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POSTED: Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 4:26pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 5, 2014 - 12:12pm

There is so much news going on right now. First of all, our president is rumored to be thinking of doing a deal with the United Nations.

The Constitution states one must have Senate approval, but the president reportedly is going around it. That means he is ignoring the American people because those senators are elected by us.

Where is the press? Probably at a convention somewhere because they are not reporting this either.

Remember all the ballyhoo about the IRS, namely Lois Lerner saying all her emails were lost? Now, the government is saying: Yeah,we have her emails. We do back up everything, but finding those emails would be too hard to find. Can you imagine if this was a Republican administration accused of hammering the ACLU or some other liberal cause.

There is also evidence now right after Lerner knew she was in trouble she had her Blackberry wiped.

And probably the stupidest political blunder of the week, Rick Perry. The best thing that has happened to Perry was being attacked and indicted by the idiotic grand jury in Austin.

He's back in the news and there is no doubt, even liberals know they've overplayed their hand. Now, Perry has gone and hired Henry Barbour and Steve Schmidt-- two well-known- conservative bashers in the Republican party.

Barbour helped get out Democrats to defeat a tea party candidate in Mississippi and Schmidt has made a living out of attacking Sara Palin.

It seems to be just one big club that we are all paying for with not a lot of say so.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Real Clear Politics deaf?????????? that republican / t-party rag what a joke I could go to a leftwing rag and find one that says Wendy Davis is tied or ahead in their poll too.

Better try a non partisan source deaf and XOF SWEN is not one.

No don... go loot at 'Real Clear Politics' website.

Composite of polls is what matters. And Greg is way ahead.

Abbott is gonna win very easily.

Now on do getting rid of all the other Democrats in office, state and federal!

deaf, For what Greg Abutt the GOP and the Koch brothers have spent fighting U S Constitution Warrior Wendy Davis, Abutt should have a 20 point lead but he only has a 6 to 8 point lead and it appears to be growing smaller.

Well dave, tell us all about where Wendy gets her money? Liberal abortion groups, democrat fat cats, etc.. Tell us about her misrepresenting her assets on her annual Personal Financial Statements.

Or how she got $1,366,494.00 from lawyers and lobbist. And public sector unions gave her $219,288.00. Annie's List gave her $622,045 bucks!

And talk about not paying taxes on time, she was fined $1,246 for failure to pay IRS taxes on time!

Wendy is way behind.. and sinking.

deaf you do not have any made up stories about the article?

President Obama has nothing to do with what this stupid lie of a POV is about.

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all REPUBLICANS out so we can save this STATE & nation from the trainwreck they have driven us to!

It's interesting that KETK has ignored what Perry was originally investigated for. The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and allegations of improper use of funds and cronyism. One of the officers of the institute has already been indicted for funneling the institutes cash to Perry and Abbotts campaign donors. This isn't a witch hunt, this is just the truth coming out.

Barbour and Schmidt are just political hacks who are good at uncovering politicians dirty laundry. They do it for anyone with a big checkbook- liberal or conservative, Democrat, Republican or Tea Party, they can give a rat's A**; just show them the money. The political system in this country is so overrun with corruption from ALL political parties that you can be assured- Not One of Them care about anything except themselves and control over people's lives they can use when the get elected.

And you know folks, 15 months after "ending" War on Terror, Obama struggles with new strategy against terrorists.... except, of course, he says he has no strategy.

Yes Biden would be a better president that Obama. Heck the town drunk would even be better.

News flash:
Russia invades Ukraine and Obama says...'WE DON'T HAVE A STRATEGY YET.
Obama says ISIS came out of 'nowhere' yet DoD says it has been monitored and was growing for FOUR YEARS.
Gallup poll says Obama's "Strong Disapproval" Double His "Strong Approval".
Everything he does turns to you-know-what. Domestic? Unemployment, IRS scandal, F&F, DOJ, Benghazi,

Hope for change in 2014. Vote all DEMOCRATS out so we can save this nation from the trainwreck Obama and the Dems have driven us to!

So neal, you think that people who serve on grand juries are idiots or are they just idiots when they are handed evidence by a REPUBLICAN PROSECUTOR that shows there is enough evidence to take a person that you love to trial? If your hero rick criminal perry has done nothing against the law then he will be found not guilty. What does he have to hide? Guess you are also against our justice system just as you are against our Constitution.

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