was in Tennessee.

Remember, the Florida preacher has the right to burn all the religious books
he wants, but it's not right.

Which leads me to this.

Everyone has been calling out the Florida preacher.

The president of the United States to the secretary of defense has made a phone call to the reverand asking him not to- pardon the pun- fan the flames of intolerance.

But, something else dawned on me this weekend.

Everyone has called out the preacher.

How come no one has called out the Imam who says this mosque has to be built at that location in New York City?

How come no one is worried about his tone?

His veiled remarks that to me sound like, "you let us build it here or there will be consequences."

That doesn't sound too tolerant to me.

What's going to happen if he shows up one day and says we don't have the money to build it, and if you don't give us the money to build it, there will be consequences.

This is America.

You can live how you want to live for the most part, believe whom you want to believe.

But, I think threats that are ignored because of fear or political correctness are ridiculous.

And now some say we should let them have their own laws here in our country, Sharia law.

No sir. No way.

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Our First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech.” You as an American citizen can exercise your freedom of religion like your freedom of speech, But the Supreme Court has ruled your freedom of speech does not allow you to shout “FIRE” in a theater. Building the Mosque near ground Zero is akin to shouting fire in a theater.

It'll be the Muslins and the Liberal Mosque enabling Politicians who will be crushed in their rush to the Exits come the fall elections in November, because the real people of this country who deal in REALITY realize it is now time for real Logical Correctness, Not unreal Political Correctness and we must deal with the empirical reality of what IS, not the imaginary reality of how it is suppose to be.You may distain the American Christian radical but it is they who protect you and your rights.

I read an article in the Tyler paper that I want to share. Some people really are way too touchy.

Excellent Reading

I'm all 4 freedom of religion & freedom of speech, but I believe some take it 2 far!! Burning the Book of one religion is like persecuting those people. It's not very Christian-like and they should be ashamed of themselves. As 4 the Imam insisting that the mosque be built at that location, it is disrespectful. Not just 2 other religions, but 2 Americans. We do not want them 2 build a shrine 2 commemorate what they consider a victory. And if they want their own laws, maybe they should go home!

Not all religions are created equal! As you sow, sow shall you reap. Muslims burn the American Flag and are shocked when the Koran becomes kindling. Their religion can knock down our towers and murder 3000 innocents but does not allow us to vaporize Mecca and Medina. People and countries are free to do both but sanity dictates that we do none of the above. We are not dealing with a religion of sanity or one of Judeo Christian principles of fair play.

We are at war and unfortunately when at war you sometimes have to take on the face of the enemy in order to defeat him. The difference between us and them is when the war is over we go back to our civilized peaceful pursuits. They Just keep on trucking down the road to war, conquest and doing what their religion teaches them to do best,, i.e. killing and beheading each other. They come to bring you the peace of Allah, the peace of submission. Read your history and open your eyes.

I know what they do. I am not blind to what goes on. I don't believe they should burn our flag or any of the other crap they do. It's wrong of them, just as it is wrong of others to disrespect their religion. I do believe that they react too strongly to miniscule bs that they should just let go. They are pushy and hold grudges. I never said there weren't flaws in religions. ALL religions. And not all people of muslim faith are like those in opposition.

You are right, it's wrong to disrepsect their religion as they are doing a rather good job of doing it themselves by their violent deeds, and most apparently through silence of their so-called majority. They like us Americans also allow the radical libertine minority to define the area of battle, and through threats and fear mongering push through an agenda at odds with the will of the majority of the people. Fortunately "WE The People" have the peaceful means to abort our foolish leaders.

The difference here is night and day: The burning of any religions books is a sign of intolerance while the building of a mosque near ground zero is a chance to breed tolerance. I have heard absolutely no good arguments against building the mosque at ground zero. In fact, every attempt I've heard thus far has been nothing more than ill-disguised racism. Talk about your veiled comments.

You need to unveil the cloud that surrounds your brain. Wherever Muslims go, the radicalism and violence follow like night follows the day. You would equate Sharia law which seeks to oppress you and deny you the very American Constitution which frees your spirit in liberety. When they become the majority and vote out your Constitution and you find their foot on your neck and their sword at your throat it will be too late to recant your foolishness.

History repeats itself as when President Adams signed the Treaty of Tripoli and declared the United States a non-Christian nation to placate the Mullas and the Bey. Foolishly thinking the Muslims in Un-Muslim-like fashion would stop raiding and pillaging capturing American ships and citizens for ransom. It was not until President Jefferson sent them the Constitution that the situation was rectified. The USS Constitution, i.e. Old Ironsides. Violence is All that Muslims understand, & respect.

Not all muslims are of the same race though. So how can the arguments against the mosque be deemed racist?

Dangerous trend America.

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last."

Winston Churchill

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