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Obamacare, you ain't seen nothing yet


POSTED: Friday, January 25, 2013 - 8:01pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 11:58am

Remember how Obamacare was going to be so cheap.

I read again today in Forbes, President Obama, after all, said he'd prevent these sorts of prices.

His new health law gave state regulators the power to block premium increases.
It even created a federal agency to oversee insurance rates.

But, these bureaucrats are spectators to the price hikes.

They're mere wallflowers.

Even in the bluest of states.

Their silence is the best evidence of who is culpable for the increases.

It's the policy makers.

It's Obamacare.

The President is accepting the premium hikes as an allowable consequence of his healthcare policies.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, M.D. writes A California insurance broker, who sells health plans to individuals and small businesses, told me that she's prepping her clients for a sticker shock.

Her local carriers are hinting to her that premiums may triple this fall, when the plans unveil how they'll billet the full brunt of Obamacare's new regulations and mandates.

California is hardly alone.

Around the country, insurers are going to raise rates by double digits.

They're privately briefing politicians in Washington on what's in store.

Those briefings are leaving a lot of folks up and down Pennsylvania Avenue jumpy.

Nothing is free.

Not birth control, not healthcare.

What is now being call low-information voters are really going to be in for a shock.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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An interesting fact, the so called "government takeover of healcare" received the "pants on fire" rating from politifact. . Like so many right wing rants, this one is blantantly false. I have health insurance and it was not taken over by the government. Such nonsense is disappointing from this station and I will look for more factual news.

When I see that picture of Obama signing the Obamacare papers the smug look on his face just makes me nauseous. I am a 54 yo woman who has to take a medication that costs me over $600 a month out of pocket because I was laid off and no longer have health insurance coverage. I am in a black hole because I'm too old for any medical assistance due to the fact I am no longer of childbearing age. I am in a black hole for Medicare...I'm too young for that. So what am I supposed to do?

Because of Obamacare, my premiums have not risen for 2 years. Blue Cross also had to issue a refund because they exceeded the 80/20 provision of the law. Once everyone is covered, premiums will stabilize . Once everyone is covered, people will no longer need to use the hospital emergency room as their primary care, which will save everyone money.

Just wondering if the biggest sticker shock will be delayed until after the 2014 elections?

Sky-rocketing premiums, wasn't that one of the original stated goals of his plan? Make free market pricing so high we had to turn to the single payer gov't plan. Then we control prices by reducing quality and quantity of care. That way we level the playing field with third world countries. We have to be fair don't we?

Remember Obama's Supreme Court argument, this is a tax not a law to purchase healthcare insurance. This nation is broke, bad broke, and because there is no legitimacy in reporting by any agency or group, we have no way of knowing how broke this nation truly is. Obamacare was never about providing healthcare, it is a ruse to tax by income. What is the difference if we all work for the state and get a pittance or, we work for ourselves and surrender all but a pittance? Welcome to socialism.

Let's get one thing straight, Obamacare is in reality Kaisercare. George Kaiser of Solyndra fame, the 10th richest man in the world and Obama's biggest contributor, provided the grease for the congressional palms to pass a law making his product mandatory to own. This nation's real Whitehouse isn't in Washington DC, but in San Francisco called the Trans America Bldg. home of Kaiser's AETNA ins. and Nancy Peloci's wealthiest constituent. Affordable healthcare is really Kaiser hijacking America.

"It is impossible to enslave a Bible reading people." About all the American people have to look forward to now is tyranny. Obama is just getting warmed up. I see a nation that wants to take away our Second Amendment rights over 20 children. That was awful. Yes it was, but I never see very many crying over 55 million abortions. God is not pleased and we will stand before Him one day to give an account. Doesn't anyone see we are becoming enslaved in Communism?

Well Pelosi said they would have to pass it in order to find out what is in it, right?

Justice Roberts thinking is by letting it become law Obamacare will bankrupt itself.

Let's hope so, before it bankrupts us all.

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