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President Obama is right

President Obama is right

POSTED: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 6:51pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 12, 2011 - 7:45am

This past week President Obama was interviewed by a report from the Spanish network, Univision.

During the interview, the president slammed standardized testings. The president said it made education boring. And too many times the curriculum of a school was just teaching what might be on a standardized test.

And on this matter- the president is exactly right.

In my opinion, the education in this state has gone down dramatically since someone dreamed up a TAKS test, or what some egghead may be calling it this week.

I have close relatives in the school business and I can tell you all the educators I know hate the idea.

And teachers, just like kids, always manage to get a copy of the test. And then then take the entire year making sure they are teaching what's on the test.

I have always thought standardized testing was stupid. It's like fashion. When it comes to education we are at the whimsy of what some pencil-necked geek in Princeton, New Jersey thinks, or what some fashion designer in Paris wants.

Only the Texas legislature could have been stupid to approve this idea years ago.

The SAT and ACT and other tests to get into law school or med school. Yeah, you really don't have a choice on that.

But to get out of high school?

Why don't we trust our teachers to make out a curriculum that adds up to homework and test what they come up with?

To me that's the smart idea.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I agree on it's use to measure progress but we need to allow teachers their right to be creative in creating their own curriculum.

If all teachers do is to teach to the TAKs test, then he who controls the test questions, controls what the kids are taught. Do you not see this is just one more surreptitious, behind the scenes tactic of the progressive socialists to control the agenda and your children's minds? Progressives are soooooo,, clever in the ways they attempt to take power over our minds and our children. Defund the department of education and give the control of the schools back to the local communities.

We are laying off good teachers and support staff because of a state budget shortfall. Then we are spending billions of dollars to give the TAKS (about to be STARR) test. REALLY?

We are laying off good teachers and support staff because of a state budget shortfall. Then we are spending billions of dollars to give the TAKS (about to be STARR) test. REALLY?

We are laying off good teachers and support personel because of the state budget deficit, and still we spend billions of dollars to give the TAKS (soon to be STAAR) test. REALLY?

Lets not sound redundant, but maybe our good teachers and support personnel are getting laid off because they failed to teach their former students who are now real world politicians a real world view of how to run an economy and a government. Perhaps the stew they find themselves in was brewed in the halls of scholastic opportunity,,,an obviously wasted opportunity of promulgating the failed brainwashing mantra of the failed liberal progressive socialist entitlement philosphy. Reap what you sow

Using it as a tool to figure out where your students are in the scheme of things, yeah, that's okay. Basing critical FUNDING on it is RETARDED.

Standardized testing was adopted not as a measure to improve academics, but as a means to disqualify substandard teachers. The tests have yet to live-up to expectations. Affirmative action continues.

I support standardized testing in that we need a way to measure progress. However, you're right in that the way it has been used and how it's changed over the last 20 years has only served to do damaged.

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