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POSTED: Friday, June 29, 2012 - 5:50pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 3:55pm

I got this email today after yesterday's court ruling.

It comes from a guy named Brady.

This pretty much nails how most Americans think.

As you are probably aware, it is not necessarily the idea of having federally-mandated insurance that most are opposed to. It is the principle of the fact. I am outraged by the fact that a decision that affects every single U.S. citizen was made possible by just 0.0000001% of its citizens......3 people, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.
If they can cram this down our throats, what is coming next? Actually, I shudder to think of what is coming next!

Well, Brady. You got it right.

I have always said this entire deal is a Trojan horse for socialism.

Europe doesn't work in Europe. But we want to do the same thing here.

The taxes--- oh, wait now we'll admit they're taxes will be anywhere from 500-800 billion dollars.

If you think for one minute this is not going to cost you a thing and you'll keep your doctor in the long run, send me your phone number because I am sure there is something in the newsrooms I can find to sell you.

A phone book, desk, an old clock that runs fast.

Unless defeated in November in the general election, this is just the socialist camel getting it's socialist nose under the tent.

There is a reason why Newsweek magazine used this for it's headline a while back.

"We're all socialists now."

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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No where in any of these articles from non partisan sources does it state Obama vetoed a military spending bill today because it didn't raise insurance premiums enough on our troops. The Bill has not been vetoed at all it was a threat to veto. See how you GOP/ T-partiers lie and distort the truth jp.

Better recheck my post. You basically restated what I did, that the white House would, or threatened, to veto the bill and gave a list, I myself didn't count but I think it was about 14, reasons why. So if I'm lying, what's it say about you? Are you lying too? Did you see what you wanted to see and not what was said? Or are you trying to distort what was said? It's out of the Democrat play book; chapter, when you can't win impune your opponants integrity.

Here is what you stated "Here's one I heard today. Obama vetoed a military spending bill today because it didn't raise insurance premiums enough on our troops". You did NOT say "the white House would, or threatened, to veto the bill". So there is another lie. You also stated "because it didn't raise insurance premiums enough on our troops" & did NOT give a list, of about 14, reasons why just the one reason. Another lie. Where is your link to the list jp? Read your own post !!

yea...the Tea party folks lie and the progressives are the bastions of truth. Good grief. Take your partisan glasses off and research some lies from your side as well. All progressives lie. They are cowards that will say whatever, whenever to whomever in order to get them to give away liberty.
GOP or DNC is irrelevent. What we as Americans need to realize is the game is rigged. We must consider liberty at all costs. Less government is the answer. DNC government is no better than GOP govt

AND YOU MUST NOT HAVE ANY INTEGRITY TX BREWER, If I catch you in a lie I will call you out and expose you for what you are too. JP has no integrity he lies all the time. If you think it is ok to lie and distort the truth just to win then you must not be a Christian either or if you do claim to be one you are nothing more than a hypocrite.

Well Don, IF is the operative word in your post directed at me. It is clear that you have some anger issues and you seem to lean left in your political thinking. There is nothing illegal about that. You are free to voice your opinion as am I.
I NEVER SAID IT WAS OK TO LIE OR DISTORT THE TRUTH. I merely said you are claiming one side is all lies and yours is not. If you honestly believe the left always tells the truth, you are so far gone it is not worth even discussing issues with you.

TX, I never stated that one side lies and the other does not. I just pointed out the FACT that JP a true T-Party follower is doing nothing but telling a lie in his post and proved it. Not all progressives lie just like not all conservatives lie. It is the so called conservatives/Republicans/T-party supporters that try to force the Christian/Religious beliefs upon all Americans but inturn do not practice what they preach. The Democrats are open to all as the Constitution requires.

Then Tx, you state "Now call me names and say I am stupid and you will have hit for the liberal cycle".
I have not seen any post where anyone has called you any name but it is you who has called others names so does that mean that you have a hit for the conservative cycle? You Tx, stated "They are cowards". Can you list any of the liberties that you have lost TX? Yes we live in a Democratic Republic Tx.

A Republic is a form of government and the most important characteristic of it is, that it does not have a monarch as a head of state. The word republic is derived from Latin word res publica, which means public affair. People are said to be participants in the government, either directly or indirectly.

The word democracy is derived from the Greek word demokratia. The Greek word was coined from two different words namely demos, which means people, and kratos, which means power. Hence demokratia means power to the people, in other words governing powers are given to the people.

