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NYT should rethink its editorial


POSTED: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 6:46pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 10:14am

There has been so much in the news to cover this past week. There is so much to say about the immigration deal currently going on, but I want to backtrack about something which happened a few days ago.

The New York Times, which now-a-days is not even fit for putting at the bottom of a bird cage, has just lost it's way. It's always been the liberal house organ, but now should be locked up for prostitution.

Bowe Bergdahl's Army mates, who were threatened by the Army while Bergdahl was walking Afghanistan with terrorists, to keep their mouths shut can finally talk. They are telling of Bergdahl's downright weirdness.

It is their opinion their fellow soldier is a deserter and that people were put in danger to try and find him. Reportedly, six people were killed looking for him.

The Times is not attacking them through an editorial which ran last week. It was called "The Rush to Demonize Sgt. Bergdahl." It basically tries to give the president cover for a very bad decision by saying this:

"Mr. Obama's opponents are now trying to create." Further, the fact he did walk away and get captured by the Taliban "suggests that the army unit's lack of security and discipline was as much to blame for [Bergdahl's] disappearance, given the sergeant's history." If Bergdahl "gave no indication of being a deserter," why would his unit be blamed for not keeping closer tabs on him?

Now, they are trying to make Bergdahls fellow soldiers look bad, the president look good and some would say this opened the door for Bergdahl to having some sort of a mental illness defense for his actions.

This is despicable.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Don and Towne Idiot,

You need to apply Prep H to you lips because as usual for you liberals, you talking out you A$$$$ hole. Your losing and you know it. The republicans will control both the house and senate after the mid-term elections and the only question that remains is how many seats will they win. Personally I want the republicans to have so many seats they can easily override anything that fool POTUS does and undo every dam piece of legislation he has passed. Then Impeach and imprison

You need to apply Prep H to your entire head along with every GOTP religious hypocrite nutt

There is much WE aren't told about concerning this nation's foreign policy. The Gitmo hostages could be sent to Iraq to organize an insurgency against Syria; (follows todays media line) That the trade for the American prisoner was more a "good faith gesture".I suspect the real trade made involving the Gitmo group would make any real American seethe in anger. I wonder what we really gave-up to the Taliban. Ron Paul was right, our nation needs to stop meddling, but the New World Order won't stop.

Regardless of the circumstances, I will remind you and Towne Idiot that like all presidents before him, Barack Obdumass is the commander in chief of the worlds most powerful army. He is like all the presidents in modern times the supposed ," Leader of the Free World". This means he is in charge and appoints the people under him so like all presidents before him, " The buck stops at his desk." Quit making excuses for his behavior and blaming those he appointed.

It sure is funny that the Buck never stopped with george WMD LIAR bush, his father or good ole 4 trillion $ debt ronnie reagan

Don, that is the first true statement you have made. Opinions are like A$$, everyone does have one and unfortunately yours and Towne Idiots stink more than anyone else's on this site. Bowe Bergdah's by all accounts is a coward, deserter and traitor to his country and his fellow soldiers. While I grant you that information is slowly coming out, it only proves that everyone from the President to the local commanders on the ground knew this kid was a nutcase and unstable.

Another Nell Administration conspiracy theory.
They won't end until a Repub is in the WH
The rhetoric is strong as ever.
liberal house organ
locked up for prostitution
keep their mouths shut
give the president cover
the fact he did walk away-FACT?
fellow soldiers look bad-BAD w/a twist
the president look good-GOOD w/a twist
some would say-Nell follows the minority view
mental illness defense- THE CONSPIRACY!
Does the WH have to protect anyone?

It is just a standard liberal defensive moment. Attack the credibility of whomever is threatening their position. The whole army unit said he deserted. They all said he was not pulling his weight and he would run when the pressure was on.

Notice Diane Sawyer is now being attacked by liberals cause she did what a reporter is supposed to do when she interviewed Hillary. Yes Sawyer asked some real questions and kept asking them. She did not softball Hillary and they hate that.

So they smear them.

@Deaf, Hoodwinked.


What else would you expect from Odumasses personal microphone? What else would you expect from the state that gave us Bloomberg? What else would you expect from the state that adores the Clinton's? You should not be surprised at all. In reality if they had not tried to cover this mistake after covering all the other scandals and lies of this administration this would be a big surprise.

Seems as the CLASSIFIED MILITARY info gets out the President made the exact correct decision.
As proud Americans we bring OUR soldiers home - EVERY last one.
We deal with OUR own on OUR terms - Military Justice.
If President Obama had left him there ya'll'd be accusing him of leaving a soldier behind.
So, either way ya'll'd be out for President Obama's blood.
The fact he is a Christian and followed Christian values irks y'all.
Obama is the C-I-C of this great nation & acted as such.
USA strong!

Bowe Bergdahl's Army mates' opinion of their fellow soldier is just like your opinion neal, it is not a statement of FACT and just like everyone else, opinions are like a$$ holes everyone has one.

I'm reserving judgment on him because I have no doubt the media immediately dug up dirt on him for their ratings. On the flipside however, their opinions do count. Think about your job and how much you must know and how much you must work to keep up the quality. Now think of a co-worker who is not pulling their weight and/or has a bad attitude and how it overtly effects your work and workplace. Your opinion does count if the boss asks for your assessment of your co-worker as it does Bergdahl's

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