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POSTED: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 5:37pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 6, 2013 - 10:58am

For years we have heard this from many on Capitol Hill, mainly from those on the left, "we cannot be the policemen of the world."

They attacked Ronald Reagan as well as both Bush's, even though proper channels were taken back then and there was some reason to go to war.

Now, the same doves which longed for world peace and always threw bombs from the back bench are chomping at the bit to shoot at Syria.

John Kerry, for example, proudly wore his military fatigues to Washington years ago condemning the Vietnam War.

I salute him for going and serving, but he was saying we had no right to be there and it served no vital United States interest.

Now, look at him. He's selling the poison gas argument and I wonder how he felt about Saddam Hussein gassing the Kurds. I really can't remember how he felt.

I just know even though Hussein was doing that, many still felt we should get out of that conflict.

I do want to keep chemical weapons out of the hands of Al Qaeda, but I don't know if bombing Syria would accomplish that.

What I do know is many who condemned other administrations for going to war are now wanting our fighting men and women to suit up for another round because, "we are the world's policemen," and their guy is in office, and to me that is very hypocritical.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Americans operate under the false reason that every one else in the world thinks like we do, and values the same things we do. As bad as Assad is he allowed Christians, and Jews to worship freely in Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood creeps we're backing, are attacking churches and synagogues and doing a bit of ethnic cleansing. Obama has supported efforts to overthrow Libya, and Syria and has to share some of the responsibility for what's going on there. Congress will vote against 90% of the people.

Listen up, folks...NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND...NO PROTRACTED ENGAGEMENT...a CLEAR warning to any country, and Assad in particular, that chemical/biological weapons will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with immediately. The US has the capability, the backbone, the determination to do the dirty work for the world while other nations shake in their boots, unable to step up and do the right'd rather see innocent children murdered? How about American children in the future? Do it now!

Hey Pete, what about all the children we have killed with our drones ? How would you like some trigger-happy Russian kid pointing at you screaming ; Do it now". The UN inspectors have not verified Bashir as the culprit and unlike you, I know my government lies to me.

Oh, shut up, Sheila.

I am actually agreeing with Mr. Barton. This is a first for me. Bombing will accomplish nothing, the same people who support peace are now the war mongers. The President, Mr. Kerry, Senator McCain all want a bombing solution. Mr. Kerry sounds like Mr. Colin Powell when at the UN. I sincerely hope we have learned our lesson from Vietnam, Iraq and Afganistan. Usually, it is the democrats who are against wars and am glad I am neither a member of the two parties. If I were, I would be embarassed.

Dear Congressman Gohmert, nationally only 9% of Americans approve of attacking Syria . In my lifetime I have never seen our nation so unified against a course of action. Both parties and the Libertarians ALL agree that this nation, deeply in debt, struggling with our own domestic issues, and after more than a decade at war, can see no reason to attack a nation without UN approval, without a coalition of consenting nations, without even the approval of the American citizen. Vote NO for America.

There are flip floppers on both sides.
On the other hand, the situation in Syria has its differences than Iraq. For one, we have the specter of Iraq and the mistakes made there hanging over us, the attitude of the world, and of the Islamic world.

Obama destabilized Libya and didn't do a thing to fill the power vacuum, and now Libya is ran by terrorist factions and Egypt is in chaos.

And now he want's to do some kind of attack on Syria that he can't even define a clear objective (except maybe save his 'face' from his messed up foreign policies.)

If for some reason he destabilizes Syria then God knows how many other Middle East countries will become Muslim terrorist havens.

Another problem with attacking Syria is it would also pose a serious dilemma for the military members who’d have to carry out the order. They’re sworn to both obey the Commander-in-Chief and protect and defend the Constitution. If the Commander-in-Chief gives them an unconstitutional order, what exactly are they supposed to do?

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