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POSTED: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 2:45pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 17, 2013 - 9:12am

It is amazing how things change when it's your ox getting gored.

No interest at all by the national media about Benghazi.

But, you let the White House diddle with the First Amendment and the press is now hopping mad.

Well, they should be.

It's the constitution.

But these same bozos are not too worried about the Second Amendment going away.

But, I disagree.

The best description I have heard about how the White House is handling “scandal-gate” comes from a writer in the liberal Washington Post.

You had six democratic Senators we now know where leaning on the IRS to go after conservatives.

You now even have all the liberal talking heads saying the IRS mess and the AP debacle was wrong and stupid and chilling.

But, it's still early.

Let's see how much longer everyone is outraged.

And don't forget about Benghazi.

That’s my point of view, what’s yours?

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A lame duck in his first term who led this nation by executive order in what should have long ago been declared a war on the US Constitution, Obama's is an administration of corruption. From George Kaiser's Solyndra scandal and health insurance mandate, to CIA heroin trafficking and chemical warfare this now fascist nation is deeply divided living under martial law. Spied-on and out of work, generationally looted and ignored by a dishonest media, Benghazi is a nice distraction.

A really truthful independent investigation is impossible in Washington D.C. Who in this room really thinks that the congress would have the nerve to bring impeachment proceedings anganist these two half-breed pieces of S___t. I certainely don't. I wish they would in the worst way. I'm still not convinced he has the right to be president. Yes call me a birther, a conspiracy nut, a gun nut, or a SOB. I really don't care what a bunch of liberal blacks, homosexuals, and fool white women think

Shut up about Ron Paul. his views were too extreme for most americans, especially his views on legalizing drugs. Most likely why you wanted him for your president. he tried to split the republican party and was responsible for Obuma being re-elected as it was his supporters who stayed home and didn't vote. People like you are the problem.

A independent prosecutor is MANDATORY for all three scandals. Since they all involve the current administration, right up to the president, we must have a totally independent arm to get to the bottom of all three scandals. Independent with subpoena power, arrest power, power to order a trial. Yes and with their own police agents that are answerable only to them.

That is the only clear way to get any trust in the government again.

Four American men were murdered. Everytime I see the fingerprints of those men on the walls of the Embassy I get fighting mad. I don't believe we have heard the extent of what these men went through, while people in the White House allowed this to happen. ... and as a matter of fact I believe the president went to bed during this attack, and no one is talking about that

When it was apparent to all Americans that Ron Paul was being discriminated against by the media to the point he was name-called unelectable and his campaign was ignored, where polls showed him the clear victor in all televised debates only to have those results removed and another winner announced, when network broadcasts tried to exclude his photo, or moderators ignored him (he was allowed 67 seconds of response in S.C. debate) What AP's response to the people of America, crickets.

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