The Hill 5-30-12, The White House on Thursday threatened to veto a military spending bill that is slated to come to the House floor this week.The Obama administration said it is able to accept most of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs bill, but has adopted a policy of rejecting all 12 House annual appropriations bills until Republicans abandon their budget, authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). It has also threatened to veto a Commerce and Justice spending bill that the House passed

Law360, New York (May 31, 2012, 7:54 PM ET) -- The White House threatened Wednesday to veto the U.S. House of Representatives' appropriations for military construction and veterans' affairs as part of a larger fight over 2013 spending levels, saying it would continue to oppose bills that ignore limits from last summer's deficit-reduction deal.H.R. 5854 includes $71.7 billion in discretionary funding — the same as the 2012 level

The Washington Times 5-31-12, The White House is warning House Republicans that President Obama opposes their military construction and Veterans Affairs appropriations bill and would veto their version, and that he has "serious concerns" about their intelligence authorization bill.The White House argues that the funding levels would break the spending cap both sides agreed to impose last summer as part of the debt deal and would harm other priorities, such as education,research and development.

There goes the lefties again. It amazes me that the no absolutes only shades of gray only understand all or none. It seems they can't understand relativity terms. Hint: most does not mean all. Four polls for/against: Rasmussen 39/54, Fox 39/49, ABC 37/55, NBC 35/41. To say "most" is accurate. The rate increase for the military was included in a list of reasons released by the White House why the bill would be vetoed. The rest was op-ed from Mark Levin.
CNN Poll: Health care ruling changes views of Supreme Court POSTED: Monday, July 2, 2012 - 8:00pm
UPDATED: Monday, July 2, 2012 - 8:14pm
According to a CNN/ORC International survey released Monday, the public is divided on last week's ruling, with 50% saying they agree with the Supreme Court's decision and 49% saying they disagree.

and I woudl be willing to bet you are certain that we live in a democracy, huh Don?

JP...Mark Levin., the ultra far right so called conservative? You could not come up with a non-partisan source? Mark Levin., is a propagandist who will do anything to brainwash those who are stupid and can not think for themselves and does nothing but spew hate for those who do not agree with him or think the way he thinks. All he cares about is lining his pockets with your money because you buy into his BS.

Barton sure does not know how I feel and I bet he does not care how anyone feels about anything. According to his statement " This pretty much nails how most Americans think", goes to show that he (barton), thinks most Americans are dumb, stupid or ignorant like Brady. Barton should have been a good citizen and explained to brady that it WAS NOT just 3 people who made a decision that affects every single U.S. citizen but the majority of Congress as the Constitution requires & the President.

good grief Don. You really are ignorant. The saddest thing is that you actually believe you are enlightened and informed. Turn of PBS. Put down the starbucks, Quit watching the daily show and listen to both sides. You might actually learn more than you think is possible.

Can you prove me wrong or is it just name calling all you can do? Give me a link to a non-partisan source to states I am wrong. BET YOU CAN'T

I do listen to both sides and then research it at the library of congress and non-partisan sources, do you? I watc Hannity, O'Riley, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Face the Nation Meet the Press....etc...etc...etc, do you or do you just watch faux ?

so Don you list Oreilly and hannity then ask if I watch faux? As a matter of fact i dont watch FOXNEWS. But you are deflecting and trying to change topics. typical liberal tactic.

Now call me names and say I am stupid and you will have hit for the liberal cycle.

Barton - you are at it again - proposing that "YOU" know how most Americans think. Almost like Louie the Pooey Gohmert. He declares that anybody who disagrees with his political views are stupid and ignorant.
But he is an excellent whiner. He should polish his bald head and emigrate, and you should not presume to know what other Americans "think".
I am sure that most Texans would agree with you, but Texas is not the whole electorate.
Honor the presidency - both of you....

Honor the presidency? wow....should we bow and grovel? How bout we give him a throne and a crown?
Thank God Texas is not like the rest of the nation. You suggest Gohmert emigrate. You say he is a whiner. You point to his follically challenged status in order to cut him down. He is elected, no? Does he deserve any of this respect you say we should have for the presidency? Why don't you turn that superb judgement on yourself for a change? is that ok to ask of you or will you now attack me?

Here's one I heard today. Obama vetoed a military spending bill today because it didn't raise insurance premiums enough on our troops. Obamacare gives vouchers for premiums to those who will not work. So Obama is saying we must bend over backwards for those who won't work while our troops are told sorry, you're not worthy. Explain to me how this is right.

Where did you hear that at jp....Neal barton? I think you are full of it because even google can not find a link to that......stupidity at its finest.

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