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POSTED: Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 7:19pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 4:46pm

Finally, we have some common sense.

Remember last month when when the SNAP or food stamps cards would not work for a few hours? That was a "glitch."

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and his administration took steps late Wednesday, to strip food stamp benefits from those who loaded up their shopping carts knowing they had insufficient funds in their Electronic Benefits Transfer accounts during the system failure.

The following can be found in Bizpac Review:

As a result of the temporary outage, more than 12,000 transactions showed non-sufficient funds once it got back online and retailers were able to process the purchases, according to The Advocate.The computer glitch that occurred on October 12 wasn't limited to just Louisiana. At least 17 states were affected, resulting in many shoppers filling their carts to overflowing to The Advocate. Depending upon how many prior infractions recipients have on their record, they will face losing benefits for a period one year, two years or permanently. The Jindal administration will start with the worst case examples first, then work their way down.

I'm not cold-hearted, some need help. But, this was an egregious abuse of the system.

Those who break the rules should be punished. This service is not free, just like healthcare.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Some Hungry People Stole Some Food! I never heard of such a thing! Listen to what the CEO of Goldman Sachs thinks about selling you an investment his own analyst call crap. He tells congress that the ripped you off and sees nothing wrong with it.

Hungry people aren't the only ones who steal during a system failure. So does big business! Have you seen any CEO go to jail for it?

News Flash... CBO says not 8 percent but 18 percent MORE will loose their insurance.

An easy 20 to 30 MILLION people.

The Train Wreck is in full force. Next you will see an 'oh, look a squirrel' Obama moment has he does anything he can to take the news media focus off his FUBAR efforts.

16 Senators (all Democrats) who are up for re-election 'secretly' meet with him pleading their case to do something.. ANYTHING.

But no folks, Obama is a true believer and let them eat cake!

Hope for change!

News Flash deaf.....this article is about SNAP.....SNAP is not an insurance or part of the ACA

Hey don... why haven't you or the other 'progressives' here said anything?

Cat got your tongue?

Hey deaf, are you now blind too?

If you can see, scroll down you will see mt name but I know you can't read.

Amen brother!
there isn't enough to go around as it is ( this month there was a 5% cut )
this is no different than someone robbing the poor box at church.
I'd like to see criminal charges brought against the people that loaded shopping carts full of expensive meat knowing full and well they're cards didn't have anywhere near that kind of money on them.

What I agree with you on this, but you did fail to mention that the retailer is required under the law to not allow more than a $50.00 purchase on the Electronic Benefits Transfer accounts during a system failure. That means not only should the theif be punished but so should the retailer for not following the requirements and not training their employees as to the rules for using the Electronic Benefits Transfer accounts during a system failure.

That should happen to those who abuse welfare, disability, medicare, medicad, and any other "freebies" that we have in this once great country. But it won't! Too many libs around!

They should do more than take away their benefits, they knew they did not have the funds on their cards yet they did it anyway.

Free? That is the motto of this 'community organizer' president.

Just tonight he said, "I'm sorry if people lost their insurance'.

Yea, I'm sure he is, for about 2 seconds.

And he keeps lying about his not saying you could keep your insurance Even the White House website has his quote saying you COULD KEEP YOUR INSURANCE.

Now what happens to those people who got their insurance canceled, need an operation badly, but cannot get on Obamacare's stupid website and PURCHASE ANY?

Well Democrats?

They can use the phone deaf. the website is NOT the ACA just an access point, they can also call and do a paper application.

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