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POSTED: Monday, December 5, 2011 - 7:51pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 12:38pm

It's always maddening to hear politicians, especially those at the national level tell us how much they
are trying to help us.

The latest chest-thumping is about they hear our outrage about all the pork for projects in his or her political district.

You may remember last November in the House and in February in the Senate, is a verbal commitment by the Republican leadership to prohibit lawmakers from directing federal funds to handpicked projects and groups in their districts.

Well, look what has happened.

The Washington Post reports lawmakers have tried to get around the moratorium by promising to allow other groups to compete for the funds. But the legislative language is so narrowly tailored that critics consider the practice to be earmarking by another name.

In other words, after promising no more pork sandwiches for a while,  they are lying to our face and going to the kitchen and fixing them a pork sandwich.

The efforts to resurrect spending on pet projects reveal the tenuous nature of current reform efforts. Two senators have publicly called out their colleagues and will introduce legislation Wednesday that would ban earmarking with the force of law.

Even as some lawmakers attempt to permanently ban earmarks, others are trying to revive them in certain contexts.

Are we really surprised?

I'm talking both sides of the isle.

I don't think anything short of a political nuclear explosion will get their attention.

Here are our leaders. The folks we elect to look out for us. And like little children we catch their hands in the cookie jar.

They need to be reminded of our outrage in November.

That's my point of view, wasn't yours?

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The Self-Interest of Liberal socialism is a contagious swine flu infection of the mind that leads to Liberal insanity, whom all succumb to once ensconced in the Washington Pig farm. The only earmark needed is the ones we put on the Pigs ears to identify them as prime porkers who need to be sent to the electoral slaughterhouse for processing in November 2012. We have all gotten sick on their contaminated socialist sausage they they rammed down our formerly healthy Capitalist throats.

It really hurts our conservative efforts to stop this stupidity when we find out those we elected to correct things become just as guilty as the one they replaced. This wild endless spending must stop, at all levels of gov't. Each level has been guilty, city, county, state, and federal. The Constitution states that our elected oficials are not to profit (receive payments) from using their office. And the poor that are supposed to be helped by social programs in the long run have been hurt.

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