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Now, who's out of touch?


POSTED: Friday, March 14, 2014 - 5:51pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 12, 2014 - 6:56am

The Democratic Party leaders still say people love Obamacare although they are issuing waivers left and right because they know people are furious and they are afraid it will be felt at the voting booth-- outta touch.

Speaking about being out of touch, liberal news reporters-- and that's almost most a redundant statement --always love to make a big deal when they deems lawmakers out of touch.

Make that Republican lawmakers outta touch.

Just this past week, the president went to the GAP to do some shopping. The the president and about 5,000 news reporters.

This was nothing but a photo op. You know, Mr. Everyman.

When it was time to pay the clerk, the president tried to give his card to the clerk. The clerk told the president to swipe it through the machine.

The president then said: I have to sign the machine? Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Don't us minions have to do this every day?

Where are the guffaws and the cat-calls of laughter about "He doesn't even know how we live." Mr. income inequality.

No mention from the media at all. If we go back in the way-back machine, back in 1992, when George Bush was campaigning for re-election.

Bush was fascinated by the scanner on the belt of the grocery checkout. After titters of laughter the The New York Times reported in typically condescending style: "Bush Encounters the Supermarket, Amazed."

The lapdog media continues.

America's stenographers.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Over 5 million signed up so far...12 days to go.

News flash.. it's official. Crimea part of Russia. Russian troops mass on Ukraine border.

Putin plays Obama like a cheap Ukulele.

Hope for change in 2014. Turn Obama into a eunuch by voting all Democrats out.

News Flash... Crimea votes to join Russia. Putin recognizes their vote. Obama is left pushing sanctions on a few Russian diplomats. Another missed 3 AM call.

Hope for change in 2014. The citizens are getting restless AND FED UP.

Meanwhile, we busy ourselves tearing down (bringing democracy) to Venezuela's government. WE do a lot better job bullying the smaller govt.'s , especially when they are in our backyard. The New World Order of economic hegemony will have to settle for half a world for now.

The question is, "Now, who's out of touch"?

The answer is, Neal barton and the GOP

News flash! From the Las Vegas Review-Journal...

"Obamacare leaves the average 27 year old facing a gender-averaged 47.5 percent premium increase..."

Hope for LOTS of change in 2014. Young voters are waking up and seeing what Obama and the Democrats have done to them.


You have any idea how many banks there are in just the U.S.?

There are over 9459 banks with $100 million or more. in the U.S. and so what, 16 banks did a big no-no?

Deaf, for a guy who only weeks ago informed the idiot of the Weimar Republic, your response to Dave's post is asinine. A collusion to set LIBOR rates among Central Banks is comparable to "price-fixing" water. It was a plank in Ron Paul's campaign,that no group be allowed to determine what a free market should. What Dave correctly notes is the comparison with today's Central Bankers and the attack of the Free Market system essential to Capitalism.

Citibank has 941 locations, Chase has 5,574, Bank of America has 6,000. So if 3 of the 16 banks are operating here, and being sued for illegally fixing interest rates. It's a pretty big deal. Everybody in the US that pays interest is affected. They pay more than they should on their mortgage, car loan, and credit cards. Millions of people billions of dollars. If it's no big deal reimburse me for my losses in 2008 Deaf. These 16 banks caused a worldwide economic crisis.

BBC, Reuters, and the Guardian are all reporting that US regulators have sued 16 banks for manipulating international interest rates (Libor). The list includes several banks that operate locally. Banks swindling millions of consumers out of billions of dollars gets back page coverage here. US media seems out of touch!

That's one conclusion, another is that the same group who controls the LIBOR rate also controls the media. Henry Ford wrote a good book on this which is all but banned in today's "PC" world, much like the work of Inez Hogan, but I digress. I googled Ford's book and found a slanted critique, a print version might explain the international control which produces the financial dictatorship which you complain. If you don't control the banks then, how else do you decide the winners from the losers?

Media's chief purpose is to supply a narrative for government which will appease the masses and support the ruse of democracy. These narratives take many forms; some are in "poll" format, others are in humor and sarcasm. Some narratives are predicated on events like with the white Hispanic who killed Trevon prior to the elections, that Obama's race base was again united, though Rasmussen showed the president unable to be reelected. This nation's media has become the enemy of democracy.

You make a good point Synderpal . When medias purpose is to supply the governments narrative we loose the right to an informed opinion. And non issues like a shooting in another state, gets coverage every 15 minutes for 6 months. Top banks committing fraud gets an honorable mention.

"4.2 million signed up after 7 million lose their insurance. The left calls this progress."

And how! And 'Smart Diplomacy' is turning all the Middle East countries against us while Putin annexes any country into his USSR kingdom, and China claims darn near half the Pacific as theirs.

But then, Dems do call themselves 'Progressives', right?

Hope of big change in 2014. WV 3 term incumbent is 14 points behind his Republican challenger! Let's vote 'em out folks!

As usual, if a Republican errs he's stupid and out of touch. a Democrat errs he's a hero because it shows him human. A double standard? Not in their minds.

So what you're telling me is I have to buy the leftist propaganda hook, line, and fairy tale? Does that come with an or else if I don't? You best look in the mirror before you start accusing people of just repeating rhetoric. Yours is one of the worst.

What kind of crazy Sunday morning logic is that Idiot? How is Deaf's right-wing spew any different than your racist left crapola? Your posts are always anti-white and while you accuse others of being bigots (Sheila) you are the most bigoted for supporting a government that has for two generations denied whites both education and jobs solely by their race under Affirmative Action laws. Media leads you by the nose and because you detect it's anti-white theme, you're all for it.

Man, neal, you would pick a cancerous open wound to the bone, wouldn't you?!? If you can't make something up that will scare a brunette into white hair, you will pick on some ditzy piece of news that absolutely no one cares about and work it to death. The POTUS most likely was making fun at the check-out, but you spin it into something ghastly...and the sad thing is that radical and mindless folks who don't know how to think for themselves will believe the "scandal" you've trumped up


4.2 million signed up after 7 million lose their insurance. The left calls this progress.

..and no count of those signed who have actually paid in any money. Democrats have an unbeatable base when it comes to class war, race, and other issues of divide, but when it comes to coughing-up a buck, they always expect someone else to carry them.

Most of our political leaders live in that kind of bubble. That's the problem with American politics and media. Most of the talking heads on the Sunday morning talk shows are as clueless as the politicians they opine on.

Obama spends all his time golfing or on vacation. Notice he has SKIPPED almost all of the National Security Meetings. He skipped his 3 AM call at Benghazi and then again at the Crimea.

As for Obamacare, no problem. I pick exemption 13!

To wit: 'Your individual insurance plan was cancelled and you believe other Marketplace plans are unaffordable.'

Hope for LOTS of change in 2014. We got'em on the run folks. Don't let up now!

Do you have a source on your statement ? I heard another viewpoint all together espoused by Republicans in a Jan. 29, Washington Times article. Somehow after reading your posts, I get the feeling the only way the GOP would appeal to you is if they were to give you something for nothing. Don't you remember Democrat Kennedy's speech; "Ask not for the Obama phone when you can get 99 weeks of unemployment and a joint" ?

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