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Poor answer, 'Mr. IRS Man'


POSTED: Friday, May 17, 2013 - 2:48pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 3:12pm

This morning during a hearing on Capitol Hill, the fired IRS chief, who was quitting in June, I know, it's a joke, told questioners, "Sorry, we did a bad job of customer service."

Customer service?

A bad job?

This ain't Sears!

I'm not bringing back a lawn mower that keeps rattling.

This is about the most powerful agency in the country and now we are finding out Conservative groups were and still are being disenfranchised from the political process and that's the best he can do?

We are now realizing the administration was keeping the Benghazi fracas in the background during the 2012 election because the administration has been chest-thumping Bin Laden was dead, and terrorism was gone because Barack Obama was in the White House.

And someone please bury those bodies before people talk.

Now, we find out this intimidation from the IRS was going on for years and no manager there had the guts to speak up and say there is something terribly wrong here.

This IRS mess was also kept in the dark because, quoting Lisa Meyers from NBC News, “This information about the IRS would have changed the landscape of the 2012 election.”

This, from NBC News.

Light is the best antidote to darkness.

And those in Congress need to keep the high-beams on, for months, until all three of the scandals, I know Jay Carney says these are not scandals, but, they're scandals, keep the bright light on these scandals until the truth comes out.

That's my point of view, what’s yours?

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Lock Douglas Shulman up and throw away the key.

And all of this began before November 2012 while Commissioner Douglas Shulman who was appointed by President George W. Bush was the head of the IRS.....WOW

Better enjoy playing the lottery and PowerBall now before these holier than thou hypocrite T-Party Republicans kill the Lottery and Bingo at Church, VFW Halls and Bingo Halls in Texas. After all playing the lottery and bingo at the above locations is immoral but strip clubs, beer joints and liquor stores are not immoral in Texas. effin Texas T-Party Republican hypocrits !!!!

Last month, the Texas House killed and then revived House Bill 2197, which ensures the life of the lottery commission. Included in the substitute that senators voted on Friday are requirements for a 10-person review committee will be established to study the impacts of dissolving the state lottery.

Los Angeles Times

"Union Locals Face Audits From U.S".

March 09, 2005|From Reuters

U.S. labor union locals are being audited by federal government inspectors in what officials say is part of a labor law enforcement campaign and union leaders charge is payback for opposing President Bush's reelection.

Learn to read your links first; Bob Frase, executive assistant to the secretary-treasurer of the Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union (PACE) is hardly an impartial source. Dumber than dirt Don either doesn't know, or hopes we don't know of Unions long and close association with the MOB, which may be why they get a little extra scrutiny Don.

no proof of your claims charles? Oh I keep forgetting that just because you say it is so that its a Fact.....NOT. Are you too stupid to prove what you claim?

The GOP and George W. used the labor department to target organizations that did not support his re-election in 2005.

It's not just the IRS, we see every department under Obama has become a political arm of the Democrats. DHS releases thousands of illegals (undocumented Democrats), many of them with felony records, just to appease their political base, Justice Department spies on Republicans by collecting their telephone records, IRS suppresses any group that might oppose Obama, and heaven knows what else they're doing we DON'T know about.

Transparency? Hahaha... yea a real transparent government. Jail'em all!

Only social welfare groups are supposed to get the 504-c subsidy, not political organizations like the Tea Party or Media Matters. The scandal is that people like Soros and the Koch brothers, who are smart enough to at least name their organizations so they sound like social welfare groups, rake in billions of tax exempt dollars when this law expressly prohibits them from gaining tax exempt status. It's bad enough that bribing our politicians is now legal, per order of the US Supreme Court

I hop?e this arrogant IRS Chief is indicted. He will not name a name for the name is President Obama. Who else would stand to benefit from targeting conservatives?

Mr. and Ms. America. You had better get your minds off of your i-phones, i-pads and listen up. The IRS is the most powerful agency of the Executive Branch of our government. If they can target Tea Party groups etc. they can target anyone, including you, me. This has to STOP now.

Katie, I too at first saw this as a partisan issue with orders stemming from the oval office as you correctly state; deriving it's authority under the executive branch, but to ignore the IRS as an extension of the Treasury and thereby exclude that agency as a potential player is to fall for media's misdirection. Denying 501c status is one thing, auditing is another. An audit provides names, and yes a presidents enemies list, but also an anti-agenda list to the federal reserve. Know your enemy.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Republicans have done these types of things for years, H3ll the guy that was in charge when this mess began was even appointed to head the IRS by George W. Bush.

How can any U.S. citizen ever have trust in the IRS again as an orginazation of fair and truthful morals. It's time these people come to grips with the fact the laws of this great nation pertain to them also and anyone involved with or who knew about what went on from the top down should be fired and put on the inside looking out of the cross bar hotel and then maybe they can figure out just what it was they did wrong. You can bet IRS wouldn't have hesitated putting a regular citizen there.

News2 , Joe Stack showed us all how bad the IRS can harass an individual to remove them from a business and eliminate their potential competition. Stack was a software inventor who happened to stumble into an area of programming that interested gov., or someone with influence. IRS began it's harassment and bankrupted him. Stack, a broken man finding no help in the legal community, crashed his airplane into the IRS Austin, Texas office leaving a suicide note explaining all.

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